Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday- Well Here they are, Finally

Well I finally finished these Norweigen Slippers, and I LOVED making them. Thanks Jane for bringing this pattern to my attention.
This picture is the beginning, just the L shaped panels ready to be folded

Here is my foot modeling one of the giant still to be felted slippers

This is the pair resting on top of the LapTop just before heading to the "spa" for a little felting. Can you spot the HUGE error??? I have no clue how that happened, I made two panels exactly the same. Oh well.

I washed them twice, because they still looked HUGE to me. And guess what??? They are HUGE. I even used a smaller sized needle... guess I will go to an even smaller needle for the next pair.

It's dark in the living room after 10pm so I apologize for the bad photos.

So I am now 4 projects completed in 6 days. I am still 2 behind. But I can catch up... no problem.
Tomorrow my Niece Autumn and I are going to see a movie together. She has the day off, and well so do I, LOL. Not sure which one, but it looks like possibly Marley and Me. I plan on bringing a box of kleenex just in case.
I got my new glasses today. Ok can I just say walking with bifocals is a challenge. It's like the ground is swaying or making waves or something. Very unsteady on my feet. But I will get used to them, right?
Not much else happening here, and it's almost midnight so I am going to bed. 
Sweet Dreams everyone,


Bubblesknits said...

I like the slippers! It's too bad their too big. I did a completely different pattern and the same thing happened to me. Maybe they plan on them shrinking more in the felting process. Hrm.

sailorcross said...

I love those slippers, even is they are huge!! Maybe they'll shrink as they are washed more.

You're going to the movies?!? I haven't been to the movies in forever!!

Friends of mine just went to see Marley and Me, and they loved it. So, I'm sure you'll enjoy this--but I do remember the lady of the couple saying something about tissues.

Bifocals are a challenge in the beginning, but you'll soon get used to them and wonder why how you ever managed before!!

Love 'ya,


Marti said...

I hate my bifocals when I got them. Wait a few days before going to the grocery store...looking at shelves can really mess you up. Soon it will seem normal to be wearing them.
You have been a very busy knitter!

Darcie said...

The slippers are lovely even if they are huge. I would never have noticed the two panels the same colour if you hadnt mentioned it.

Bifocals are a challenge to get used to, but it shouldnt take long. Although, I had one pair that even after a week I still had trouble with. Turned out that they had messed up the measurements completely and had to make new lenses.

magnoliasntea said...

Cute slippers and you will never have to wonder which is the right foot since one is a wee bit

teabird said...

Love the slippers!

When I got progressive lenses, I was miserable for about 3 weeks - but when they "clicked," they really clicked! Now I love them. Be very careful on stairs and curbs for the first couple of weeks...

Unknown said...

I like those slippers. I bet they are super warm. I need some for my freezing cold wood floors. And I see no mistake, just a design element, LOL.
Hope you watch a good movie. Enjoy!

Jane said...

Your slippers came out great - love the colors - and who says they have to match. I heard that Marly and Me is a tearjerker - hope you enjoy whatever movie you decide to see.
Yes - you will get used to your bifocals!

hakucho said...

Your slippers are awesome!! I LOVE them and I love the simplicity of them. I'm going to have to try that pattern. Just hope my washer will felt......

You'll love your glasses once you get used to them. Hope it won't take too long.

I haven't read all your posts, but I did catch a glimpse of the new look FABULOUS!!

hakucho said...

P.S. I would keep on washing them til they fit. Put plastic bags on your feet to try them on and just keep doing it until you are happy with the size.

SimplyMe said...

Love the slippers!!!

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