Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday- Taking Care Of Business

Patt was so nice to create this BLOG award for me. Isn't it lovely and PINK. If you click on it it will take you to her blog. I hope you will give her a visit and say HI.

Today I had a follow up visit with the Cardiologist. I was able to weigh in on their stand up office scale for the first time EVER. This was very exciting for me. I brought my knitting but didn't get a chance to even make one stitch, they had me in and out in 10 minutes and that was giving me an EKG. He says he doesn't need to see me again for a year. Cool. Oh I am confirmed I have shrunk too, I am now only 5'2". My auntie Florrie kept shrinking too and by the time she died she was 4' 8". Is this a hereditary thing? I think my mom is shrinking too. Yikes...

After the Dr's I went to the bank and instead of the drive thru I actually walked inside. I think I have only been in the bank once before. Then I went to the Family Dollar store, I needed a fitted sheet (Full Size) for my bed. They only sold sheet sets, and they were $15.00 so I decided to go to KMART instead. But I did get a few things while I was there first... I got my husband a new hooded sweat shirt, $6, how could I pass that deal up? I looked for a lamp shade but they all came with a lamp and I only wanted the shade. Of course I forgot all about that when in KMART. {{{sigh}}}

KMART also only sold sheets in full sets, Grrr. And they were the same price $14.99. Only they only had one set left in a pale green color. So I got it. I really need sheets for this bed. I also picked up a mattress cover too, and as I was walking up to the checkout I remembered I didn't have any snow boots so off to the shoe section. They were all on sale. I got a $29.99 pair of boots for $15.00. Deal, huh? Just plain black, and one size smaller then normal, because not only am I shrinking but so are my feet.

But gosh they look huge in this picture, lol


So now I want to get to my knitting but I still have to change the sheets. My work here is never done. Looks like the knitting photos will have to wait until tomorrow, and of course I am now another day behind. SHUT UP Shelly, I know what you are saying. LOL I will do a couple yoyo's if I have to but I am pretty confident once I finish this project I can get caught up as I have a couple dishcloths I want to make and I can easily get 2 a day or more of those done.


I know I am posting early but it just won't feel right if I don't say have a good night and Sweet Dreams.


See you tomorrow, AK


ilovesf said...

AK: Sent you something for the cracked hands, hope it helps. Great deal on the snow boots (wish we needed some here, even if for just one day or two).

Yahoo! on the dr scale, bank, dollar store, kmart, you get out more than I do girl friend!

Mary Ann said...

Yay!! Congradulations! You must be on cloud 9!! Sounds like you had a pretty great day! I'm so happy for you! My feet are shrinking too! Maybe I'll get back down to a 7 1/2!!

I've been making little animals. I've made 3 turtles and today I finished a red octopus. Now I'm working on a cover for my toilet seat.

Went to dr on Sat, and didn't have as good results as you! The x-ray showed that my pnemonia isn't any better. So now I'm on another new medicine and my family is holding me captive again! At least I haven't gained a lot of weigh over the holidays! Only 3 pounds!

Keep up whatever you're doing! It's great!

sailorcross said...

Oh, I love your award! It's so pretty and so pink!!

You had an awesome day--a good check up at the cardio, shopping and finding good deals, and shrinking feet, too!!

Yes, we are all shrinking, sadly enough. It goes along with (oh, I can't say it--you know--the O word!).

Everytime I stand next to Cara (who is slightly over 5'10") she says to me, "Are you getting shorter?" Makes me feel so nice!

Thanks for your get well prayer. I'm 100% over the GI stuff, but still a little tired from the weekend. So, I'm off to bed early.

It's freezing rain again, and then sleet and snow! Hopefully, we'll get enough of this stuff to close tomorrow (no such luck--it's only happened once in all the time I've been there), but I'm hoping.

I could use a day off!

Love 'ya,


Sew Many Stitches said...

Great Dr visit and the scale and the bank and your whole day in general! Love the shoes - we could buy a pair here (GA) and they would probably sit in the closet for years waiting for a chance to use them. Look forward to the knit pics tomorrow.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Super pretty award and sounds like you had a terrific day.Hugs Darcy

magnoliasntea said...

Congrats on your award! Cool.
I'll hop over and check out Patt's blog in a min.

My, my, things are a changin' for you. Double cool. :)

Unknown said...

I love shopping and finding a good deal to boot. I need sheets too.

SimplyMe said...

BOOTS!!! I'm so happy to see them in your house YIPPEE!!

Patt did a great job on your button and was PERFECTLY PINK!

RoamingKnitter said...

What a great day you had! Pretty button and pretty boots. Thank goodness we don't need them here in South TX! LOL Hope your Wednesday has gone as well.

Turtle said...

you got a much better deal on your new boots than hubby did mine!! Are you getting that ice as well? Our news keeps showing it but i have not spoke with mom. Our snow/ice is now flooding and torrential rains...what a winter!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the award. Very nice.

Also, congratulations on such a successful day.

As to the shrinking, my friend who had surgery said that she got shorter too. When she mentioned something to the doctor (thinking boneloss), he laughed and said that we (including me) who lose lots of weight will get shorter because we lose the fat on our feet (even the bottoms). I remember her telling me this and thinking that I would prefer to lose weight from my butt, thank you very much!

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