Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday- Stair Climbibg Day

I received two packages in the mail today. First was these homemade cupcake pops I won in a contest. I apologize I am not linking to it here I just am too tired to look it up. But I will hopefully tomorrow.
Anito O sent me some Delft Blue red Heart so I could start the Olympic scarves finally. Thank you so much. Here's what I started before I went upstairs to watch TV.

Yep I climbed the stairs again... Tuesday is a rough TV night. Too many shows I want to watch and not enough DVR's. LOL

I also went to the Y this morning and swam for almost 3 hours. That's 2 days in a row.

Tomorrow I have to be to the hospital for some tests early and then after that another therapy session in the pool...

I know the contest starts tomorrow but I won't be blogging until the afternoon unless I am wide awake before 7am. Which I might be, you never know.

But NO food or drink from now till the tests are done... so I am headed to bed so I don't forget and drink water.

See you all tomorrow for the CONTEST

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday- I Don't Have An Addiction, Do You?

I saw this on another blog and followed the link to the creator of this cartoon. I love it. If you click on the cartoon it will take you to her blog and she is offering this as free wallpaper for your computer if you want. How cool is that?

It's been a LONG day for me and I am actually calling it an early night. I can barely keep my eyes open.

Actually I need to get in the habit of posting earlier anyway since the contest starts on Wednesday and I like to post in the mornings for contest months.

I did go to the Y today and swam for 3 hours and I plan on going again in the morning. Hoping the exercise will put me into a better mood and clear my head. I expect tomorrow to be the hardest, but GOD is my strength and HE never gives us more then we can handle.

I was working on test knitting MaryAnn's gloves and I am to the fingers. But they will have to wait until tomorrow as I am going to bed. Really Shelly... I am turning off the light and going to bed.

Good night everyone

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday- More Christmas Cloths

Well after church I got right back to working on the Christmas dishcloths. Today I tried some crochet patterns I found on Ravelry.

First up is the Christmas Angel. Pretty easy to make and fast too. The only thing I don't like is it's mostly double crochet stitches so it is pretty holey. But it is very pretty.
The 2nd cloth I made was this Christmas Wreath. I like how it looks but the back is not quite as nice... you can tell about the strings tucked in on the back from the berries and the bow. I think I might crochet up a second wreath and sew it to the back to cover the tucks, and just have it be double thick. Other then that it's a great and easy dishcloth to crochet.

And last I made this Poinsettia Potholder, only I also made this into a dishcloth. I added an extra round because it looked like it was curling in, so I made a scalloped edge and now it lays flat. The designer also had a hanging loop but I decided to omit that as well since I wasn't using it as a pot holder.

I made all of these with the Peaches and Creme Christmas cones I just got last week. So I am 5 gifts down and only about a zillion to go, LOL

I am also hoping to test knit a pair of fingerless gloves for MaryAnn. My yarn is all tangled and I have been trying to get it into a ball for 4 hours now. I am starting to get tired so I guess they will have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh I took a little quiz today from ABC where they showed two comments side by side one from Obama and the other from McCain on several topics, but they didn't tell you who said what. You are to choose the comment that you agree with the most and at the end it tells you which candidate you most agree with.
It's a pretty quick quiz and I thought it was pretty good. Here is the link in case you feel like seeing who you most agree with.

Tomorrow is water therapy. But my therapist is on vacation so I will be supervising myself, LOL

PS Don't forget my month long contest for October starts on October 1st. There will be 5 winners total. This time all the prizes will be a free (paid for by me) dishcloth pattern from Rachel's website. You might want to start looking now, she has so many to choose from, I bet you will have a hard tome deciding.

I am signing off for the night. See you all tomorrow,

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday- Chistmas Knitting Has Begun

Well I started some Christmas knitting today. Dishcloths for the SIL's. First one I did was this Starfish pattern by Sew Funky. it was a simple and easy to memorize pattern. I of course made a few errors but all in all it came out pretty good. Good enough for me to still gift it away.
Pattern number two... this pattern caught my eye right from the start. I had never done this butterfly stitch before but it's pretty easy once you do a couple and I LOVE how this cloth looks. I don't think pictures do it justice. It's called Christmas Cloth by Ribbed for your Pleasure. I highly recommend this cloth, it's fun, easy and looks great.

