Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday- A nothing sort of day

Well November is over... and December is starting tomorrow. It is a month with 31 days so looks like I am supposed to be doing a contest.

Honestly guys I think a contest would distract me from some unpleasant things going on around here, but I am not sure I am ready to start tomorrow. I guess I will see how I feel come morning.

No pictures to share today, no knitting or crocheting done today, it was an nothing sort of day.

I did go to church and that is always good.

My youngest son told me tonight that my legs look super skinny and he could see muscles in them. I get very few compliments from him so that was a pleasant surprise.

I think I'll call it an early night. Spend some quality and quantity time in prayer tonight.

Check back tomorrow I might just have started the contest, you never know.

Sweet dreams


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday- The Barber Tickles

Today Adam woke up with his hair sticking up all over the place. I told him he looked like a shaggy dog. So he said what any four year old would say...

"Oh Nana... Take me to the barber" LOL

I am not sure if you all remember the last "Barber" trip we took Adam on... he screamed and cried like he was being tortured. I posted pictures, it was awful. I felt like such a mean Nana.

But this time he was ready. He said the barber doesn't hurt me, right? I said no, it tickles. He seemed excited to go.

So we went at 4Pm and then after we took Adam and Hannah to McDonalds for dinner. McDonalds has been closed for months. They tore down the old one completely and have been re-building. It finally opened this weekend.

There is a new play area with slides and stuff so they were thrilled. There were a lot of kids, and it was noisy, but they had a blast.

Haven't had a chance to knit or crochet today. I just haven't felt well all day. I just now ate my first meal of the day, about 5 spoons of chili with no meat, and a cheese stick. So far so good, it has stayed down.

I will call the DR Monday if I am still feeling sick. But I am hoping I feel 100% better by tomorrow.

Hope you had reason to smile today.

Sweet Dreams

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday- Black Friday Craziness

Tis the season for Joy, and Giving and yet the craziness that happens on the day after Thanksgiving is shocking.

People out there just doing their job greeting the shoppers as they enter the store, getting trampled and killed. Why? What possesses people to lose sight of the reason for the season? Is there anything really more important then the life of another human being?

Years ago when I was healthier I used to go shopping on Black Friday with my mom and sisters. It was fun back then. It's been several years since I have been healthy enough to go, but I was looking forward to maybe being able to hit the streets next year. Now I am not so sure if I want to anymore. Things have changed. People are vicious and crazy.

Perhaps I will just stay at home, and shop on line and make fun Christmas ornaments and stay safe.

I finished these 4 bells up today, They were quick and easy and I enjoyed them. I plan on making several more before the month is over.

Struggling today with the food part. I am just not hungry or thirsty. I think this cold thing has got to go!!! Nothing sounds good to eat or drink except saltines and I can't have those. If I am still feeling sick on Monday I will call the surgeon to see what they recommend to help cure me.

In the meantime I am tired and just don't have much energy. But I know my mood will lift on December 5th when I can finally get back to the POOL.

Guess that's about it for me... going to try to get this hyper Grandson of mine to go to bed instead of playing Restaurant or Hide and Seek.

Praying wherever you were today and whatever you were doing that you were all safe. And praying for the family of that employee killed today, and for the people who have to live with the fact that they were a part of that insanity.

Dear Lord, please help us all to remember the reason for the season, to show love and kindness just as You have shown us. To celebrate the fact that Jesus was born to save us and that that is the best gift we could have received. Amen.

Sweet Dreams.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday- So Much to Be Thankful For

I guess we could say we are thankful that we are not Turkeys, LOL

But no really we have so much to be thankful for. Every morning we wake up living in a free country. We have air to breathe and roofs over our heads. We have family and friends and the memories we cherish of those loved ones who are no longer here with us.

We have the hope of tomorrow, the peace of today and the forgiveness and mercy from what was yesterday.

We, whether we chose to believe it or not, have a living GOD who loves us for no other reason then because He wants to. Who wants nothing more then the best for us. Who directs our steps and lights our paths and sends angles to minister to us.

So today and everyday my prayer is that we will count those blessings and be thankful in all things. Good or bad God will never leave us or forsake us and He will deliver us.

That my friends is something to truly and continually and eternally be thankful for.

Pray for those who are serving our country today and are not home with families so we can enjoy ours.

Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday- What can I do with this?

When I was going through the boxes of craft stuff I have upstairs I found these hangers. I have like 5 or 6 packages of them. I'd really like to make something with them but I don't know what. Does anyone have any ideas? I thought about making those mini sweaters but alas I don't know how to make sweaters.

The last picture is all the goodies I got at AC Moore the other day to decorate the ornaments. I know I have some ribbon somewhere, I want to find that and use it too. I need a room just for all my craft stuff.

