Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday- Take Two, Take Three, Take ???

Well I made another Kitty to felt, this time I am not stuffing it, I want to see which way works best. I also made a smaller white Kitty out of glow in the dark yarn, I still need to sew that one together and stuff it, so photos to follow tomorrow. That makes 4 kitties total so far. I LOVE making these, so fast, easy and fun. Soon I'll have a full litter, LOL.
Well update on my son Joe... he saw the DR and is out of work for the rest of this week with orders to see an Chiropractor. I am sure he will be fine, maybe just need a little adjusting.
Other then that it was a quiet day. I do want to make mention of another contest I heard about. You need to go and tell who your favorite character in literature is to enter. Easy Smmeasy, huh? If you say I sent you I get an extra entry too. {{hint, hint}} Click here to go to the Contest Blog. It will also be in my side bar contest section.
And Now what took most of my day today... The Cocoa Swap 2 Scavenger Hunt Challenge. There are 21 participants and 20 questions. OK so at least one name would be used twice. I thought there would only be one name for each question even though several could have an answer that matched. So iIread, and searched and re-read, and searched again and I think I gave myself 21 new grey hairs. One name was NOT even used as an answer... I wondered if it was an oversight or if Michelle did that on purpose to get me off the scent, LOL. Paula I did read your questionaire even though you were not one of the answers. Now here is what I have. After seeing others list more then one name as an answer I went ahead and did the same. Here's what I finally ended up with. Oh funny thing, when I first read the questions I wasn't sure what question my name went with, how sad is that?
Cocoa Swap 2 Scavenger Hunt Answers
1. Who wants to try plant fibers? EMILY
2. Who wants to learn to crochet? MICHELLE
3. Who collects yarn? PENNY, MARY LYNN, RUTH
4. Who loves yellow? ALICIA
5. Who doesn’t like fruit flavors? JENN
6. Who loves Malabrigo (who doesn’t??? hahaha) ? RUTH, ALICIA
7. Who has one mitt to go to finish her Endpaper Mitts? ELIZABETH
8. Who’s favorite animal is a dog? CHAN, MARY LYNN, MICHELLE, CHELLE
9. Who likes to paint? ME (KATHY)
10. Who has too many stitch markers? ARIEL
11. Who likes Bailey’s in their cocoa? BETH, SARAH
12. Who likes Starbucks salted caramel cocoa? DARCY, HOLLY
13. Who can’t stand vanilla flavored cocoa? CHAN
14. Who’s favorite animal is a hedgehog? ARIEL
15. Who might stab themselves over Neon Yarn? LAURIE
16. Who’s oldest UFO is at least 15 years old? KATE
17. Who likes crystallized ginger? CHELLE
18. Who likes whipped cream in their cocoa? MONICA
19. Who likes marshmallow fluff in their cocoa? BECKA
20. Who needs stitch holders? HOLLY

Ok it's after 1am and I am still awake, but I am going to bed now. You should already be asleep, hoping you ar ehaving sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

I hope your son feels better soon and that all he needs is an adjustment.

I had great fun with the scavenger hunt. What a great way to get to know everyone.

magnoliasntea said...

Meow! _giggles_ That is a cute kitty. (Will it take care of mice in my barn?)

Hope your son is going to be okay. :)

Unknown said...

I see you got your litter going, LOL. Those are so cute. I will knit one up once all my other commitments are completed (at least a week!).

Glad your son is ok. Whiplash is no fun. They canceled the blizzard watch, but it's going to be cold brrr!

Turtle said...

so many bugs have just been lurking! I know daughter has been in a bit of a snoot. cute kitties!

RoamingKnitter said...

Kitties are so cute even without felting.

Hoping your son is relaxed & fit soon.

sailorcross said...

I hope all Joe needs is an adjustment and some rest!!

Now, these kitties you're making--they do leave your yarn alone, right? Would you trade me one of yours for my Miles?

These look to less trouble!


Mary Ann said...

Hope all your son needs is an adjustment!

You'r kitties are so cute!

I was awake at 1 am too, just not online!!

SimplyMe said...

I wanna see the kitties all felted. The ones you don't keep should go in the etsy store. They are too cute to keep to yourself.

hakucho said...

Can't wait to see all your kitties felted!

Sure hope your son feels better real soon :)

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