I made a couple errors on this one too, but again it's probably only noticeable by me so no worries.

While I was knitting Adam was busy building. Doesn't he look like a little carpenter in his Thomas The Train tool belt?

We did make it to the BIG POOL today and got to swim for a couple hours. He loves to jump and go under water. There was a casualty... he kicked my bottom lip with his knee and I now have a very plump lip, who needs botox when you have grand kids who like to swim, right?

Well it's only moments away from midnight and I am ready for bed. Tomorrow is another day... hope you are all snug in your beds too.

Just a reminder contest starts October 1st.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday- A Wash Out, Literally

I finished the KAL I was working on this week. It's called Ribbed Diamonds.
I didn't block mine yet, I am still intimidated by blocking. You can see a better picture on Noreen's blog where you can also access her free patterns. This is one of 3 she has recently made and they are all wonderful.

Today it rained and rained a lot. Ended up staying home and just hanging out with Adam. No Big Pool today, but maybe we will go Saturday. I did manage to get a mound of dishes washed though and I knitted up another Breast cancer cloth as I sold a set at the party last night at my sisters.

Perhaps you noticed the statue above with my dishcloth photo. Well that is another piece of artwork my son Jim made recently. They had a live model and then used clay to make their version of what they saw. I took several different views of the model.

I don't know if it's coming off in the pictures the way it does in person, But I am in awe of this piece. It's of an overweight woman, obviously undressed, yet even in her heaviness and delicate state she is remarkably beautiful. I see something wondrous, made by God. Now I am not talking about the statue but of people, of this woman model, of me, of you... marvelously and wonderfully made. Beautiful.

Being that I am overweight I always loathed the way I look, hated my skin, my fat my body. But seeing this sculpture somehow opened my eyes to the fact that God made me, and He doesn't make any mistakes. I am ever changing and at whatever stage I am in I am loved as I am.

Just as I am, thou wilt receive,
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
Because thy promise I believe,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

This has been a day of tears for me. Waterfalls. Just a lot of things emotionally coming to a head this week. My daughters 21st birthday would be on the 30th, that's the biggest thing, and then the excitement and a little bit of nerves for the upcoming surgery too. A lot going on in my head. Some I can talk to others about and some things I can only talk to God about.

But my motto stands... BRING IT ON!!!!!

O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday- Grandparents Day

Well today was Grandparents day at Adams preschool. I drove and brought his other grandma he calls her Janmum. We got there and Adam ran right to me. The teacher said Adam could barely sit still knowing Nana was coming to school. The teacher took this picture for me. See how big I am, well you won't be seeing that for much longer, thank God.
We did go out into the play yard for a little while. The teachers made sure to put sunscreen on all the kids before they could go outside. Adam was playing in this little play house and had a blast. Isn't this a great picture. I think it will be one of my favorites.

Here is the whole class getting ready for snack time. There are 6 kids , 5 boys and 1 girl. Notice she is sitting next to Adam? Uh oh he is is fathers son. Watch out ladies.
Yesterday Adam and his class went apple picking. So today was all about Apples. First they played a game. They laid this tree on the floor and poured 3 colors of pompoms (red, yellow and green) to represent the apples they picked, and they have 3 color coordinated bowls and plastic tweezer like tongs. The kids took turns picking up a pompom with the tweezers and dropping it in the matching bowl. Adam did all yellow. I don't think any of the kids picked green, weird huh?
After the game they divided the kids into 2 groups of three. One group had a taste test with hot and cold Apple cider. Oddly all the kids said they preferred the hot cider. The other group had an apple taste test, they each got a slice of a red, yellow and green apple and they put a smiley face on a chart if they liked them. All colors got a smiley face. Then they switched.

The kids also sang a song about apples... I video taped that so here it is. Hope it makes you smile, it sure made me smile.