Wonder if I can talk my husband into letting me have the 2 car garage for my stuff. We can park the cars on the street right?

Things have been a little crazy around here today and yesterday. It's really wearing me out. But even in all of this I feel strong and secure in what I know to be right. Go ahead devil BRING IT ON... I will not be moved.

I am calling it a night. I'll be back tomorrow to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday- And then there were twelve

OK... so far I have finished 12 Christmas ornaments. Below are the pictures.

I have another finished project but I'll post that tomorrow. As well as the collection of things I got to decorate more. And something I want to use but not sure what to do with them.

So check back tomorrow I will be needing your help.

I am off to bed for now

Sweet Dreams

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday- Here Comes Billy

Well this isn't the exact video I wanted to share, but it is the same song and the same singer. He does a small little comedy thing in the beginning but it's worth the wait. I think this is my new favorite Christmas song. Just listening to it makes me want to dance around, snap my fingers and tap my feet.

Isn't that wonderful?

That's all I got for you today. I've been busy but I'll talk about that tomorrow. Maybe even have some pictures to share too.

It's Monday...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday- It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas is fast approaching. I really love Christmas. I love the happiness that just happens around that time of year. I especially love Christmas music and Christmas movies. Even those sappy TV movies. I watch them all, every year. My DVR does overflow with Christmas enjoyment between now and New Years.

Yesterday while watching Tony Danza play a Santa and plan a bank robbery in a small town I made these Christmas ornaments. I searched the Internet for some pattern suggestions and went at it. I was glad to be reunited with the directions to making those spirals that I used to love to make way back when I learned to crochet. Ok I'll admit it was like 35 years ago. Anyway here is a close up of a green spiral wrapped around some pipe cleaner to make a wreath. I still need to decorate it a little but it's a start. I found the pattern here. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Here is a picture of the collection of some of ornaments I made. Not all of them are pictured here but these are all of the colors and shapes I made. The Candy Cane is also made from the spirals, two colors wrapped together and then some pipe cleaner to hold the shape of the candy cane. This pattern is also in the above link. I like them both a lot and plan on making maybe a zillion more, lol. Fast, easy and rewarding. Who could ask for anything more.

The other wreaths are also not totally finished and the idea came from here. I did not have the plastic milk carton rings so I just used the pipe cleaner I dug out from the upstairs closet yesterday for those too. Basically I have just half double crocheted around the pipe cleaner and then made a loop for hanging. I still want to add some rows and decorations and that is where the link has the ideas. I'll be working on those this week as well.

In fact since I was able to run all those errands Friday, and climb the stairs and venture into the back closet to find the pipe cleaners I think I can go to AC Moore this week to get some embellishing decorations too. I am excited about that.

Oh and I was on Kenyetta's blog visiting today and she made this adorable Jingle Bell ornament. I must find this pattern too, it's so cute.

I brought Adam home tonight and I even went upstairs to visit with his mom for awhile. I hate their stairs and avoid them like the plague. But I am feeling more and more brave these days. And I actually walked up them almost the whole way one step at a time like a normal person would. I still walked down backwards (still afraid of falling) but I was standing the whole way and not practically crawling like I usually do. This is progress.

I even came home and cooked dinner for "the hunter" aka my husband. I made a crust less spinach, bacon and onion quiche. I didn't eat any as I can't eat meat or veggies yet, but it smelt great and I think was one of the best batches I have made in a while.

Well I am a little talkative tonight, odd because I really am tired. It was a long weekend with Adam. I have this Christmas song I found on You Tube that I wanted to blog but do you think I can find the html thingy so I can get it on here? NO.

Maybe tomorrow. I'll play with it then.

Sweet dreams...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday- Seeking and Smiling

Curious George is smiling, Adam is smiling, it's just been a Smiling Saturday all around.

Adam's imagination is growing like a weed. First we play hide and seek, then we play restaurant. When exactly does a four year old learn about playing restaurant? I don;t think he has ever even been in an actual restaurant. He keeps calling me "sir" and I tried to tell him I am a "maam" cause I am a girl, he goes... No you are a Nana. OK I'll give him that. LOL

I got about 10 Christmas ornaments made today while Adam was upstairs playing Playstation 3. He sure loves those computer games. But once he came back downstairs, Hide and Seek with his toys was what I was we were destined to play . But it's worth it just to hear him laugh... watch the 20 second video clip below and you'll see what I mean.

Tomorrow I'll show some pictures of the ornaments.

See you then.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday- Errand Day

Well I just had an afternoon. Adam ended up coming over after school. And we decided to take a little road trip. I had some errands to run and decided I was well enough to do them myself.

