Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday- Frightful or Fruitful?

Well when you are looking at the artwork of a 4 year old, it's certainly not frightful, I vote for fruitful. I asked him what this was and he said "A Jack-O-Lantern, and I turned his lights on."

So even though I am not really a fan of Halloween anymore, Adam and his Jack-O-Lantern wish you a safe and happy day.

Now onto contest stuff...


Below is a picture I snagged from one of your blogs. If you commented on Thursday your personal blog was visited by me and this was what I decided to feature today. I bet you can guess why I liked it.
Your mission today is to go and visit the blogs from the people who commented yesterday. Find this picture and post your answer in the comment section. Any comment will get you an entry in this final contest week.

Try to leave a comment on the blogs when you visit them, we all know how much we like to know others are there reading what we blog, right?

My pre-admission testing yesterday went so good. I did drive myself and was home before 2PM. I have officially lost another 11 pounds and I was thrilled. I was able to walk quite a ways, it's a HUGE hospital, and wasn't even tired or sore.

Also support group was great too. I really like going. You know that candy corn illusion cloth I made? Well I still had the ends to tuck in but before I left I felt God say to me, tuck in those ends and bring it with you. I had 5 minutes before we were to leave and I still had to finish getting dressed. But I felt the urge again so I obeyed. Towards the end of the class the subject of Halloween candy came up and the leader mentioned candy corn, and how there are two kinds of people in the world, those who love candy corn and those who don't. LOL. She said it is a trigger food for her and she HAS to avoid them. It was at that moment God said this is why I wanted you to bring this cloth, give it to her. So after class I did, she was shocked. How could I have known this? Well I didn't, but God did.

Cool huh?

OK see you tomorrow I hope, even though no contest stuff and comments over the weekend count.

I am off to play a little with Adam now.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday- 144 Hours and Counting

Look at that it's morning and I am blogging. LOL. I leave in 20 minutes for the Pool though so it will be a fairly quick blog post today.

Yesterdays RIDDLE answer was YARN.


Below you will see a picture I found somewhere in the Internet. Your mission today is to think of a "Caption" for this picture.

Post your caption in the comment section and receive another entry in this weeks contest.
Funny Serious whatever... and if you can't think of a thing, then say that, it will still count. Make sure to come back and read the comments others leave, some of them I am sure will cause you to laugh and smile. Such creative friends I have here.

(you can click on the picture to see the flickr account of the person who made this photo)

Today is Pre-OP Admission. I am told this can last between 2 and 4 hours. Long day for sure. Sad part is I go back to the hospital tonight for a Support Group. My dilemma is whether I just stay there and wait for the group. My appt starts at 11:30 and group starts at 5:30. But that is a long day, with no bed to rest on and no oxygen. {{{sigh}}} I guess tomorrow you'll hear what I ended up doing.

Oh and the scale went down even more today. I hope the hospital scales are the same or better.

I'll see everyone tomorrow. Have fun with the caption. Smiling is always a good way to spend the day, right?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday- One Week and Counting

Happy Wednesday. I wanted to start off the blog this morning with a new find on Breast Cancer Support. I added a contest in my side bar pertaining to this... but contest aside I think this is a great resource and I hope they meet their goal of an Army of 1,000,000,000 Women. You can click on the picture below to go directly to the Army of Women site or you can click on the contest link to enter a contest and then visit the site.
So there is my public announcement for the day... {{{smile}}}

So now let's get onto my CONTEST for the day


When the day is dreary and the sun is not shinning
No need to be sad or resort to whining
Because there is something that you can do
I'm not joking, what I am saying is true
There is something about it that makes you smile
And brightens up your life after awhile
So when the clouds are gray and you long for Spring
Just pick this up, and you'll begin to sing
There will be no reason to be sad or say darn
When in your hands you have some soft ???

Post your guess to the answer of my riddle in the comment section today to receive another entry in this final week of the month long contest. You don't have to guess correctly but I am pretty sure you will. Just a comment will get you an entry, so make sure to leave one.

Saw my primary DR yesterday and he was thrilled with my weight loss so far. I may have already lost enough weight to stop the blood pressure pills. He wants to see me in 6 weeks to make sure, but it was a GREAT visit.

Only 7 days to go, I am getting really excited. Not even a little nervous. At least not about the surgery. I am more nervous that something will prevent it from happening. But I won't believe those whispers of the devil.

Oh and my home scale is showing me at a 5 pound loss. I won't count it though until I see the DR tomorrow for pre-admission stuff.

I saw my nephew yesterday too. He is 3 weeks out and 31 pounds down already. AWESOME.

I am getting ready for the monster machines and then I'll go swim the mile to relax. Sounds funny huh, saying I am going to swim a mile to relax, but really it does feel so good. I like to pray while I swim so when I am done I feel so refreshed.

See you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday- One mans junk, is another woman's treasure

Can't say good morning as it's already almost 2PM here. Hard to believe I have already had a FULL day. Swimming, chasing a flock of birds from the living room, preparing for snow, yep it's gonna snow tonight. I am so not happy about that.

TUESDAY is Try a New Stitch Day

I thought perhaps we would try the infamous "DW" stitch today.
It can be found on Rhonda's website Knitting Knonsense

Here is the pattern sequence:

Multiples of 4

Row 1: k3, *sl 2 wyif, k2; rep from * to last st k1
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: k1, *sl 2 wyif, k2; rep from * to last 3 sts; sl 2 wyif, k1
Row 4: Purl

I have not knitted my swatch yet... if you go to Rhonda's link above you can see several photos of this cool looking cloth.

