Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday- Smokin' and Sorrow

No pictures for you today...

I did finish another dishcloth today. It's part of an 8 cloth dishcloth sale I made on ETSY this weekend.

A friend of mine came by this afternoon and we went to the local mall and walked for 90 minutes. It was a nice time. We have been friends since we were 18, but we tend to go years with out seeing each other, even though we live only 20 minutes from each other. You know life just gets in the way. Well hopefully this is the beginning of more outings together, She is also in the process of losing weight and having the same surgery as I did by my same DR.

Those are the good points of the day... BUT the rest of it, well let's just say that the message at church today might have been just for me. It was about suffering and having faith and not sinning, worshiping even in the midst of your trials and in your darkest hours.

We got our new water heater this weekend. The first one we got was the wrong one... so we had to take it back and get another one. This correct model was of course more money. What I thought was going to cost us about $300 ended up costing us $450. {sigh} But it's in and we have hot water so that's good. My husband and BIL installed it while I was at church. I came home and walked in the house and right away detected an odor, it was like burning metal or something. He assured me all was good and it was just the newness of the water heater.


There is an outlet behind my bed, I sat on the bed to start knitting and I hear this loud crackling sound. It stopped but I couldn't tell what it was... then it did it again and smoke filled the house. The outlet was burning up. Well we managed to disconnect the TWO faulty wires before the house burned down... but now half the house is without power. BUT we are still here, so that's good. God is so good, this could have happened when we were out of the house, I am sure we were minutes away from the entire house going up in flames.

The second fatality of the day... My laptop. Yes, it was plugged into the outlet that fried, and now I no longer have Windows on my laptop, it seems to have fried as well. I can't even open the screen to a desktop or anything. Hopefully something like this will be covered by the warranty. BUT the good thing, the desktop computer still works, and my son is letting me use his MAC laptop. Of course this is like an alien to me, but I can at least blog and get on the Internet. But how to you copy and paste????

I did however lose all access to my pictures, my saved mail on the computer, the stuff I was working in for Church when it's my time to preach. BUT I know God will restore things, He always does.

So there you have it...

I am a little nervous sleeping, I do have a fire extinguisher next to my bed just in case. Maybe no sweet dreams for me, but I sure hope you all have some just the same.

Hopefully some good updates will follow tomorrow.



SimplyMe said...

copy is command c
paste is command v

there endth lesson 1


Wendy said...

Oh my word, I would be way to scared to sleep....I know that your homeowners should cover the laptop, but I do not think the warrenty would, it would be considered a power surge...BUT you may be able to reload windows....maybe....I sure hope so....
Best of luck and big hugs coming your way.....

sailorcross said...

My Heavenly Father,

Thank you for preserving the lives of Kathy and her family. Thank you that these are repairs that can be fixed, and that the damage that was done went no further than it did.

Please bring peace to Kathy as she sleeps this evening. Help her to rest in Your peace always.

In Jesus' precious name,


Marti said...

That is so scary! I am glad you are all safe.

Unknown said...

Wow, that's weird. At least you got something out of church. I heard a sermon that was talking directly to me too. How awesome is GOD?
I hope you have a restful day.

hakucho said...

Sorry to hear about your damages...thank goodness though no one was hurt and your house didn't go up in flames. That was a very close call. Good luck getting everything fixed :)

Jane said...

Thanks the Lord you are all safe! What a scary thing. I know how devastating it can be when your lose your computer too. It's like losing part of your life! I hope you will be able to retrieve your photos and files. Of course the imporatant thing is that you are all okay and that you still have a home!

Natalie Rush said...

Wow...I am glad you are safe!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe!!

Mac lesson #2 (I see kadezmom did copy and paste) but just in case:
Command = the apple key with the squiggly square on it.

Mac lesson #3:
equivalent of right click is holding down ctrl while clicking!

Teresa said...

How awful! I'm glad no one was hurt and that the damage wasn't worse. Then your laptop as well. When it rains.... I hope all is restored by now.

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