We started off driving to the post office. I had a couple things to mail out. then we left there and went to the drive thru at the bank. As I was waiting in line the gas light came on. Oops. So we finished the banking and drove to our next stop. The Dollar store (or the Money Store as Adam calls it) I needed a gift bag for a baby gift I made and Adam wanted a chocolate bar. Got the gift bag, some pull ups for bedtime, a flashlight,

rubber duckies and Pringles potato chips. No chocolate bar.

Next we had to stop at the gas station to get gas, I mean really isn't this what I have a husband for? Did I mention I wasn't wearing a coat and it was like a million below zero with the wind blowing? Paid and Pumped we were now ready for the next errand/mission. We were going to the "baby store" aka the hospital to visit my SIL and our newest nephew Andrew(just born yesterday).

Naturally no parking spaces were close to the hospital entrance so we had quite a walk. I did mention I wore no coat, right? We get to the floor they are on and of course her room is at the end of the longest hallway. But I did it. I even walked back down the hallway to get her ice container re-filled for her. So lot's of exercise for me today.

I didn't hold the baby or get too close because of my runny nose and sore throat. But from a distance what a cutie he is. They already have a little girl about a year younger then Adam.
Anyway six months ago doing all of this on one day would not have happened. I think the thought of it would have scared me so I'd stay in bed all day. LOL. I am excited to think that soon I wont give a thought to running out to the store to the mall for one thing on a whim, because I will be able to walk and get in and out of the car without worrying or wondering how far I might have to walk and if there will be a line.

Yes my normal life is already coming back to me.

Well off to eat the rest of my tomato soup and then go to bed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday- I passed

It's late and I am tired, so today's blog is just a quick update on how today went.

The visit went very well. Several of the nurses and PA's came in to see me. They said they just wanted to see how I was doing. It was weird... usually they call your name while you are waiting in the reception area, but the girl walked right up to me like she knew me. They must have a thousand patients I am shocked that they remember me so well.

The surgeon looked at my incisions and saw they are almost 100% healed. Told me I can go back to swimming and monster machines in two more weeks. That was good news. I CAN drive now as long as I am not taking the pain pills (which I haven't in over 2 days now).

Next I saw the Nutritionist she went over the meds I am taking, both prescription and over the counter, told me to make sure to start on the soft foods today.

I am not scheduled to return again to either of them for 3 months. It's hard to say how much weight I have lost... I wonder about the 15 I gained during surgery. But I have lost that 15 plus 11 more. So my actual weight loss is 11 but it sort of looks like 26.

As for my soft foods today I tried some refried beans. They were good. I could only eat about 2tbs but they tasted good. I think tomorrow I'll try some cream of broccoli soup.

Went to support group tonight. I sure do like going to those. It will be a bummer when the snow arrives cause I wont drive there in the bad weather.

Tomorrow I hope to go visit my SIL who had a baby this morning. She is the one I made that baby blanket for and I'd like to bring it to her.

I guess that's about it for me. This cold is really wearing me out. Still no knitting today. This is not helping me get my Christmas list crossed off.

Good night all... sorry such a boring post today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday- Adam's a STAR

Adam was in a TV commercial tonight. They were filming one at a church in the Albany area so I told Adam's mom about it and we got her a ride to the church. They paid $150.00 for participating and I figured she could use that money for Christmas and some bills she has. I think the commercial will air on TV in a couple weeks. I hope I don't forget and get to tape it. My "bubba" is a STAR, lol.

Tomorrow morning I have my follow up with the Surgeon and the Nutritionist to see how I did the past two weeks. I am afraid I am not drinking enough water, at least not the 64oz I am supposed to. I think I get close but hope it's enough. I have such a sore throat and laryngitis too and so I start wondering if this is a sign of dehydration. Well I'll know tomorrow, right?

I can also add some soft foods into my diet tomorrow, I am sure it will be a learning experience finding the foods I can still tolerate and the ones I can't. The key is to take it slow and only one new food at a time.

Guess that's about it for me today. Quick and easy, they way I wish some other things in my life could be. But if everything was quick and easy I might forget that I need God and His wisdom for EVERYTHING. Guess I'll take the hard road, because hard is always better with God then easy without.

Good night all


OH PS: I almost forgot... the gift I got Adam was the new playschool Helmet Heroes,

the race car version. He is going to love it.

Now it's good night.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday- Happy 80th Birthday Mickey

Well it's official Mickey Mouse is 80 years old today. I really had no idea when I started knitting the dishcloth yesterday. I made the cloth for a friend who loves Mickey Mouse. The pattern however was not my own. I found it for free on the Internet. You can find the pattern here at Knitted Kitty Creations.

