Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday- I Used My NOGGIN Today

First off I wanted to ask What is wrong with this picture??????

Yep, they are two very different sizes. These are the mittens Adam was wearing when he got off the bus on Friday. OK you can NOT send a child to the house of a knitter with mittens that obviously are not up to code. OMG. I now feel compelled to knit a pair that are equal in size. Only problem with that??? I don't know how to make fingers. YIKES. What am I gonna do? Can I ignore this, and pretend I didn't notice? Will I get any sleep at all tonight while I ponder this and search endlessly for a pattern I can figure out on Ravelry?
But on a good note, I completed two more projects today. So I have completed 14 projects in 17 days, I am only three short to be in line for my project a day for the whole year.
This is the headband I saw on Ravelry yesterday called Nora. It looked easy smeasy and it had a cable in it. I have been itching to use the Cable Necklace made by jewlery designer Leslie Wind with some helpful ideas from Darcy and sent to me by Jane, and this was the perfect project to start off with. What a great, fast knit. And can I just tell you these cable necklaces are FABULOUS. If I can get enough money together I'd love to buy one and use it as a prize on one of my blog contests.

Yep that's my NOGGIN. LOL. Not too bad for a blind photo, I just held the camera in the air and took a shot. I was shocked to see it came out.


I did felt the bags but didn't get a picture. Guess that will wait until tomorrow. Hope you all had a fun and productive day, and a great night. Sweet Dreams.




sailorcross said...

That is one cute headband!!

I just finished my first mitten yesterday and hope to finish the second today. Never made them before and Cara wanted a pair for her birthday to match her scarf and hat.

Linked up the pattern on warmHarte--easy peasy--sizes from children to men's!!

Check it out!!


Unknown said...

If you can seam, you can easily do the 2 needle mittens and seam them up. go to and click on free patterns, then winter. You need to scroll a bit to find them, but they are super easy, and super quick!
Nice headband. I like it!

SimplyMe said...

OMG - what WERE they thinking? Guess it's time to learn how to make mittens!!! That's just SAD. Love the headband, love even more than you used your cable necklace.

Can't wait to see the bags.

Jane said...

Love the headband! I'm so glad you liked using the cable necklace.
As for the mittens, have you ever read the children's book called "The Mitten". There are several versions of it, but basically, the grandmother knits a pair of white mittens for her grandson and he drops one in the snow. A bunch of animals come along one by one and crawl into the mitten, until a bear tries to get in and they all come flying out. The little boy finds his mitten in the snow and of course it is all stretched out and 4 times bigger than the other one. The book ends with him holding up the mittens to his grandmother. So, anyway, maybe some animals took up residence in one of his mittens - well you never know!

Claudia said...

wow I love the headband! I'm going to have to make one now!

I've been thinking of making mittens for myself lately, but I, too, don't know how to make fingers. Oh well, it just might be time to learn, huh?


ilovesf said...

Not sure what happen to my comment. Well let's try again. The headband is beautiful. You amaze me with all that you knit. Also, congrats on the weight loss, you are my hero.


Anonymous said...

Nora looks gorgeous! I was planning on making a 2nd "Irish Hiking Earwarmers" for my mom... but this might be an even better pattern for her!! Gonna go troll Rav now!

hakucho said...

The mohair mittens I made for Kate were really easy. Did you check out that pattern?
I don't like to do fingers either. These were very easy.

Love your headband. Bet it came in handy with the weather we have been having :)

Unknown said...

Good morning!

The headband is great. I have to finish my daughter's mittens. I just don't like them. They knit up really quickly but they are sooooo heavy, I am sure she won't wear them. Sigh.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love the headband it is gorgeous:)Hugs Darcy

Teresa said...

Pretty headband and great blind photo. You do well late at night.

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