Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday- Say it Isn't So


I actually tried to post this picture a couple weeks ago and couldn't get it to post. I gave up on it and then tonight suddenly it appeared out of nowhere, I guess that means tonight is the night to post it.


Most of you know I am a NASCAR fan. Yeah it happened by accident (pun intended). My husband was a HUGE Dale Earnhardt SR fan. He would watch the races and I would knit or crochet or read a book, definately not interested, I mean really, I might as well watch grown men fight over a pointy brown ball in a snow storm. Well my husband, the big fan, could never stay awake to watch a whole race, EVER. He would say wake me up if something happens. So I'd half listen, half watch and wake him up when I saw a crash or something. This happened almost all season I think 1998... then one Friday night I realized I was watching qualifying and no one else was home, I was watching by choice all by myself. Uh Oh, I was hooked.


So why am I telling you all this now? I have no clue, LOL. I guess because the picture appeared and we are about 30 days away from NASCAR to start up again in Daytona. So this picture came along with an article which I no longer have (I deleted it all when the picture vanished... so sorry to who ever this picture should be credited to, and thank you for it) but it was about "EUTHANIZING" NASCAR. WHAT???


Today I became a co-owner for the first time of a Yahoo group. You guessed it the NASCAR Yahoo group. Cat asked me to help her so now we are joint owners of the group. I am quite honored that she would ask me to help, and hope I don't let her down. I hope to have some fun over there and get things hoppin a little. I even have a few KALs I want to design for the group.


Of course Adam is here today and so far we ahve watched "CARS" twice. It's on right now. Do you think I have car racing on my mind?


I did work on some knitting today, but haven't finished it yet. I should have but I was kinda sick today. Me and food are having a misunderstanding. Tomorrow will be better and I will finish todays and make at least one more thing. Photos to follow tomorrow.


Michelle posted about a group on Ravelry about Frogging or Finishing Friday's. I am thinking about joining in. In order to do that you have to post on Friday's something you finished or frogged.

Well do you remember my Jesus picture for the afghan I was gonna make my MOM, well this is what I have frogged, I just don't know if I will ever crochet this blanket. {{{sigh}}}

Now I know I am supposed to have some links and stuff, maybe even the rules, but it's almost midnight and I need to get this kiddo to bed, CARS is just ending, and so is this blog post, LOL.


Sweet Dreams everyone.




MamaMay said...

LOL! That is a funny picture.

I am not all that into racing myself. My dad is though.

As always Adam is adorable.

Unknown said...

I dated a guy a long time ago who was in love with Jeff Gordon. He even had a jacket he wore all the time. After we broke up, I became a Ernhardt Sr. fan and was saddened by his death. I don't watch NASCAR anymore.

As far as the movies go and watching numerous times, it only gets worse. My kids watch the same thing every day, sometimes several times. I am sick to death of some certain cartoons and shows. UHG!

Sorry about your afghan. I've discovered I have to repurpose some yarn that I started into afghans about a year or so ago. At least you didn't get too far.

Have a great day!

SimplyMe said...


I've been waiting a long time to see that pic. I'm so glad I finally got to see it.

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