To get an entry in the contest today just post a comment on what you think about this stitch, if you've tried it before, have been wanting to, etc. Really any old comment will do, I just like to see you were here. {{{smile}}}

Yesterday after my swimming and monster machine workout I came home to my husband ready to bring in some new furniture. I have been sleeping on this ancient hospital bed, that is so very uncomfortable. I mean we are talking spikes poking me while I sleep. So we found some free furniture over the weekend, a new bed for me and a love seat for the living room.

Here are some pictures. It is true one mans junk is another woman's treasure. Thank you Jesus for providing just the right stuff just when I needed it the most.

Sorry this picture looks so dark. The love seat is a dark Forrest green, and like brand new. We threw out Adam's green thinking chair. I wonder what he will say when he get's here Friday.

Ok off to rest before our DR visit tonight. Oh and to knit a DW cloth too. LOL

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday- And Regis says...

REGIS has chosen the WINNER of last weeks contest. And He chose comment number 36 out of 68 and that belongs to BETH, Congratulations Beth. Now you have a decision to make, lol. Have fun choosing your pattern over at Rachel's.

This is the last week to enter for the contest, next Monday I will announce the final winner. So make sure to come back everyday and comment it greatly improves your chances, Beth commented 6 out of 7 days last week.


Last week I had a little poll about the frequency of the contests. This week I am going to ask about the prizes offered.

1) I'd like a small prize at the end of each week (ie: a pattern value $2.00)
2) I like the variety of different prizes on a bi weekly schedule (ie: knitting gadgets, yarn etc value under $10.00)
3) I'd like one big prize at the end of the contest (ie: project bags, needle holders etc. value up to $40)
4) You give out prizes??? Wow why have I not been playing?

Post your answer to this poll in the comment section today and if you can answer it again when I post the poll later today in the side bar. No answer is right or wrong I am just curious about what everyone likes so I can keep these contests fun for everyone. Any comment today will get you an entry in the final week of this contest. So comment away.

I'll leave you with a little "eye candy" the onyl kind of candy I eat these days, lol
This was our mid-month KAL on the Yahoo group. Pattern is by Rhonda at knittingknonsense, Illusion Candy Corn.

Pretty cool huh?

OK off to the pool and then the "monster " machines.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday- God is SO GOOD

So I might have been a day late but GOD is SO GOOD. I remembered I had started a baby blanket over a year ago, unfortunately the baby came early and did not make it, so I stopped making the blanket. Well there was a small stripe of the blue in the blanket, I ripped it out and it was exactly enough to get the main blanket to the required 28". Then I made the hood with white and did the edging in white to tie it all together and there it is.

I LOVE THIS BLANKET. It was the easiest blanket I have ever made and I don't think it took more then 15 hours to make from start to finish. It's a free Lion Brand pattern, crocheted hooded baby blanket, in case anyone wants to try it.

Since it didn't get to the baby shower, I will just save it and bring it to the hospital when she has the baby. She is due the beginning of December.

I think we might have found a screened cap for the wood stove chimney on EBAY to stop the birds from invading my space. I just have to wait until I have the $50 extra dollars to order it.

I can't believe as of tomorrow I am looking at 10 days to surgery. I have another jam packed week ahead...

Monday- Swimming and Physical therapy on monster machines
Tuesday- Swimming and 6 month check up with Primary DR
Wednesday- Swimming and Monster machines and church
Thursday- Swimming and Pre Admission stuff at the hospital and Support group
Friday- Swimming, and Adam comes
Saturday??? Possibly an early birthday dinner with the family
Sunday- Church and maybe swimming with Adam and my niece

It's a wonder I have any time to knit at all. Plus I expect to have a delivery for those crocheted slippers soon to and I will want to get started on those.

And you wouldn't believe on the amount of TV I have on the DVR that I have not watched yet.

Oh and do you remember the mystery witch I showed on my blog a few days ago? The pattern is now available at least on Ravelry as a download for $3.33. Thanks Shelly for spotting that.

I am feeling a little hungry, it's almost 8PM I guess it is time to get some dinner finally, ya think?

Tomorrow Regis and I will announce the winner of last weeks contest. One more chance after this, so make sure to come back next week to get entered, OK?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday- Showers and Slippers

My MIL gave me this little crocheted feather duster girl. Isn't she cute? Of course she is PINK, so is the feather duster underneath. She thought maybe I'd like to make some for myself.
Hmm wonder when I will have time to do that.
Well I went to the baby shower even though I haven't finished the baby blanket. I ran out of the Caron Simply Soft Baby Blue yarn and went to two Walmarts and couldn't find more.
I have one more Walmart to try and if not there hopefully AC Moores. I am 3/4 of the way done and probably would have finished it if I didn't run out of yarn.

It's a Lion Brand pattern and so super easy. I will definitely make more of these, maybe to have on hand for those unexpected birth announcements.

At the baby shower I acquired a crocheting job. A woman there asked me if I could crochet slippers the kind with the pom poms on them. Her grandma used to make them for everyone and she died and the tradition is fading away. She wants me to revive it.