The Illusion version however is her pattern revised by me to make it bigger and an illusion. I really like the way it came out. My friend is going to love it. I did it in Christmas colors as I plan on giving it to her as a Christmas gift.

I am going to make another plain blue one like the one I did yesterday and then sew them together and make them into a pot holder.

She has really done a lot to help be before and after surgery. She fed my husband while I was in the hospital, cleaned my house, did laundry and dishes. Couldn't ask for more then all that. A dishcloth seems lame as a thank you but it's what I have to give.

The visiting nurse and home health aide were here today. I got a nice shower and they even washed my hair for me. I love to have my hair washed by someone else. It's like heaven.

I got a Christmas present for Adam today. It's what I wanted to get him and there was only one left in the store. Whew... that's one worry off my mind. Wanna know what it is??? Hmm maybe I'll tell you tomorrow, LOL

I am headed upstairs now to watch House, can't watch it downstairs cause we are taping NCIS and Biggest Loser. Tuesday is a busy TV night around here, LOL.

Hope you are all having a great day, it's been a great one here for me.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday- Mouse in the House

Ahh dinner, now doesn't that just look so yummy?

Finished a dishcloth today. It's cute but small. I decided to make another one only this time use two colors and make it an illusion cloth. I hope to have that picture tomorrow.

Talked to my dad tonight and he gave me some helpful hints on the vitamins and supplements. Since he had this surgery done in March he has already worked through these hurdles.

Adam didn't come today. They said he had a slight fever so he stayed home from school.

Went all day without any pain meds, so I know I have almost healed 100%. I will take some tonight though so I can sleep.

Tomorrow a home health aide is coming to help me with a few things.

Nothing else is new here... so I guess it's bedtime for me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday- Scarf it Up

Another day spent with Adam... makes a Nana young I tell you. LOL Only thing that could make it better is if we were swimming at the Big Pool.

It's funny I practically had to drag him from church to go home (I was tired) but he said he wanted to stay a little longer. It wasn't that long ago when I would bring him and as soon as we hit the parking lot he would cry to go home.

Shelly you might want to skip the next paragraph. It's not bad but I don't want to panic you into an attack, OK?

Tonight I felt like I was choking on one of the vitamins I have to take. It's calcium citrate with vitamin D and this pill is HUGE. Even cutting it in half it's still huge and then I have to swallow it twice. Well tonight when I swallowed it it must have turned and got stuck. I was home alone and started to get a little scared. I drank some water to try to wash it down but that didn't help. I am thinking will I have to call 911? I tried everything pounding on my chest like Tarzan, raising my arms in the air like a monkey, trying to burp like a frat brother, lol... nothing was working. Then I felt sick. Oh no... running to the bathroom I made it in time for the water I swallowed to reappear. But after that the pain from the pill was gone. It worked. Thank God. I need to find out if this pill comes in a chewable since I have to take this twice a day. I am going to be a little weary about swallowing this one again.

Ok Shelly you can start reading again here.

No knitting today. I was just a little tired to focus on a pattern. But tomorrow I hope to start something. Perhaps a cabled item... I saw Marie has a new scarf pattern up and I love it. So I have printed out the pattern and perhaps tomorrow I will get started. It's always tomorrow though isn't it?

Best get ready for bed... Adam comes tomorrow after school.

Good Night.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday- Sweet things

I am sure most of you on Ravelry saw this awesome new dishcloth design Rachel made for the holiday's this year. I loved it the moment I saw it. It's a larger cloth but what a fun knit it was. There are a couple other new ones I want to try too, if you haven't checked out her website you might want to pop on over there.

I slept in, sort of this morning. It's opening day of hunting season and my husband woke the entire household up at 4am... something about missing car keys. LOL. But I managed to fall back asleep and stayed there until 8:30. It was wonderful.

Adam arrived at 11am and has been here all day. We are going diaper free all day and let me tell you it was not a fun day for me. He managed to get one good bathroom visit. But I still have 4 pairs of dirty underwear. It can only get better right? He was supposed to go home tonight but it looks like he will be staying the night after all.

He was upstairs trying to wake his daddy to drive him home (I am not cleared to drive yet) and somehow in the process he got his finger shut in the bedroom door. He came down crying "Daddy, broke me" OMG how cute is that? Well I couldn't send him home crying, so he is playing with Uncle Jimmy now and I might as well just let him stay since it's after 9PM.

If we have a good night maybe we can go to church tomorrow too.

Not much else is new around here. I am feeling pretty good, still trying to find a broth I like. Maybe I just don't like broth at all anymore? They say sometimes after surgery you lose interest in some foods.

So that said I am off to have my instant breakfast drink and then brush my teeth before bed.
See you tomorrow, have a great night.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday- Fantastic, Fabulous Friends

Well it's late in coming but... I am finally here to say THANK YOU to all of you.

