Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday- It's A Mystery

What on earth is that? Well I can't tell you anything except it's gonna be part of a KAL in the Knitdishcloths Yahoo group this week. The first KAL of 2009. Now I'd show you all the actual graph but I can't as I think a few of the members stop by here on occasion. Guess you'll just have to wait until next week when the complete pattern is revealed. Or you could always join the group, :)
Well I am catching up to my 365/365 goal. Still behind though but in my defense I didn't start knitting today until 7PM. I'll get more done tomorrow.
I went out to dinner with my husband tonight. It wasn't planned but we were out and well, it's been a long time since we enjoyed a meal out together. Naturally I couldn't eat much, and we went to an all you can eat buffet... Old Country Buffet. He likes the all you can eat places best. I for sure didn't eat my $12 worth but so what, it was the dining together that I was aiming for. It gave us a chance to talk without interuption, another thing that hasn't happened for some time now. Funny how life gets in the way sometimes.
I was very saddened at the condition in the mall where we were. 60% of the stores were CLOSED, not for the night, but for good. It was so empty. I think I saw 6 people total walking in the mall and we walked through the entire mall looking for GNC. It's a small mall to begin with, but it was a nice mall back in the day. Looks like GNC has also vacated the building. There were still a few shops left, JC Penney, Burlington Coat Factory and CVS to name a few. I think I will come back and shop at a few of the stores left, I feel the need to support these last standing merchants. Even the food court only had 1 or 2 places left. It just made me think of times that have past, and how much things are changing.
Not just stores, but in our lives too. I remember when I was first married we had a date night once a week, we made plans to spend time together, it was a priority. But times change and not always for the better. I, like with the remaining stores, feel the need to pump some support and love and efffort into my marriage as well. Thank you for sticking it out, even in the lean times... LOVE awakens things and brings new life. This is good.
Tomorrow I have a follow up visit with my cardiologist. And I hope to get to the errands I couldn't do today because of the ice we had this morning.
On a sad note... Two of my friends have lost or will any minute have lost a close family member, and my Uncle Earl had a stroke today. Dear Lord, we thank YOU for reaching into the lives and families of these three special people, bring healing where You can and bring peace to those that are left behind as you call their loved one home to You. We can rejoice knowing that absent from earth is present with YOU. And there is no other place I'd rather be. Amen
Well I wish you all a peaceful sleep with sweet dreams.


sailorcross said...

I don't know what that could be you're designing. But then again, I don't know many of them until I'm almost finished. You have the imagination to design these and I just have the ability to do them following your directions.

Andrew and I were just talking about this yesterday. Here he is--a young man, and really there are such limited job opportunities out there. He was telling me how when he took Lindsay to the airport in Baltimore--how many empty buildings there were--buildings that used to be thriving businesses.

Yes, I think the time is here to pump our resources, support and time in relationships--because that is the most important in our lives--our relationships. In order to keep our relationships in a good state we need to work at them.

And you had a date night?!? Good for you!! Do tell me about this!! Sounds exciting!!

Love you,


Unknown said...

I think malls have gone the way of the dodo. They are renovating our two malls. One they tore down and rebuilt. It's now mostly stores in I think the European syle. It's nice. I like it that way. I remember hanging out at the mall when I was teenager. It was the place to be. Now not so much. Where do the kids go these days? My teenager hangs at home mostly.

Date nights are important. I think that is why people grow apart. They don't spend enough time together TALKING. I don't mean sitting in a movie theater. I mean communication. That is a lost skill too, going the way of the mall. I hope you have a good day!

RoamingKnitter said...

Blessings on all the families who have suffered loses and on your uncle.

My DH worked for JCP for 17 years. When he left the business he said that the stores needed to leave the mall concepts and get back to the main street shopping type. Looks like the malls are following those ideas now.

Have a safe day getting out. Icy streets & sidewalks are no fun.

Unknown said...


Your posts are always so insightful and caring. My prayers are with you and your family and with your friends who are in need.

I did not do the cocoa swap last year but after your comments about it I knew that I was going to want to do it this time around!

Have a good one.

Mary Lynn

SimplyMe said...

*snorting again*

Okay, I love the question mark. Very good. I bet you had fun coloring that in. Cool edit feature.

magnoliasntea said...

Maybe they'll get smart and use the empty malls for schools instead of building new parkin' problems, anyways.

Have a nice's rain' cats and dawgs here. :)

Jane said...

I'm going to have to do this one! I haven't done a dishcloth KAL in awhile - so busy with other stuff.
It's been a rough holiday season - my best friend lost her mom the week before, two co-workers lost parents over the Christmas break, and I got a phone call just after Christmas from an old friend who lost his wife just before Christmas.
So glad you are sounding more upbeat and that you had a nice dinner out with your DH (maybe that is 'dear husband today?)

Teresa said...

We do let many things go to the side don't we. I am certainly guilty of that. Often we don't realize it until it is too late.
I find those all you can eat places usually have pretty decent salad bars so I load up on veggies. I never eat my monies worth either but I'm sure there are others who make up the difference.

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