I am not sure of the exact pattern they want me to use but she will bring me the yarn and wants me to make at least 20 pairs, I think she actually needs 37 pairs for the whole family. BY CHRISTMAS!!!! She offered to pay me. I told her if she provides the yarn I will make them for $3.00 a pair. I bet I could have gotten $5.00 a pair but maybe this will get me some more orders. I guess I will have something to keep me busy after surgery.

Anyone need some slippers??

See you tomorrow, have a great night.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday- Finally

Welcome to FRIDAY. Are these weeks flying by fast for you too? Or is it just for me because I am only 12 days away from surgery now. I suddenly realize I have a zillion and one things to do before November 5th and only time for a million. Uh Oh.

Yesterday's mystery picture was this... A Praying Mantis. I tried to give you a little hint with the "say a prayer" comment. LOL Anyway I thought it was cute, I mean after all it has pink eyes. You should check out this blog, she has a ton of unusual pictures of knitted things there. The link is attached to the picture.

aka Blog Hopping and saying Hi to our friends.

Below is a cropped picture I snagged from a blog belonging to one of you who made a comment on yesterdays blog post.

Your mission is to visit the blogs and see where I found this. While you are visiting remember to drop them a note saying you were there, even if this picture doesn't belong to them. I enjoyed reading all the blogs this morning and there is always some cool stuff to be seen, from swap packages, to prize winnings, to live animals that produce fibers to unusual statues.

Post in the comment section today where you think this picture originated from and you will receive another entry in this weeks contest. Of course if you don't have time to blog hop today, that's OK too. Just leave your comment about anything and you'll be counted.

Remember even though no specific contest stuff happens over the weekend all weekend comments still count towards entries so feel free to come back and comment, OK?

I will leave you today with a final picture... Adam and his painted pumpkin.

Have a great day, we are off to the BIG POOL.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday- Birds in the House...

OK here I am finally. These busy days are getting old. LOL No really I am glad I can get out and do all I need to do and not needing to rely on someone else to take me places. But golly I am never home anymore.

Let's see... yesterday's riddle answer was YARN. And I really didn't lose my yarn, I just used the scenario for the riddle. I can rhyme just about anything but I am running out of knitting ideas. LOL


Today it will be a kind of GUESS. Below you will see a cropped picture, and what I want you to do is see if you can guess what the picture is of. Post your guess in the comment section and receive another entry in this weeks contest.

Remember you are not disqualified if you guess wrong, so what do you have to lose, right? Take a stab at it, maybe say a prayer first, you never know.

Tomorrow I will show the full picture and a link to where I found it.

Now for the BIRDS. It's like an Alfred Hitchcock movie around here.

I am sure I have mentioned several times if I have a thousand I HATE THIS WOOD STOVE.
The darn sparrows come down the chimney and then for hours I hear them flinging themselves around the inside of the stove trying to get out, and then suddenly I hear a chirp and then they are flying around my head. How they get through a metal stove closed tightly I have no clue. But they are freaking me out. LOL

This morning I had to chase two of them out of the house. I couldn't even get dressed because they kept flying around me. I was stressed, I wonder what my blood pressure was by the time I got to the Dr's?

Yes, I saw the DR today and everything looks good. I do have to have my gallbladder out, is that really good for anything anyway? Who knows? Just need the A OK from the insurance company and I am home free.

13 days and counting...

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday- Worn Out or Workout or BOTH??

Guess I am more tired then I thought. I somehow managed to swim my mile this morning and go to therapy and work on the monster machines and take care of Adam after school, but geez I am tired. Figured I had better blog before I suddenly realize I have missed a day and ruined my 365 posts in a row.

Let's do some CONTEST stuff first...


Below I will post a riddle and your mission is to solve it. Are you ready? GO GO GO

I had a plan, something I wanted to make
A fun project, it would be a piece of cake
In the colors I love who could ask for more
It's the kind of project a knitter lives for
I got my needles and pattern all set
Then suddenly I had a moment of regret
And out of my mouth came the word darn
When suddenly I realized I had lost my ???

Now post your answer in the comment section to receive an entry in this weeks contest. Right or wrong your comment counts so please leave one.

Now for some knitting stuff

I received my second sock of the month club shipment the other day. Oh I so want to start knitting socks again. I now have two of these patterns to go. Hopefully these will become my passion while I am recovering from surgery in the winter months.

The yarn is Panda Wool, from Crystal Palace Yarns and the color is called Violet

This is the sock pattern to go with the yarn, the pattern in called Violets in Autumn and I believe they were designed by Laura Anderson.

I tried to take a picture of the pattern page and this was the best I could do. I am pretty sure the only way to get this right now is through this sock club... it's at the

And lastly Adam did a little YARN work today at school, here is his masterpiece.

Have a great rest of the day.
See you on Thursday... probably a late post again as I want to swim in the morning and I have a DR appt at 10:30am.

Oh yeah, one more thing... I added another contest to my side bar... it's for a free JUICER, and it looks like a really nice one too. Make sure to check it out it's only there for a week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday- Clearing My Throat...AHEM

Back from my first Endoscopy. I am sure glad that's over. So let me clear my throat for a minute and I'll get right to the contest stuff for TUESDAY

Do you like WAFFLES???