Thank you to a wonderful person who totally floored me the day before I left for surgery. I had no idea it was coming and when it did you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Jane I can never thank you enough for this wonderful gift. She sent me the Cable Necklace, that she won in a contest. I have wanted one ever since I first saw them, and if you haven't seen them yet click on the above link to see how amazing they are.

Shelly was on the phone with me when I opened the package and I was speechless and crying. It's goes in the top 5 birthday presents I have ever received over the 46 years of my life.

I have not tried using it yet, but I am going to make something WONDERFUL.

I also have been blessed by another fellow knitter and designer this month. Our very own Rachel. If there was a way to express the support and generosity of this woman, and her loving and caring heart it would take a library of books to maybe reveal half of it. Maybe. Thank You Rachel for showing kindness and love in a world that sometimes forgets to do that. And someday I hope to be able to tell you that in person with a very humble and grateful Aunt Kathy HUG.

And then there is all of YOU... My Fantastic, Fabulous Friends. I have not met most of you yet but I feel like we are sisters. Your comments, emails, cards and calls before, during and after surgery were just what the DR ordered. I felt blanketed by your support and prayers and am so blessed to call you my friends. I just can't imagine life without all of you in it.

I pray that you all receive blessings more then you can hold, more then you could dream for and that JOY becomes a major part your life forever and ever.

I love you all.

Aunt Kathy

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday- Self Images and Illusions

Self Images and Illusions. This is what my day has been all about today.

I'll start off with my newest illusion design. Can you tell at this angle what it's supposed to be? It's not a chimney. LOL I don't want to reveal the cleared version as I may use this as a KAL later this month. If I decide it's good enough to use. I am still not sure it comes off as clear what it is supposed to be. Waiting for some input from a couple honest friends.

Tonight was Surgery Support Group. I went with my nephew Robbin. Not sure if I mentioned it here but he also had the gastric bypass surgery, one month before I did. He is doing very well, like me following all the DR's instructions. He is already back to the Y exercising and looks wonderful.

The support group topics were all over the place today but it kept coming back to one thing. Self Esteem. What image do you have of yourself.

So many were saying that even after losing hundreds of pounds literally they still see a fat person in the mirror. A few said they had a positive self image before surgery and therefore they still do after. But most are struggling. I wish there was a way to heal that fast. To help them see that they are worth it all, that God loves them as they were, as they are now and loves who they will become. But you have to be willing to open your eyes and allow your heart to be touched. It's a process. Which is why they make you go through all the things I did to qualify for the surgery to begin with. The surgery alone will not change that self image. The Dr's say I can change your stomach but I can't change your mind.

A friend told me once to look in the mirror every morning and say "Hello Beautiful" I felt stupid doing that. I didn't believe it. But I did it. Every day, every time I washed my hands or brushed my teeth. You know one day I said it and when I looked I actually believed it, at least that day. Not all days are good.

When I see myself in my mind I am not FAT. In my mind I am healthy. In my spirit I know I am loved just as I am. I am just so happy that soon the physical will line up with the mental and the spititual.

I hope you too can look in the mirror and smile and see the wonderful creation God has made. If not, start now... speak it out loud. Say it often. And soon your eyes will be opened too.

Speaking of self images... my son Jim... the artist... has no trouble in this area. Below are a couple pictures of a self sculpture he recently made for school. Isn't he wonderful? I sure think so.

OK that is about it for me today. I am tired. I really want some good tasting broth and so far can't find one I like. Someone suggested I get won ton soup broth from the Chineese Food place, just tell them to skip the won tons. Maybe I can do this tomorrow. I really would like something other then chocolate flavored pritein drinks already, lol.

By the way my husband and my neighbor cooked porterhouse steaks and baked potatoes and sour cream for dinner here tonight. It smelled wonderful. I was glad they ate in the kitchen so I didn't have to watch. LOL

Good night, I'll check back in tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday- My Sister Went to Vegas and All I Got Was...

My sister came home from Vegas tonight and all I got was.... oh wait NOTHING, lol

I saw stuff for Hannah, something for Aunty Lorraine, a beautiful crystal cube that sits on a lighted base with a hologram picture of her and Kevin inside, but me??? So far nada. Guess it's true what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, like my gift. LOL

But I jest, I am just glad to have her home.

My sister lives right next door to me, if she slams her door the pictures on my wall rattle. I love it and hope we can live next door to each other forever.

Had a visiting nurse come by today to check my wounds and give me so bandage supplies. It was an unusual visit, and I expect she will be stopping by daily the rest of the week.

Still waiting for the swelling to go down so I can start seeing some weight loss results. But I feel wonderful. I slept last night for 5 hours straight, first time in a week.