I didn't get in any knitting today except for the lines on the KAL I am working on. I did get in a lot of walking though. Long day and I am tired again. I have much more energy but I am tired when night time arrives for sure.

Have a great night and see you all tomorrow.

Enjoy a delicious apple and think of Adam.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday- I walked a MILE???

First I need to clarify my birthday is November 5th... That will be my official surgery date. I will have a slew of DR appointments during the month of October. I will continue to do my water therapy and clinic appointments. I will continue to lose weight for the next 6 weeks, hopefully another 18 pounds, that is my secret goal. I have lost 37 on 3 months so it's maybe not doable but I still feel like shooting for the stars. Either way I will be lighter then I am today and that's a plus.

I went to the Y today and worked out in the pool for 3 hours, then went to the grocery store and walked for an hour there, I swear it had to be at least a mile. My legs and feet are pretty sore, but I am still glad I went.

When I got home I had two packages waiting for me. One was my new peanut butter. It's powdered peanut butter called PB2. You mix it with water and it tastes just like PB only has hardly any calories in it. It's also all natural, ingredients are peanuts, salt and sugar. Can't get any more natural then that. On WW a 2 TBS serving was 2 pts. I had some today but only 1 TBS so 1 point and I dipped raw celery in it, and WOW it was delicious.

The other box contained my order from Peaches and Creme. I got 7 cones, 4 for Christmas cloths and 3 for me... can you pick out my favorite? LOL

Also if you are on Ravelry Peaches and Creme are having a contest to see who can make the most ball band dishcloths and/or towels out of their yarn... They have a group on Ravelry, here is the link, go check it out.

Now I need to get myself back into the mind frame to knit again. Times a Wastin'
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
(can you hear Johnny Cash and June singing that in your head too?)

Well that's about it for me... I promise I will get that poll up before the weekend. I just have to find a moment to breathe.

Tomorrow I go see Adam's school for grandparents day. I think I will skip the pool tomorrow and give my body a rest, I did do a lot today.

Have a great day, celebrate the victories and love and friendships. Each day is a blessing from God.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday- Appointments, stairs and squishy yarn

Well today I got the clearance from the Psychiatrist for the surgery. I've been meaning to post the yucky stairs I have to climb to get into her office. They are concrete and very tall steps too.
My appointment was at 10am this morning, but I totally forgot about this appointment. She called me at 10:20 and I said I'd be right there. I was going to be cutting it close because I had therapy at the Y at Noon and a dentist appointment at 3:30, so I couldn't stay at the Y later to make up the time. I somehow managed to get dressed into my car and to her office across the river in 10 minutes. NO I didn't speed either. I had the session with her and was off to the Y getting in the pool at 11:45. Not enough time to do my full mile swim, but I got in 1/2 mile so I was happy.

When I got home there was a package waiting in the mailbox. I ordered some new sock yarn. Why? I really don't know. I am not really knitting any socks right now, I do have a pair, well one of them, on the needles now but haven't touched them in weeks.

I saw this Ravelry group Sock Yarn Cinema mentioned on a blog and I was drawn to it, from there I ended up on this ETSY store and that's where I spotted this yarn. Need I really say more?
This bone colored yarn is called Freckles... It's a tweed sock yarn. I love the flakes of colors in it. Can't wait to find the perfect pattern for it. It looks like a mess because I decided I wanted to roll it into a ball, I am afraid I might have made more work ten I want to handle. I don;t have a swift or anyone to help me unwind a hank. So I see lot's of hours de-knotting and winding this up.

Now this yarn is the firs tone that caught my attention. Of course because it's pink. Bet you didn't know I loved PINK did ya? This is called Pink Panther squishy Superwash sock yarn. It is squishy and soft. I WILL not unwind this one unless I have help, lol.

I think when she dyes her yarn she also has a scent in there cause they smell wonderful too, maybe like lilacs. Ummmm

Update on my pending surgery... tomorrow I see the DR. I am hoping to have met the minimum goal and will leave there with a date scheduled, hopefully the date will be November 5th. As of this morning on my scale I was there.