Well this little guy here is doing the "Happy Waffle Dance" because today, TUESDAY, is

The stitch I am presenting today is the {{{{drum roll please}}}

(bet you saw that coming huh?)

This is done in multiples of 3
(I can't show you my sample as my son took his camera to school today, oh the nerve. {{sigh}})

This stitch can be done with or without a border. So if you want to add a border adjust the CO number to reflect those extra stitches. And remember to do extra border rows at the beginning and the end.

Pattern is as follows:

Row 1- (K2, P1) across
Row 2- (K1, P2) across
Row 3- (K2, P1) across
Row 4- Knit across

Repeat rows 1-4 as many times as needed ending with Row 4.

Now go on, get on those WAFFLE sneakers and get knitting, LOL

Post in the comment section today what you think about this stitch. You know the one I can't show you until tomorrow, lol. Have you made this stitch before? What kind of project? Do you like it, hate it, don't care one way or another? Whatever... any old comment will get you another entry in this weeks contest.

Tomorrow I'll post a picture of my swatch, and who knows maybe I'll do a whole dishcloth too. I really like the stitch. I think it would make a great scarf too. Perhaps my second Special Olympics scarf???

See you tomorrow

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday- Is The Winner YOU??? And a new POLL

Well it looks like Congratulations are in order for the winner of week three. It was a slow commenting week, only 52 comments over the 7 days, but hey I am so thankful for every comment received.

Regis has given this come considerable thought and out of the 52 comments he has decided on....
lucky COMMENT # 13

Now if you ask me many people think #13 is bad luck. I don't believe in bad luck. And if the world thinks 13 is unlucky then I consider it a GOOD number for me, because God says I live in the world but am not part of it.

Oh wait you wanted to know who the winner is not what I think about lucky numbers, LOL, so sorry.

The thirteenth comment came on Tuesday and was WENDY. Speaking of luck, or simply being in the right place at the right time, Wendy has been blessed in that area a lot. And I for one am glad. She has such a giving heart always giving to charities, that I believe she is simply getting a little of what goes around comes around today. Congratulations Wendy, enjoy the pattern you pick from Rachel.



I'd like to take a little poll this week

December is the next month with 31 days in it. I am game for having another contest that month if you would all still like me to. Sometimes December is just too busy for everyone so if you want to wait until January that is fine too.

I will post the poll here and then after today I will put it in the side bar as well . Any comments about it here today will count towards this weeks prize winner, so make sure to leave your comment, OK? Remember no answer is right or wrong and all you need to do is comment to get an entry today. It's that easy.


1) Please have the contest in DECEMBER, waiting until January would be TORTURE

2) Oh man I will be swamped in DECEMBER with the holidays, if I had to remember to comment everyday that would be TORTURE, so January is a great idea.

3) Why wait until DECEMBER, you should have a contest every month and TORTURE us all the time

4) DECEMBER or any other month of a contest is TORTURE, I vote you stop them forever, please!!!

Well there you go... now TORTURE me with your comments. LOL

Speaking of Contests... have you been checking out my side bar? There are several contest I find that I add onto there. I have seen many of you win so make sure you check them out. A couple new ones added include...

Bea's Abigal and Agustus VOTE
... she is a riot. And as you well know very talented so her prizes will ROCK. Make sure to go over there and play.

Also Emily (a fellow designer) is challenging herself to posting a new pattern everyday for as long as she can and there will be several chances to win patterns just for cheering her along. So please stop by her blog and do that, OK?

And these are just the two I added this weekend.

Well I guess that's about it for me this morning, Regis and I are going to get ready for the monster machines now.

Don't forget to comment and send your friends over too, especially if you want to TORTURE them, lol.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday- Black Holes, Hide & Seek and Lady

Well it's late but I am here.

I was driving home from therapy on Thursday and ahead of me was the darkest sky I had ever seen. I remembered I had my camera in my purse so while driving on the highway at 65mph I managed to get it out, turn it on and point it out the windshield and snap this photo. Funny it doesn't look as black in the picture but it seemed like I was about to drive into a BLACK HOLE. It was a little scary.
I got some new clothes this week, from a friend, my BFF, and everything she sent me fits and the good news is they are all one or two sizes smaller then what I wear now. She sent me 2 nightgowns (pink of course) does she know me or what? A black pair of exercise shorts with a pink stripe down the sides and a pink tank top. Oh and a new bathing suit (mine is wearing out) it's brown but gorgeous. I didn't take pictures of them but I should have. Maybe next weekend, I am too tired now, it's been a long day.

I have a baby shower to go to next Saturday so I am frantically trying to knit up a couple bibs and a hat and booties. I have a feeling I may be shopping at Walmart before then. I am not making much progress yet. I am such a procrastinator. The fact that I think I CAN actually go to Walmart and shop makes me excited. This is something I wouldn't even have considered even three months ago.

Adam wants to know if you are able to find him??? He is hiding. It's tricky but if you really search the picture you might just spot him. LOL. I love playing hide and seek with a four year old, they are just so sure if they can't see you then you for sure can't see them. We had a lot of fun this weekend. I wish I could share him with you all, when you are having a down day he would just brighten it right up. I can not imagine life without Adam.

Speaking of LIFE without...