I am following the DR's orders and walking around as much as I can. No food to eat yet, just instant breakfast or protein drinks and clear broth and water. But by next weekend I will be adding back in soft foods. Thank God I am not hungry.

They say this is the mourning period, where you start missing the chewing of food. I was sure I could avoid this step, but really, the thought of actually eating something with a spoon sounds heavenly right now.

I have been working on another dishcloth design and am test knitting it now, hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures to share.

I am getting ready for bed now.

See you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful night.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday- Part Deux Finally or Not? Read ON

First I want to start off saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby sister Erin and my Aunt Jeannie and my Aunt Hazel.

Second let's remember to thank the men and women who have selfishly served our country on this Veteran's Day.

Third, can I tell you that having friends is just the greatest thing?

I found this picture on Flickr and thought it was perfect. If I had the time and the sharpie I'd make my own personal version, but this will have to do for now. But the night is wearing thin, so there is a link on the picture to the creator of this friendly hand.

When I was 18 I started my first outside real job. It was at a place called Friendly Home parties. I was a Data Entry Operator. It was there I met another 18 year old girl named Kathy. We have been friends ever since. We both were married young, had two boys around the same time and struggled with weight loss together. Anyway I haven't seen her really in maybe 4 years. Well she stopped by today and it was like we had no lapse. It was a GREAT day.

My word of advice today for those interested, call up that friend, go get a coffee, talk on the phone, send an email with a picture or a funny joke. But whatever you do, embrace the friendships, they have great healing. Just like the Lord... a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

NOW without further delay... here is part deux of my story.

As of Sunday morning my husband still didn't know about the surgery. But we were sitting in the living room and he said to me...

"You know if you can survive a major surgery like this and do so good you should be able to get that Lap Band thing"

Then God said tell him now, I try to always listen to GOD, so I said...

" I don't think I want to do that Lap band thing anymore"

then I paused a couple seconds and added

" Because I had the gastric Bypass done when they took out my gallbladder."

he nodded... you know like a man does when he is listening to his wife but not really paying full attention

Then he actually heard the words I spoke, and his head turned suddenly towards me and he smiled. Then he said...

"Give me that phone I need to call..."

He was not mad that I didn't tell him, but he was a little hurt that you all knew, lol. I told him you are always welcome to read my blog, LOL.

So the answer is YES, he knows, he is thrilled, he is not angry, he gets my surprise, and is being very attentive now (even more so then when he thought it was just the gallbladder) so geez maybe should have told him faster for the extra special treatment, everyone can always use a little extra TLC right?

So tonight I climbed the stairs so I could watch TV. He was shocked and concerned that I walked up there when he found me. But I assured him I was cleared to walk and climb stairs but I just can't lift more than 5 pounds. So my loving husband says...

"Well you weigh more then 5 pounds" LOL Thanks honey, I hadn't noticed that.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday- PEACE

Are you ready for the rest? Hmm, perhaps before I start part two I best explain the prologue before part one.

My husband and I have been trying to get this life changing surgery for me for at least 6 years now. We have both been on board with this and hoping for everything to work out. Year after year the insurance companies have denied us. It was heartbreaking. Now we didn't want this so I could be a fashion model or anything, we needed this for quality of life. I am not talking about a hundred pounds, I had triple almost quadruple that amount to lose. But I have a good husband. He stuck by me even when simple housewife duties were no longer able to be performed by me. But it was depressing to be denied every time, so this year when I qualified for Medicare and decided to try again, I wanted to wait until I knew it was really going to happen before I told him. To spare him the let down yet again.

So the day after Fathers Day I saw the surgeon. I started the six month long process. I met with every DR imaginable. Cardiologist, Pulmonary Dr's, Psychiatrist, was tested and declared cancer free. I found a physical therapist to help me find safe ways to exercise. I went to a 6 hour long educational course, attended many support groups and worked really hard to lose the 10% of my body weight. All through this I left many hints around but nothing particular. I was sure he would figure it out quickly. But as the months passed by he was just proud of all the progress I was making.

Even going into the hospital on the surgery day I was still waiting for the shoe to drop and say sorry AK but we made a mistake, you have no coverage for this procedure. Some of you (Shelly, Ruth) know how much I cried and worried and prayed about this. I still don't know which insurance paid for it, but I know it's done so it doesn't matter.

I knew I'd have to tell him before surgery and planned on it, and then the gallbladder went bad and had to come out. It's basically the same surgery, incisions and time frame, so I thought I'd wait and surprise him and tell him after it was all said and done. I was so looking forward to melting away before his eyes. I can lose 80% of my excess body weight in the first year. That's so exciting and he would have his wife back.