Tomorrow when I blog I hope it will be GOOD news.

Oh and the cashews remain unopened and uneaten. Think I should offer them as one of the prizes next month when the contest starts again??? LOL

OK It was a super long day and I am headed to bed. I haven't really even blog hopped today, hopefully tomorrow night I can get caught up on you all.

Good night, sweet dreams.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday- 28 Years, Nuts about each other?

Yes 28 years ago today my husband and I eloped. Sort of. Everyone thought we were nuts. Me especially because I was only 17. We had only known each other for 6 months to the day. We had no real plans for the future but we loved each other. I guess when you are young that's all that matters right?

Anyway in honor of our anniversary my dear husband bought me a can on NUTS. OK I have to admit I LOVE cashews. They are my favorite, those and pistachios. Sweet of him right? NO NO NO, does he not know I am working towards a goal and I am 3 pounds away from reaching it. Tuesday is the deadline... if I open this can I will eat it all. NO self control. I know me to well.

He also gave me a card. Now we rarely exchange cards, too expensive, but he seemed to really like this one. As you can see the sentiments were really nice.

Holding Hands
Sharing Dreams
Taking Nice Walks
Openly Talking about Feelings
Enjoying Time Together
Going Out to Dinner
Watching a Ballet (OK neither of us would really enjoy this one, lol)
Taking Time to Relax
And Recalling How We Met (someday maybe I'll tell that story, it's a doosey, lol)

But he saw none of these things... what he saw was this..................
Now I am flattered that even with the weight I am he still thinks that way, unfortunately I can't get past my weight issues. These are soon to fade... Just a short time away.

Now when I do get to my goal weight and back to work and can save money for a vacation, this is where I will be going... Can we say a FANTASY POOL???

If you like doing laps in the swimming pool, you might want to stock up on the energy drinks before diving in to this one.

It is more than 1,000 yards long, covers 20 acres, had a 115ft deep end and holds 66 million gallons of water.

Here is the link to the article... (I got the pictures in an email though)

Yeah... one day I am going to visit this pool. Wanna come with me?

Until then Adam and I will continue to enjoy our BIG POOL at the YMCA.

I am having a stressful evening. I was accused of something I did not do and I want to fight but I do nothing without God's direction. So I sit and pray and wait. I know He will either give me clear direction on what to do next or He will handle the whole thing himself. I am praying it's the latter.

Sweet dreams all, I am off to find some myself.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday- Crosssing the Line? Have I gone Quackers?

Today I went with a friend and took Adam to a big park, It's called "The Crossings" Here is a Moasic of the pictures taken today, except for one was taken yesterday at a different park... Can you tell which one that is? He had a blast, in fact her wore himself out and took a 3 hour nap after we got home. That means he woke up at 8PM... It's gonna be a long night.

The picture in the bottom left corner was to show you the distance I had to walk to get from the park area to the ducks (the pond is about 50 ft past those buildings... and it was maybe 1/4 mile just to the buildings)... it's a very long walk... but I did it. I was hurting by the time I got there but I made it. So things are improving.

Adam, the other boy with us Sam and Sam's mom Trish all got a snack from the vending machines. I passed. I have 3 pounds to lose by Tuesday, not gonna blow it on a sugar treat, that's for sure.

The boy's gave the outing a "Thumbs" up well maybe that should be a "Finger" up. LOL

I must be getting healthier because I am sure just 2 months ago I wouldn't have even considered going to a big park with Adam.

I didn't get too much knitting done. I worked on a dishcloth while at the park, inbetween taking pictures. But that was it. I just can;t decide what I want to work on so I work on NOTHING. This is not helping the Christmas gifts I need to make.

If anyone has any good suggestions for Christmas gifts to make for my nieces and nephews, I am game. Also if anyone finds that Johnny Depp pirate doll pattern please tell me.

I guess that's all for me today. I am going to change Adam into Jammies and hopefully I can get him to go to bed in an hour. We do have church tomorrow, we need our beauty sleep. He doesn't feel good anyway so I think he will go back to sleep.