This is Lady. She belonged to a friend from church who moved and couldn't take Lady with her so we became her adopted parents. That was 9 years ago. Unfortunately I have been out of work for 3 years now and caring for her as gotten to be more then we could manage, she has some health issues. So a friend drove from Maine to pick her up, our very own Animal Rescuer. She has already done more for Lady then I could have hoped for and even though she is not part of my family anymore, I KNOW she is now getting the best care and lots of LOVE.

I figured out how to get some new songs onto my IPOD (oddly enough this IPOD also came from the friend who came to get Lady) I now have 6 hours of Praise and Worship to workout to and keep me strong and at peace while I am in the hospital.

This week coming I have my last 2 Dr visits before therapy. Monday and Wednesday I have dates with the monster machines. Tuesday is my endoscopy and Thursday I meet with the surgeon for the last time and a final weigh in. It's getting close. I have been nothing but excited, but I am feeling a little nervous suddenly. I think I am nervous about life afterward. Things are going to be so different. I am going to be able to do things a "normal" person can do. It's been so long. It's like being pregnant for the first time, you are excited yet nervous, because life as you know it will never be the same again. Ha it's funny I feel like I am about to give birth to ... MYSELF. Now that's comical.

Well I am sure I have talked off your ear enough. It's tough when I save all the talking for the weekends.

Tomorrow morning Regis and I will announce the winner of week three in the contest...


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday- GIVE ME MY STICK!!!

Adam made a little video last weekend and he has been waiting for me to put it on here so he can watch it for the three thousandth time, lol. It's a little screechy but he loves watching it. Feel free to watch it yourself if you want, it will be at the end of the blog post today.

So what's been going on with me??? I haven't knitted much this week, just BUSY BUSY BUSY. Seems when I have a minute home all I want to do is rest.

As you can see I have a couple new tickers on the blog. Countdown to surgery, Weight loss counter and Swimming goal. I should have one for regular activity too and may consider it later, after surgery. For the first 3 or 5 weeks afterward I will only be able to walk for exercise.

I am now going to physical therapy twice a week to work on those monster machines. I am still working on naming them all. I have named two so far... the exercise bike has been named OSCAR because I am a grouch just thinking about going on that one. I have named the aerobic arm machine... GROVER because GROVER is my favorite Sesame Street character and I enjoy that machine. My arms are very strong so that machine is a breeze. I am considering naming thew treadmill... TELLY (there is a telly right?) because it's right next to the TV and I try to focus on the TV while walking so the time goes faster. It's not my favorite machine but I go slow and it sure works up a massive sweat. Almost embarrassing. So far it's the only machine/activity that makes me sweat.

I have seen and been cleared from all my doctors for surgery. I still need the endoscopy done, that's on Tuesday. Thursday I see the surgeon for my last visit and then unless the insurance refuses to cover it I am good to go.

Now on the knitting front...
I've been working on those Christmas dishcloths no new patterns so I won't post pictures of those. But I am planning on a few different ones this week, if I can find the time to knit.

I can't remember if I posted here the pictures of the mini felted bags I made. Still not felted yet and I still haven't tried to make my first I-cord. Jane sent me instructions for the I-cord but I haven't braved trying them yet. Let me know if I showed pictures of them here, if not I will post those pictures tomorrow. By the way those pumpkins I showed yesterday were from Janes blog too. Weren't they the cutest things?

I got some Santa Elf labels in the mail this week and they are so cool.

There is a Santa Elf Project, check out the link to read more about it. Thank you Mary Lynn for thinking of me. I can't wait to make an elf hat for at least my niece and nephew and Adam and...

And I got my prize from the 3DayWalk breast cancer contest at Mels Blog. It is 2 hanks of 100% Shetland Wool Yarn, 2ply sport weight, 15-18 wpi, 370 yards (4oz) each. It is a charcoal grayish color and I love it but I have no clue what to make with it. HELP please.

OK that's about it for today. More to follow tomorrow. Remember any comments over the weekend still count towards the contest this week. Regis will be announcing the winner Monday morning... before I go to face the Monster Machines.

Oh and here's Adams favorite video these days

18 days and counting

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday- Finishing Off The Week

Friday, are you happy it's finally here? I am because it means I am one day closer to my new life.


Below you will see a picture I snagged and cropped from one of your blogs. If you commented yesterday then there is a chance it might be something you made.

To earn another entry in this weeks contest see if you can find the blog it belongs to. As always I chose the picture from someones blog who commented on Thursday. And I only choose from a personal blog to save you from having to sift through too many.
If you don't have time to blog hop, no worries. Any comment counts, but if you can visit the blogs you never know what treasures you might find out there.

Oh and make sure to say HI to let them know you were there.

No contest stuff on the weekends, I just usually blog some personal stuff, but if you still come by and comment they will count towards the contest.

Adam and I are heading out to physical therapy and then to the BIG POOL to chill out.

See you all Saturday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday- Just flying in, late the broom ran out of gas

Getting a late start today. I have been out of the house.


I had an idea in my head for today's contest but I just can't seem to get it to work on the blog. I might have to tweak it and try again next week. In the meantime today's assignment will be just a little different.

Below you will see a picture of a knitted item. I am going to give you a challenge. Can you???

1- Tell me what the title of this picture is?

2- What city is the witch in?

3- Can this pattern be found on the Internet?

Honestly you don't have to search any of these answers, you can even make up your own answers if you like. LOL All you really have to do is comment, as it's the comment that gets you an entry in this weeks contest. There are no right or wrong answers.