I never hid it from the blog, and he knows about the blog but just never came by. At first I was sad that he didn't figure it out and then it became almost funny that he didn't. We have that kind of relationship though. Married 28 years, and now a lifetime to go, for both of us. Who could ask for a better gift? I couldn't.

So now the surgery is over and I am coming home, should I tell him now? Later? After I lose 20 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds? I just don't know. I prayed and asked God to show me when, and I knew He would.

So did I tell him? Well this is so long maybe I'll save part two for tomorrow.
I just wanted you all to know that the secret was not to be mean or inconsiderate. It was out of compassion and love and honor and I have no regrets about that. In fact I have PEACE about it.

So with that I'll leave you with my newest dishcloth design. Fresh off the scanner today (my son can't find the camera)


Love AK

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday- 1st Full Day Home... Part One of the Story

Well I am back. I DID IT

Honestly the surgery was not too hard at all. It took 5 hours and then 3 more in recovery. I was walking though 45 min after reaching my room. I knew it was important so I wanted to be a good patient.

As most of you know I did NOT tell my husband about the gastric bypass part. I knew I would at some point but didn't know exactly when. When I arrived at the hospital he was parking the car so I told the nurse it was a secret so she put a note in my file. This worked perfectly, as far as he knew I was only having out my gallbladder.

The anesthesiologist however did not look at my file before coming to talk to me. Uh OH. He goes through his usual routine asking my name, birthday and reason for surgery. I said I was there for a R U N Y Lapriscopic Gallbladder. RUNY (spelt different) is the formal name for the gastric bypass. Well he didn't know about the gallbladder so said you are having a bypass and gallbladder? I kept emphisizing the gallbladder part and he was confused so went to look at my file. You should have seen the paniced look his face made. He came back and said confirmed the gallbladder, LOL. Gary was a little confused about the conversation but he thought the guy just made a mistake. Whew. He later apologized after Gary went to the waiting room. I told him it was all good.

My next fear was the DR would say something when he told Gary I was in recovery but apparently he got the memo, lol.

The next fear came when my mother in law said are you sure she didn't have that bypass thing and not her gallbladder out. He said NO her gallbladder was full of stones (and it was). Whew hurdle three cleared.

Have I told him yet??? Well you'll have to wait until tomorrow when I continue the story.

The only sad sad part is I came home from the hospital and I have gained, YES GAINED, almost 15 pounds. Now I knew to expect this, due to the saline they pumped me up with and stuff, but geez 15 pounds and I haven't eaten since Monday. YIKES

BUT I am doing good, feeling great and positive and ready for this new journey in my life.
I'll see you all sometime tomorrow.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

She's HOME!!!!!

Holy Cow. That was speedy.

AK got home tonight and obviously, not doing too much as I'm blogging! I'm not sure which one of us you'll get for the next few check in'll never know what you are going to get.

Thanks again for all of your comments and support. They mean more than you'll ever know. And that's just from me! :P

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Me, HELLO!

Shelly, not AK. It's Friday night and I'm loopy. You want to know how AK is. Hum, let's see, what kind of hoops can I put you through? Nah. Not that creative tonight either.

The doc is impressed with how well she is doing. They are thinking about sending her home tomorrow. I don't want anybody praying for complications BUT an extra day or two at the hospital wouldn't be a bad thing......but only if that means no complications (Ya hear me God, here I go again giving you conditions, as IF you don't already know what's the best!!!)

Anyway, she's got a regular visiting club, I think. I'm glad so many people are coming to see her. However, it would be nice if somebody could come and check in on her until her sister gets back in town. Again, here I go thinking I know best.

We're now trying to guess the questions on 5th grader.

If anybody wants to post a trivia question (and answer PLEASE)...that would be fun to read to her as well as your thoughtful prayers and wishes. It's been a real pleasure to read all of your kind and supportive words to her. Besides, it's great when I can't think of anything interesting to say. and that happens WAY too often. Kind of like it's hard to think of a topic when somebody tells you to change the topic.

Enough of this babbling.

Have a great night. I'll try to update again tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Day After

Good Afternoon~

I talked to AK today. Hearing her voice was amazing. Yep. She hurts. Imagine that. However, it's done. I read all of your great comments. She enjoyed them all. Keep them coming and I'll keep reading them to her.

She's been up and walking. Last night she just did a lap around the room. Today was down the hall a few doors. Great Job.

Keep praying, it's working.

talk to ya later!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the updates begin.....

I talked to Kathy's hubby a while ago. She is out of surgery and things went fine. Naturally, they took longer than normal. (I am beginning to expect this with her!!!) Hopefully before long she'll be out of recovery and into a real room.



