Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday- So Wanna See A Difference?

Ok this is project # 3 for the New Year... I could have finished it tonight but Adam just won't stop playing with me. Hide and Seek, Ball, Reading a Book, Band Practice, Watching a Movie... you name it we did it today. This Nana is DOG tired. So can you guess what this will be? I bet Jane and Shelly can.

I finished the KAL, it was designed by Janet Nogle and was done on the 2009 Knitting Calendar Yahoo Group I don't remember if it had a name, sorry, but I LOVE it. I will make a few more of these for sure in different colors. This is FO #1 for 2009

I made an ETSY sale this weekend too, just a dishcloth. But of course I can't find my dishcloth box so I had to hurry and knit up another one to send out. It's my Shamrock Bobble pattern. I was sure glad I remembered how to do the Bobble LOL This is FO #2 for 2009

And now for the shocker... I got my web cam to work today, finally. So I took a face shot of myself today to compare with a picture I had just before I started this weight loss process.
So do you wanna see a difference?

Aunt Kathy Summer 2008

Aunt Kathy Today January 3, 2009

Now I need to somehow get a 4 year old who is wound up higher then a kite to go to sleep so we can get up in time for church tomorrow. First I gotta catch him. No problem with this Nana sleeping tonight.
Hope you all sleep as well. Sweet Dreams


Unknown said...

Oh Kathy!
Girl, what a difference. I am so proud of you! I have over 100 lbs. to lose myself and the difference in your face brings tears of joy to my eyes for you.
May God continue to bless your weight loss and health.

Unknown said...

Oh gurl you are looking real good! I am real proud of you. Bless your heart. and I know how you feel after a hard day with the kid, my gkids wear me out. we play swords and guns and everything else around here.
Hugs Patt

SimplyMe said...

you were totally right when you looked at that pic and realized you ARE beautiful. I'm glad you are finally letting yourself see it.

Oh wait. That was a compliment. I'll have to take that back


DEAL with it you hot g-momma!

Muse said...

You look amazing! Awesome!! Hugs!!

sailorcross said...

Wow oh Wow!!!

What a difference!! I always same you were beautiful, and now--I'll just have to say you are hot!!

Keep up the good work, Kathy!! I know it's hard, but it's so worth it. Honestly, you look like you're 30 years old in this picture!!

And now I have to go check out this group!! (Like I need to join another group?!?)


Katie O said...

wow, what a difference already!!! Keep up the good work!! the fo's are beautiful!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! You look ten years younger today than you did six months ago. Way to go. I bet you are feeling very accomplished!

I like the knitting calendar cloth. I need to start joining these KAL's more often. But I did get a hat done yesterday. Yay!!!

As for catching 4 yr olds...good luck on that one. I'm still trying to catch my 2 yr old, and now my little baby is crawling.
Have a great day!!

Wendy said...

You are beautiful..........Great job my friend..I am soooo proud of you......Just think of the 2009 summer pic......
Big Hugs

Jane said...

Who is that beautiful young girl, and what has she done with Aunt Kathy? LOL


Georgi said...

You look wonderful, and much happier. You are doing great!

magnoliasntea said...

Kathy, you look so different! Wow.

I think I have that calendar (I won it in a contest), but I didn't know there was a group.

Mari said...

You are looking great! You look so young. :)

teabird said...

You look beautiful! You looked beautiful before, but not as happy. Congratulations!

Sew Many Stitches said...

You look so healthy and so amazing too! I agree with sailorcross that you look 30 years younger! And look at your hair! It is beautiful too. You have worked so hard and have come a long way and have set great goals. You are doing an amazing job Kat! And having to be a Nana helps too - playing with the grandkids is good excerise!

Keep it up girlie! I love following your progress daily.


smariek said...

You were beautiful before and still beautiful now, however you definitely look healthier and happier today, especially with that radiant smile of yours.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! Beautiful in both, but happier and healthier today. Keep up the amazing work!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy...I am so proud of you. I am so amazed of the hard work you have done already. I hope Gary realizes the great WOMAN he has married. Keep up the great work. The pics show an amazing difference. GOD BLESS YOU

Teresa said...

You are so beautiful. What a lovely smile and thin pretty face.
I am so proud of you for taking the journey to a healthier life.
Keep it up.

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