Ok that's about it from me today. Thank you for all the support and nice comments yesterday about the calendar. It's a cause that means so much to me, and not just because PINK is the color.

Oh and yes the answer to yesterdays riddle was DESIGNER. Nice job everyone.

See you tomorrow, are you ready to find that finished object?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday- Hope is Here

Wow is it WEDNESDAY already? I think I lost a day somewhere. Oops.


Ahh what can I rhyme about for you today?
Sometimes it's not easy knowing what to say
I think I will quiz you on something new
Yes that's exactly what I am going to do
Can you name the people that use their brain
The creative side of course, they aren't insane
Thinking up things for us to do and make
With needles and yarn, not a hammer or rake
Their ideas are never ending and wonderful too
From cloths to scarves or hats and much more to do
I want you to guess both young and old timers
Who am I talking about, why of course they are ???

Post your answer to today's riddle in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest. Remember any comment counts even if you can't solve the riddle.

Now I know this is personal and I usually save personal for the weekend, but this is so important I had to share it today.

The 2009 Breast Cancer Awareness Calendar of Hope is finally ready and for sale. It is filled with 13 brand new, never before published patterns by some wonderful designers. I am honored that they were able to use a pattern I designed as well.

This is my pattern I believe it's featured in the month of February. Right now this pattern is available only through the purchase of the calendar. You can click on the above picture to go to the site where you can get the calendar. Thirteen patterns for $15.00, and all profits go to support this wonderful cause. I think everyone wins with this deal.

Here is a peek at all the patterns found in the calendar. I hope you are able to purchase at least one for this cause. I know I am.

OK that's about it for me today.
I'll see everyone tomorrow hopefully in the morning and not late afternoon like today.
Sorry about that.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday- Get Ready To KNIT

Good Morning... I am going to try to blog quickly this morning. I want to get to the pool early and I have a DR appt this afternoon.


Tuesday is one of my favorites because I LOVE to learn new stitches.

This stitch today is called GRECIAN PLAIT STITCH

I LOVE this stitch. It's a little more complicated then some but not hard at all and the result is fabulous. Here is a picture of a quick swatch I knitted last night before I went to bed. I didn't do a border or anything this time, just the stitch. But I can see this made up as a beautiful dishcloth for sure.

Not sure if the picture does this stitch justice, so really you need to try this out to see for yourself. Here's the pattern...

GRECIAN PLAIT STITCH (done in multiples of 2)

*note... you need 2 sizes of needles, 4 sizes apart... ie: size 4 and size 8.

co multiple of 2 using larger needle (my swatch was 20)
row 1 - k (with smaller needle)
row 2 - p (with larger needle)
row 3 - using smaller needle, insert needle in second stitch, lifting it over the first and then knitting it. Then knit the first stitch. Continue across.
row 4 - p (with larger needle)
repeat rows 3 and 4

Don't let Row 3 confuse you... take it one step at a time, it's pretty easy once you see what you need to do.

Post in the comment section today your thoughts about this stitch. Did you try it? Are you already familiar with it? Like it, hate it, hate me? LOL Any comment will get you an entry in this weeks contest. You don't have to try the stitch to comment, but I sure hope you do, because I am sure you will love it.

Ok I can't stay and chat... the pool awaits.

Adios amigos.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday- Regis Strikes Again, and The Winner Is...

The winner is KATIE O, Regis chose comment number 51 out of 79 and that belonged to YOU.
Now you get to choose a dishcloth pattern of your choice from Rachel's pattern site. Good luck with that, lol... I myself want one of each.

Now don't be sad if you weren't the winner yet, there are still three more chances, just make sure you get here to comment each day, OK?


Monday's assignment today is...

Is there a hand made item you would just LOVE to have and use except you just can't seem to make one for yourself? Tell us about it.

Post your answer to this question in the comments section and receive an entry in this weeks contest. No answer is right or wrong, and as usual any old comment will count, so don't be shy.

My answer to this question... is YES YES YES.

I have always dreamed of having a soft pastel pink cowl neck sweater. I want a dainty, feminine pattern with a huge loose floppy cowl neck, something that doesn't confine my neck. It's my dream sweater for when I am at my goal weight. BUT, I have yet to find the pattern that matches my dream, and I have NEVER knitted a sweater either. I figure I have a year or two to learn to knit a sweater and find or learn to design the pattern I am dreaming of.

That's about it for me today... except... Yesterday I was tagged twice, and as usual I chose not to tag any one as I hate to pressure anyone... but if you should decide to do one or both of those meme's on your blog this week I will give you an extra 5 entries for each one you do. No pressure now, LOL.