Good night everyone.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday- Arrrr Arrr Arrr a Pirate, a Pirate Says Arrrr

Ahoy me mateys, it's been a year since it was national Talk Like A Pirate Day? Wow. I almost forgot but since Adam was here and we were watching NOGGIN I saw all the pirate episodes and remembered. Who thinks of these days anyway, lol.

(note: I did not make this Johnny Depp pirate, I found it on the Internet, there is a link in the picture to the place I found it) I am however looking for the pattern, my niece would love this for Christmas.

My pirate name is:

Captain Ethel Cash

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
part of the fidius.org network

Captain Ethel Cash... am I the outcast ugly sister of the pirate of Fulton County Johnny Cash??? Arrggghhhh


Adam and I did make it to the pool today but we weren't there too long, he was shivering like a pirate, lol. I think my bubba is getting a cold, his voice is all hoarse (perfect for talking like a pirate day)but he did walk the plank several times today while jumping into the deep end, lol.

For the first time ever Adam took off and didn't stay where he was supposed to as we were leaving. He managed to get out of the building and down a hill away from the Y. I was frantic I couldn't find him. Usually I have to rest carrying that heavy treasure chest (gym bag full of wet suits and towels)but I walked up and down that Y looking for him. Someone spotted him outside and brought him back to me. Oh I was so mad and so relieved. I could have spanked him, but he honestly looked more scared then I did. No more going up to talk to the fisheys anymore... he will stay at my side until I get there with him. Arrrgghh

I thought I'd leave you today with a pirate song... it got a hardy har har out of me. I couldn't figure out how to show the video here, so here is the link to the website.

Tomorrow I another day Matey's and tomorrow we can all talk like... hmm I wonder what tomorrows national talk like day is???

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday- September 18, now known as "The Day Of The Machines"

Well September 18th will forever be known as "The Day of The Machines" mark it in your calendars people.

I forgot to bring my camera to take real pictures of the Monsters I tackled today at my first Clinic, on land, therapy session. But I will next visit. I searched the Internet for some pictures and these are just a couple that looked semi like the actual demons.

First the TREADMILL... never walked on one of these babies before.

Now it is known that I am a klutz, so I had many fears about this machine. First fear, I don't wear pants, I always wear a dress or a skirt. Not a good idea while walking on an exercise machine that plugs in to a power source, huh? Visions of the hem of my skirt getting caught in the moving track ripping the skirt from me and leaving me standing there partially nude. I found a pair of pants 5 minutes before I left so it was all good. I only did 2 1/2 minutes on the treadmill (which I have not assigned a name yet, any ideas?) but she wanted me to start out slow.

I also worked on the recumbent bike for 4 minutes and some arm machine that is like a bicycle for arms for 4 minutes, and a few other weight lifting arm things.

Including these hand held dumbbells. They were the easiest part of the 30 minute workout.

After the therapy session I took a wrong turn and ended up driving home the long way, so since I wasn't on the highway I decided to drive thru Wendy's for lunch. {{{gasp}}} but I had a side tossed salad and a baked potato with broccoli and cheese and ice water. It was delicious.

I went to my second support group tonight and afterward we found ourselves in the drive thru at Burger King {{{gasp again}}} this time I only ordered a side salad and when I got home I made some tuna fish to go with it. If you ask me I would say this was a PERFECT day.

The only bad thing is this thing on my finger. No I am not flipping you off, it just happens to be my middle finger. It started with a reddish bump, kind of like a callus, but it hurt to touch. Now it's red all around with a whitish/greenish blister thing now on the side next to the fingernail. Still hurts too. I think it's infected... can you tell from this picture? Any ideas on what I should do about it?

I was gonna post the poll today, but honestly it's late and I am not ready. I guess tomorrow it has to be.

Adam comes tomorrow and I'll be taking him to the pool for an afternoon swim.

Thanks for the nice comments by the way on my sons art project and my new dishcloth design.