Well it was a long time in coming... 46 years. But it's finally here. A chance to do things better and get my quality of life back.

I slept good last night, guess being dog tired was a good thing, LOL.

I will be arriving at the hospital around Noontime, and surgery is scheduled for just before 2PM.
Most likely will not be in a room with a phone until Midnight.

If possible Shelly will have an update here for you all by then.

I am not nervous just EXCITED. No matter what happens I am GOOD.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and prayers yesterday, I enjoyed reading them all this morning.

I'll leave you with a picture of me, my mom and my sister... this will be one of the last times I have a fat picture of me.

Don't worry about me now. I know this is Gods will for me and I am excited and at complete peace about all of this.

See you in a week...

Love AK

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day is Done

Election day is done. I am tired. I am going to bed.

Surgery is scheduled in the afternoon. I'll talk to you tomorrow before I leave.

Good Night.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday- The CONTEST has ended, and the final winner is...

And the FINAL winner of the OCTOBER Contest is CLAUDIA. Congratulations Claudia your post #37 on Thursday was the number REGIS picked today, so you get to choose a dishcloth pattern of your choice from Rachel's web site. I will PM you and Rachel on Ravelry later today.

They said I need to bring a pillow with me to the hospital and I had this heart shaped pillow from when my husband had open heart surgery a few years ago, so I decided to make it my own. I embroidered the one side with these words... I should have done a few things first...
1- I should have made a template to follow
2- I shouldn't have stitched free hand with no lines to follow

Yeah it's a little crooked but hey they words still mean the same right? LOL

Ok I decided to bite the bullet and show the picture of me in the new robe. It is my last fat picture I hope for a LONG LONG time.

Not sure if you can see the rash on my chins (yep there are more then one) I thought is was just psoriasis spreading (it's nerve/stress related) but it has gotten worse the last couple times in the pool. So I am stopping the pool until after surgery. I am bummed about that but it probably for the best. The blisters are painful and very very itchy.

Oh and don't fall over... I actually took out the socks I started like 3 months ago last night. I think I might try to finish the first sock today and then take the 2nd sock to the hospital with me. yep I am knitting socks again, woo hoo.

Good thing too because I have lot's of sock yarn to play with after surgery.

Well today is my last day of solid food for a few weeks. Tomorrow is liquids only and then Wednesday is surgery day.

I think I am going to go for a walk now, since I can;t swim. I want to have some sort of activity today.

I'll blog late tomorrow as I need to be at the polls by 5:30am.


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Adam and I had some fun with BUBBLES.

Yesterday my husband surprised me with a new robe, for my birthday and hospital stay. It's not PINK but I still love it. I took a picture of me in it but even losing 60 pounds I still look huge. Maybe I'll be brave enough to post it next week. I guess it will be a good "before" picture, right?
I also got some Bath and Body works awesome shower gels... Can't wait to try those out. Thanks Trish for those. It's definitely something I wouldn't be buying for myself.

By the way my birthday is actually on WEDNESDAY, but since I will be in surgery they didn't want to wait.

Yesterday we had a Mexican feast (sort of) next door at my sisters. My mom, both my sisters and my Aunty Lorriane and Uncle Earl were there. The food was delicious, I didn't over eat but had more carbs then I am used to and I still feel a little full today. After we ate we played Mexican Dominoes. We played 5 hands before I had to go home with Adam, I won all but the first hand. So ot was lot's of fun for me, LOL.

I am bummed, no more pool for me. I have developed a pretty bad rash on my chest and belly, and it really itches and is actually blistering. I just think it's the psoriasis, but it has never been like this before. It is stress related so maybe I am stressed and don't know it. But either way I think the chlorine is aggravating it so NO POOL.

Well another month long contest is over... Regis and I will announce the winner of the final week tomorrow. Get your comments in while you can.

I guess since no POOL tomorrow I will take the day and use it to get my bags packed and ready, for election day polls and for the hospital. I know I will forget something, I always do. {{{sigh}}}

No worries though I will personally blog up until Wednesday morning, after that either Shelly or Ruth will be updating daily for me until I get home or have my own Internet access.

I am off to play some more with Adam, I probably won't see him for a couple weeks. That will be the most painful part of this surgery.

See you Monday

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday- So What Time Is It Anyway?

Well we finally made it to NOVEMBER. I am just days away now. Of course we are setting back the clocks so they are adding an hour to my countdown, LOL.

Had a great day today. I got a couple birthday presents which I will talk about tomorrow, and had a nice dinner and game night at my sisters.

It's late so this will be just a quick post.

I'll leave you with a video of Adam and Hannah and Colin having a dance party. It's kinda darkish but hey it was a dance party, with a disco ball and everything, LOL. Enjoy, I did.

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