Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday- Well What Have We Here?

This blog post will not be as wordy as yesterday. For some reason I am VERY tired tonight. I pratically fell asleep talking to a friend on the phone. So here are a few pictures to describe my day today.
1st this is the current headband I have on the needles. I was hoping to finish it tonight, but I am way too tired. Guess tomorrow morning it is.

See that awesome Cable necklace in that picture... somehow I managed to sleep on that last night. And I did not wake up full of puncture holes. It's a MIRACLE
I finally felted the slippers I finished last weekend.
Top and bottom view

Modeled on my feet... Actually I decided to use my feet while they tried to help them keep their shape

Yes it was cold... but hey yesterday I walked barefoot on ICE, I think I can dry out a damp pair of felted slippers.

And finally the collection of Nora headbands I have so far. I finished the light green and the Pink/Orange one today.

I wish I had more for you but my brain has checked out for the night.
Sweet dreams to you all, I know I will be by the time you read this.


SimplyMe said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!

I can't decide what I like better the slippers or the headbands!

Kenyetta said...

I love the headbands! I have made those slippers before just not felted- I bet they are warm!

Unknown said...

I think my 8 year old might even keep those slippers on his feet.

The cable necklace is fabulous. I keep looking at it and try to convince myself that I deserve it. LOL.

Unknown said...

Great work! I love the slippers and the headbands. Nice color choices.
I was tired too last night. I stayed up as long as I could to finish up the hat I'm working on. We'll see if there are any mistakes this morning.
And how in the world did you sleep on that cable necklace? I guess they can't accuse you of being the Princess and Pea, LOL.

Claudia said...

ooooh love the slippers!!!!!! Great colors! They look like fun! I've always loved felting things. I might have to give something like that a try before winter is over. :)

I still don't get the cable necklace thing. Must be me...

sailorcross said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!! All so pretty!!

Tonight I'm going to turn into a "Bobble Head"!!

Love you,


Unknown said...

I do so love those slippers. Guess I'll have to make myself some soon. and the headbands are so cute. Hope you got some rest and that today you are full of energy again. wish I had some energy. I need a nap!
Hugs Patt

Teresa said...

The slippers look great. Kind of a yucky feeling wearing them damp I bet they are very comfy once dry.

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