And the encouraging words on my weight loss efforts and the support for the upcoming surgery. I am really excited and hope that Tuesday when I see the surgeons PA it will involve scheduling my surgery date and that that date will be on November 5th... my birthday.

Have a wonderful night, remember the choices you make today will shape your tomorrows.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday- Who's that? Why it's me and Jen!!!

OK I re-knitted the Diamonds and Dew Drops to make sure I had the pattern right. This time I used a self striping yarn (sugar and cream... natural stripes) I used size 5 needles this time so it's a tad smaller, the yellow one was on size 7 needles and was 9x9, this one came out at 8x8.
I will be adding the pattern to my pattern blog hopefully in the next day or two.

At church tonight, Jen, the girl who calls me her other mother, my friend Ruth's daughter, who now lives in Louisiana but is here visiting until Friday, popped in. I thought she might so I remembered to bring my camera. Here is a picture of the two of us. Please ignore my gray hair among other unfavorable features, lol... just look at Jen she is beautiful.
I googled today to see how many calories I am burning in the pool. I swim free style for about 90 minutes at a low to moderate level and that burns 1950 calories. Then I do another 90 minutes of low activity, walking with weights, treading water, deep end stuff like bicycles and skiing motions etc. this burns another 1670 calories. That adds up to 3600, so technically I should lose a pound every time I swim. I sure wish it worked that way. {{{sigh}}}

Tomorrow is my first day exercising at the clinic without the water to back me up. I really don't want to do it, but I will.

Not much else is new today so I guess I'll leave it here. Hope you all had a great day.

I just realized I haven't done any of the polls I was planning, I will hopefully get to that tomorrow, October will be here in a couple weeks and I need feedback, yikes.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday- Diamonds, Dew Drops and Demonstrations

This is a quick picture of the dishcloth I designed yesterday. I am calling it "Diamonds and Dew Drops"
This is not what I was setting out to design but it's what came out of my head as I knitted. So what do you think?


Ok back to my sons art project. The way his mind works is amazing sometimes. These kite like looking boxes are supposed to represent the human body. The sacks in the middle are weights, as in if the person was overweight and in need of a Gastric Bypass Surgery (I apparently was his inspiration... sad but true)
Anyway the demonstration of the art project was to sort of show a patient DR relationship. The patient (the overweight person) in order to qualify for the surgery has to lose 10% of their body weight, hence the weights in the middle of the model.
The person in need of the surgery is the person lifting the weights up, as they are the one who has to do all the work to prepare for the surgery. Once the weights are lifted the person lifting them can no longer see what's happening because their view is blocked. This is where the DR's part takes place.

A second person reaches into the bottom of the model to look at information pertaining to the surgery and all the hoops you must hop through to have it scheduled. The overweight person still has to hold the weights up while the second person looks at the materials. One box had paper materials and the other had a video on Gastric Bypass Surgery playing that the person could watch.
It was a trust relationship on both sides. The DR trusted the patient to keep their end of the bargain and keep the weight off prior to surgery, and the patient trusted the DR to know what he was doing during the surgery since they could not see what was being done.

I probably didn't explain that exactly right, but hopefully you get the drift of his idea. It went off without a hitch and was well received by both the other students and the professor.

Spider update, no more have been spotted, and I am spider bite free. Yay. Can't say that I haven't been keeping my eyes open looking just in case though.

I had a great visit today from my "other daughter" Jen, it was a surprise I was not expecting her. She stopped by yesterday but I missed her, and was sad. We sat in my messy kitchen and talked for a couple hours and she never said a word about it. She will head home for Louisiana this weekend. It's been years since I have seen her so this was a GREAT day.

Lastly in case she happens to read my blog today...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA (my MIL in case you are wondering)

OK that's about it for me tonight, see you all tomorrow after swimming and church.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday- Modern Art... you tell me.

Modern Art... ??? According to my son this is Contemporary Art. Can you guess what it's about?
I can give you a hint, since it's not totally complete (check back in a few days for perhaps updated pictures and maybe a video presentation.) This is supposed to be a metaphor of a human body simulating a trust between a doctor and patient in the process of a gastric bypass. That's a quick description, not at all exclusive of what his art presentation is all about.