Enjoy your day.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday- I've Been Tagged Twice Today

This was the KAL I did for the Yahoo group last week. I threw it together fast and was not really happy with the shape of the heart. I was trying to graph it on paint and well I was in a rush. I might try to revise it later on when I can print out some graph paper and use my trusty pencil. LOL

I've Been Tagged...TWICE TODAY

Beth, has invited me to join in on a tag.
The rules are that I have to list 5 things about me about these 5 items--so, here we go:

10 Years Ago:

I was working 4 jobs
I was trying to lose weight
I was learning to raise two teenage boys (I never had brothers)
I started preaching on Wednesday nights at church
I was trying to get out of debt (hence the 4 jobs)

Today's "To-Do" List:

Go to church and worship.
Find a baby pattern to make for a shower Saturday
Wash the dishes
Knit something, anything

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

Microwave popcorn
Vienna sausages
Celery and cream cheese
Baby Carrots

5 Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire:

Give money to church and church family
Make sure my family and friends were out of debt
Open up my own business
Start a charity for children
Use it in any way God told me to

5 Places I Have Lived:

Oceanside CA
San Diego CA
Troy NY
Schaghticoke NY
Watervliet NY

5 Jobs I Have Had (or still have):

Child Care
Senior Caretaker
Data Entry Operator
Convenience Store Clerk
Office Manager

Maria tagged me too
So here are the rules:

list six details about myself
tag six fellow bloggers (but I hate to tag)
leave them a comment so they know they've been tagged.

Six details about myself:

1) I have been a WW since 1983 but have never made it to goal... YET
2) I have 6 back scratchers because I am always losing them
3) I can't walk on ice, I am scared, yeah and I live in NY
4) I'd choose a sandwich over an ice cream sundae every time
5) My mom and my two sisters all live within 1/2 a mile from my house
6) I hope to someday be a motivational speaker like Joyce Meyers

Now I don't tag people because I hate to bother you. If any of these appeal to you feel free to blog about them and let me know because I would sure love to read your answers. OK?

I will be asking Regis to pick a winner out tomorrow morning so watch for tomorrows blog to see who gets their choice of a pattern.

Adam is here until noon tomorrow so it will probably be sometime around then after he leaves. Unless I can get on sooner, we shall see.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, I sure am.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday- Shocked ... People Noticed, WOW

Wow, I can hardly believe it everyone today at the family get together noticed I had lost weight. No one ever notices. They were also amazed at the amount of exercise I have been getting on a weekly basis.

I figured it out I swam 4 miles, did an additional 6 hours of water exercises, walked on land 3 hours total this week. And that's just what I can remember. When I look at the numbers I am amazed too. I am usually the poster child for a "couch potato"... wonder what I am now???

Adam and I went to the pool this morning. We had fun. he even swam a little without the swimming belt. He is going to be a fish like his Nana. After that we went to Crocodile Lake and threw rocks in the water, then to my husbands family for a welcome home and good bye party.

I knitted a dishcloth while we were there. It kept me away from food and snacks. I gave it to my MIL as she is leaving for Florida in 11 days and we won't see her for Christmas.

They had dinner, boneless grilled chicken, green beans, rolls, potatoes and stuffing... then brownies, ice cream and sugar free jello for dessert. I only ate chicken and green beans and had a small spoonful of the jello. Adam was being a little brat, lol, he didn't want to eat anything, he only wanted to play. I got him to eat some green beans finally and 1 bite of the chicken. Geez this kid has to learn there is more food to eat besides french fries, hot dogs, and toast. LOL

Speaking of Adam here is some more of his school projects this week... a shape necklace and some spiral art. This week was all about shapes and colors.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures of my knitting stuff. The KAL will be done and I can show that finished dishcloth too.

Church in the morning and maybe after that we will take Adam to the park or something. He is staying until Monday. He has a dentist appt on Monday afternoon. His daddy is going to take him.

I guess I'll get him ready for bed now.

Good night everyone.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday- Looky here.. Isn't that cute?

I need a couple extra hours in my morning, or I need to stop falling asleep so early, lol so I can blog earlier.

Friday is Find the Project Day AKA Blog Hopping

Below I will show a cropped photo that I snagged from one of your blogs. If you look to see who commented yesterday that will give you a hint as to whose blogs I visited to choose from. I only go to personal blogs, no group blogs or pattern blogs so that should help you refine your search.

So here's the picture... no go find it...

Post where you found this in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest.
And while you are visiting the blogs make sure to say HI to them, you know we all love to get a comment when we blog. If you don't have time to blog hop today that's OK, any comment today will get you that entry and then maybe you can blog hop over the weekend.

Oh by the way I see Rachel has added three new patterns to her site this week... so even more great patterns to choose from.

There are no contest assignments on the weekend, I just blog about personal stuff, but all comments received over the weekend are also counted so I hope you'll still stop by.

I've been knitting this week so I hope to show off some of my own finished projects this weekend.

Adam sends a wave.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday- OMG Did You See That???

A little late start today. Sorry about that. Now that I am out and about like a normal person I just can't find enough hours in the day anymore.

Yes the answer to yesterdays RIDDLE was CONE.

Thursday is Caption/Guess Day. I will feature a picture of some stash for you to guess the amount of or a funny picture or cartoon for you to find a caption for.


Below is the picture, whatever caption pops into your head say it... you always come up with some funny stuff. The cartoon was from a fellow blogger and if you click on the picture it will take you right to her blog. If you go make sure to tell her how much you liked her cartoon.

Post your "caption" in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest. Remember there is no right or wrong answer to this and any old comment works, so even if you draw a blank... you can still get an entry as long as you comment. OK?

See you tomorrow everyone. Have a great day.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday- I've Got My Eye On You

I've got my EYE on you, LOL

I haven't had a chance to post these yet... Danielle sent them to me over the weekend. It's a small coin purse and a key chain card. Aren't they cool?

Those were just an extra, the main item she sent to me was this magazine.

