Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday- Shopping, Snow, and now Sleep

We went shopping today at the mall. Had to stop at LL Beans to pick up something my husband got for Christmas. When we walked in the first thing we saw were the bikes. Adam hopped right on a small two wheeler with training wheels but he kept pedaling backwards which just activated the brakes. Then he found the bike you see above. This one he could cruise around like a pro. We literally had to pull him off when it was time to leave, he wanted to stay all day and ride the bike around the store. Poor kid cried all the way to Walmarts.
Adam also cashed in on a new pair of warm and toasty pajamas at Walmarts as well as a toy cell phone and a set of car keys on an alarm beeper thing. Of course the jammies are Lightening McQueen, could they be anything else, really? The keys are Spiderman and the cell phone is Power Rangers. But everything is RED.

And yes he is driving matchbox cars along side of his head, why? Your guess is as good as mine. I guess because he could. LOL


Here is another finished object for 2009, a knitted kitty... this was a trial run... I just used red heart left over yarn to see if I could figure the pattern out. I think I did it right. Adam liked it, and asked if he could be friends with it. LOL. My sons girlfriend also liked it, in fact I think I must now make her one. I want to try making one with my felting yarn and felting it, and I also want to make one on sock yarn with small needles to see if I can make one key chain size.

The snow has started falling. It turned out to be a bad thing for my youngest son, who was T-boned on his way to work a couple hours ago. He was driving his brothers car, and it doesn't look good. The car was towed away and the police drove my son home. A woman drove right through a red light and hit him head on in the drivers side door. He is gonna be very sore tomorrow for sure, and is missing the night from work too. Not sure if the car is reparable... we will know more in a couple days.
Now if they don't get a rental car or a new car then my car will have to be used and that might not be a good thing. I don't mind so much but my husband, well that's a different story. I guess I won't worry about it until we cross that bridge. I am just thankful that my son was not seriously hurt, it could have been much much worse.
Is winter over yet????????

Well Adam is asleep and I think I might go too, this day needs to end.
Sweet Dreams my friends


Kenyetta said...

sweet dreams!

SimplyMe said...

OMG. It NEVER ends.

Adam looks so cute. I can just picture him on that bike all over the store. I bet those pj's make him FAST.

I'm glad Joey is okay and it sounds like Jimmy's not going to hurt him over the car, so all's good there. I bet your stomach hit your feet when the cops pulled in your driveway. how many inches are you up to?

Unknown said...

Adam looks pretty darn cute in those jammies. And the cars on the head thing? exactly because he can, thats why. lol
Thank God Joey is safe after the accident. And God will provide what is needed so don't worry about it. All things happen for a reason, in the long run you will understand it.
I love how you say good nite each post. So I say buenos noches to you tonite!

sailorcross said...

Oh, I'm so glad he wasn't hurt seriously!! Cars can be replaced (yes, it's a pain to go through) but injured people--that is worse to go through!!

Adam looks so cute in his jammies!! I wouldn't mind having some of those one piece zip up jammies!! I know my kids loved them when they were small.

And I don't blame him about the bike--I can just see him cruising around on that!! What fun!!


RoamingKnitter said...

Good to hear your son wasn't seriously injured. A T-bone can do terrible damage to both cars & people.

Never ask why a kid does something, I would love to take a peek at what runs through their minds. Driving cars on one's head is probably perfectly logical to him.

The kitty is really cute.

Jane said...

Too bad about the accident but the important thing is that he is okay. I'm tired of this winter already too!

Wendy said...

I wanted winter to be over with as soon as it began, which was before it's offical start....So very glad to hear he is are so funny...I will not let the kids lay on stuff at the store, because I do not want the scene after, I can just see me dragging them out of the store kicking and screaming, and me not even buying anything I have placed in the cart, because I just want out of the store....
they do LOOK and TALK everytime we go by the bikes and battery powered of these days they will both have bikes and maybe even a battery car to share...wishful thinking on my part....
Big Hugs
(We had about 12 inches of snow in 3 days and looks like some everyday for the rest of the week..UGH least the snow blower has been fixed by my dad..)

smariek said...

You have an LL Bean STORE??? I get their catalogs and love browsing through them.

Unknown said...

What a relief that your son is okay. There are just too many people that do not pay attention while driving.

Adam looks really cute in his pajamas and I can understand why he wants the bike. I would want the bike.

Unknown said...

Yikes! I am so glad your son is OK. Sorry about the car, though. Some people should just not have a drivers license, especially if they can't even follow the basic rules of the road.
The kitty is cute, and so is Adam. He is going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older.
Any my 2yr old drives cars everywhere- on the baby's back, on my legs, on Dad's arms, walls, sink, trash can, etc. You get the idea. LOL.

Teresa said...

I'm glad he wasn't hurt and a car is a car, until you don't have one of course.
Hope all is well.

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