Then there is this... the marvelous bracelet I won in Jillybeans contest. I took a picture of it next to my glasses so you could see how large the beads are. They are handmade too, and absolutely beautiful. I had them on my wrist earlier to try them out and well let's just say I was looking pretty good. LOL

I must say I am just a little afraid to go to sleep tonight. The spiders, and we are not talking about tiny spiders, are invading the house. These guys are HUGE and people eating spiders. My son just killed 2 of them within 5 minutes both only feet from my bed. If I were superstitious then I might believe there was a third waiting to pounce as soon as I let down my guard.

So if I don't blog tomorrow, let the authorities know I was eaten by a man eating king sized spider or worse spider family. I am starting to itch already... there are no spiders on me, there are no spiders on me.

I designed a new dishcloth tonight. I think I like it. I need to write up the pattern still and then knit another to make sure I got it right. Hopefully I can show you all later this week.

Ok I am off for the night. I WILL see you tomorrow, because there are no more spiders.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday- Have a smile on me today

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I didn't do very much, knitting wise that is. I worked a little (a very little) on a dishcloth that I carried around in my new small project bag that I LOVE. but didn't really make much progress.

I cleared some shows I had on the DVR
Went to Adams party
Washed dishes
Went to church
Watched NASCAR

Yeah real exciting huh?

My husband went to church today. Not with me though. he went with some neighbor friends to their church. He says he liked it, even wants to go Thursday night to some thing that are doing, I think a study on James or something. I have mixed feelings about this but it's always good to see him in the house of God I guess. So I won't discourage his attendance.

I have no pictures to share today as I didn't do anything to take pictures of. I thought about the spider web and spider that has taken over our mailbox would be a good subject but he was hiding today.

My knees are really hurting too, having a hard time walking on them. Well not on them exactly, I am walking on my feet, but it is hurting my knees. I'll mention it to the therapist tomorrow. I haven't been to the pool since Wednesday maybe that's part of the reason.

I am working on a few new designs to use for KALs in one of the yahoo groups I moderate. I just have to get to writing them up, I just haven't wanted to do much on the computer these days.

Monday is a new day right?

I am off to bed, even with a nap today I am still really tired.

Good Night

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday- Happy Birthday Adam, Love Nana

Here are a few pictures from Adams birthday party

And if you want to see him blow out the candles... here it is.

All in all it was a fun day. My grandson is 4. Such a big boy now.

Hope you had as many smiles in your day as I did.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday- Fun Stuff

Here is my birthday prince right off the bus this afternoon.
Yesterday I received my prize package from WhoDuKnit... we all did a virtual tour of where we lived and then answered some questions about it and I won the prize, it's awesome.

A felted bag
A book written by the women we came to know through the movie "The Perfect Storm" a cookbook full of Maine recipies, a 10 page mini scrapbooking kit, some Patons yarn, 4 gift cards
Prospect harbor soap and a lighthouse figurine.
It's all Maine related as is our WhoDuKnit leader Jane. I love it all, thank you very much.

Adam worked on his floor puzzle today, he put the whole thing together all by himself. He was so excited about that. It's still covering 75% of the living room floor. LOL
Today I received my bag from Bea... I couldn't decide between two bags so I told her to surprise me and she did. She sent me both of them. Thank you so much Bea, you are incredible.

Bag #1 (note Bea's pictures are much better then mine you should look at them on her blog)
The inside of Bag #1 (there are reversable)
Bag #2... already holding those socks I started last month that I haven't worked on in forever. Maybe now that they are in this beautiful project bag I'll feel like finishing them.

My crocheting teaching date for tomorrow has been canceled so I think that means Adam and I can go to the pool for a swim in the morning. His birthday party is at 3PM.

Right now I think I will head off to bed while he is asleep too. I have him on the couch tonight, I just need some room, but I bet I'll wake up to a snuggling 4 year old in the morning just the same.

Sweet dreams, see you tomorrow

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