Can you guess why she had to send it to me??? Come on I bet you can. LOL

Thank you Danielle, I was so surprised and I LOVE them.


Wednesday is RIDDLE DAY

Below is a riddle I wrote just for you. Your task is to solve the riddle and post your answer in the comment section. Any comment, right or wrong, will get you an entry in this weeks contest for a pattern from Rachel.

I have so many things I want to knit
And I don't dread it not one little bit
The only problem I face each day
Is with what color yarn I want to play
And believe me you I love them all
I'd like ten or more of each colored ball
But balls of cotton can add up in cost
So to a budget my yarn dreams were lost
Now to save money and I know I am not alone
I have switched to buying cotton by the ????

Ok that is about it from me today. I have made some progress on my Christmas knitting and will blog more about it over the weekend. Adam is here for the afternoon, church tonight (my night to preach, uh oh) and then maybe an early night??? Probably not. But I can dream, right?

Hey, remember I've got my eye on you. {{{smile}}}

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday- Honestly Where Do These Names Come From?

Well looks like we all look at both colors and patterns that catch our eye. Thanks for taking the time to comment yesterday and answer the question.


Tuesday's I like to present a stitch for everyone, either a knit or crochet stitch (mostly knit though) to hopefully introduce something you haven't tried yet. The task is to knit up a sample of this featured stitch and then let us know what you think about it.

Today's featured stitch is called FEATHER FAGGOTING

Here is a picture of the swatch I knitted up this morning
I did 4 rows of Knit for a border and 4 knit stitches of border on each end. I then did 4 repeats of the pattern and then 4 rows of knit across twice. This was my result. Oh and I started with 24 stitches. (multiple of 4 (16) + 8 for border)

Now here is the pattern directions
*Note I added the K4 at the beginning and the end for the border, this is not required though)


Works on multiples of four stitches.

Row 1: K4 *Knit 1, Yarn Over, Purl 2tog, Knit 1. Repeat from * across to last 4, K4

Repeat this row for pattern. Block to desired openness.

Post in the comments section what you think of this stitch. Have you tried this before? What did you make with it? Did you like it, hate it? Any comment today will get you another entry in this weeks contest, so jump right in, OK?

I will tell you I personally do NOT like the name of this pattern... honestly can't they come up with a more user friendly name? Geez.

I'll leave you today with a picture of some wild flowers my husband brought me last night. He found them while walking in the park. They were in his pocket for awhile, but they held up OK. I think he called them Black Eyed Susans... again... another not so user friendly... did they get named this because someone gave Susan a black eye and then gave her flowers to apologize? LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday- Week 1 Contest Winner Is...........

And The Winner is...........

Leah, congratulations to my favorite giraffe lover, lol. And remember Regis (my random number generator #57 out of 62) did the picking so it has nothing, NOTHING to do with the fact that you recently gave me a BLOG award. I swear, LOL I will let Rachel know you are the winner and you can let her know which dishcloth pattern you would like from her site. Make sure to let us know which one you chose, curious minds want to know.

Onto this weeks CONTEST

MONDAY is YOU Have a Voice Day

That means on Monday's I want to hear from YOU. Sometimes I will ask a simple question like what did you do this past week, or maybe a poll of some sort. Whatever it is it will be a chance for you to speak up, shout out, and make the blog world know you are here. Or at least me. LOL

So MONDAY's task today is...

When you are looking at or for patterns are you first drawn to the color of the knitted object or does the design draw your attention?

For instance take this sock picture I found on Flickr (link is attached to picture)

There are several pairs of knitted socks here of several different patterns, did you eyes fall on the color of socks first and then the details of the pattern or the other way around.

Post your answer in the comments section and receive an entry in week twos contest. No answer is right or wrong and any comment will get you that entry so don't be shy.

Ok that is all from ME today... because remember Monday is all about YOU.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday- I choose to Worship and Not Worry.

Wow is it Sunday already? I am a little mixed up with Adam going home yesterday.

I did get a little knitting in yesterday.

I finished these two dishcloths, a Christmas tree illusion cloth and grandmothers lace. I used Peaches and Creme Red and Green and Victorian Christmas colors.

I think I might take a break from dishcloths and work on a couple felted bags. maybe... First I have to find my bag of wool for felting, lol.

Geez I just gave myself a heart attack. My husband had a deer head hanging on the wall ans the TV is on and it made a shadow move right need the head and I thought the darn thing turned and looked at me. OK that's just SPOOKY.

Tomorrow I go to the breathing DR for a final breathing test and clearance for surgery. Hopefully I can get to the pool in the morning first. It's so cold but I want to swim. I haven't been swimming since Thursday and I miss it. I should just go now, I am home alone. But my feet are so cold and the thought of a bathing suit is making me shake and shiver. But I might anyway. Then again I might take a nap while watching NASCAR.

I wanted to thank Susan for the monster names and descriptions of the Sesame Street Characters all my memories started flooding back after reading that and it made me smile. I can't wait to pick the names for each machine. And Mimi too, I love the Muppets as well. Jim Henson was a genius.

I saw this quote today...
"We can worry or we can worship. Strangely enough, busy people find it a whole lot easier to worry than to worship."

My prayer for us all is that we choose to find more time to Worship and NO time to worry.

Need Something to Read??? Say GimpyKatK sent you.

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