Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Elephant??? Really?

So last night I had a dream, well can you call it a dream or should we call it a nightmare? YIKES.

I was somewhere, no clue where or who I was with, and for some reason I needed to take cover in my car or a car. Whatever. And suddenly this HUGE elephant charged the car, well I felt safe enough locked inside, until he SAT on the car and it started to crush.

I was able to crawl onto the floor almost underneath the front seats... Now the good part about that is I WAS ABLE to do that, because I am no longer as fat as that elephant. Then the crushed car started rolling fast down a huge hill.

I survived, but really, who dreams about an elephant sitting on their car? Any dream solvers out there?

Guess maybe I have a lot on my mind, weighing me down, kind of like the elephant in the room scenerio? LOL

Adam comes in 9 days... happy days will be here once again.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Goodbye Janmum

Janmum to Adam or mom to Angie and Janice to most everyone else. We said goodbye to her today, and remembered the life she shared with everyone. It of course was a sad day but also we know that Janice is no longer in pain. And for that we are all happy. Cancer is a vicious, awful, horrible disease and we continue to pray for a cure.
The flowers were beautiful, daisy's and wildflowers, her favorite. Full of color and beauty and life, just as she would have wanted it to be.

Janice had two children and three grandchildren and one on the way due in the Spring. Many things could have been said about Janice but one thing that was always evident was her LOVE for her family. With all her heart she loved her children and grandchildren and right to the last breath they and their happiness were foremost on her mind and heart.

Angie and I
(She will always be as a daughter to me and I will do my best to be a mother to her in Janice's absence)

In memory of Janice E Harmon
March 15, 1956 - December 1, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Them Bones Them Bones Them Dry Bones

Yep, that's me. Now you can all see what I look like on the inside, LOL. I had my annual bone density test yesterday and the tech was nice enough to give me a picture of my bones. I've never seen my bones before, so I thought it was COOL.

The test showed that my bones are strong and healthy and dense, so this means I am absorbing my vitamins and nutrients just fine. Woo Hoo, that's great news and something I was a little worried about since my mom has severe osteoporosis, I however am showing no signs of that disease. God is so good.

The testing took place on the third floor of the building and with no thought or fear I took the stairs the whole way up and down. I have to admit though UP is easier and faster than DOWN. Also this test had me laying flat on my back and going under a machine, this is a NSV (non-scale victory) because in the past they have tried to do MRI's etc on me but I NEVER could fit to pass through the machines, even an OPEN MRI. Not to mention laying on my back caused great pain and made it hard to breathe. Not anymore. My life has changed so much.

Speaking of change, look at that a Christmas Tree in my living room. yes that is a HUGE change. I haven't had a tree up in well over 10 years. BUT this year Adam will be here for Christmas and I was told I HAD to have a Christmas Tree. No problem, I'll do anything for the Bubba, anything.

Saving the decorating for when he gets here, except for the lights and the bows. Somehow I managed to lose my Christmas Tree skirt while everything was in storage, so I am hurrying up to make one before Adam arrives. Here is my progress so far. Can I just say I LOVE this pattern, so easy and pretty. If you are a crocheter you can find the pattern here.

Well I guess that's about it for my update today. I really want to get back to this pattern and finish it up.

Aunt Kathy

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adam is Coming

As you can see from the ticker I added Adam is coming in just 16 days. I can hardly wait. I want it to be time already.

How can you NOT wanna HUG that face every moment of every day?

I saw Dr Polynice today. This is him. I told him he had to have his picture taken with me, all my Drs are on my one year check up visit. LOL. He said the scar looks great and doesn't need to see me again until August. He also said I should make my goal weight about 150 because the rest of the weight will be gone if I can ever get the excess skin removed. So if I went much lower than that I would end up being too thin. God that is so foreign to me, I never thought someone would tell me I was TOO THIN.

Oh and I finished my design for the 2011 breast cancer calendar, I sent it to Rachel to be blocked and photographed, I wish I had her talent in that area, she makes every cloth look like a masterpiece. The pattern won't be available until the 2011 calendar comes out next October but I thought I'd at least share the design with you. I really LIKE this one a lot.
I do need a name for it, any suggestions?

I guess I'll sign off for now, as susal I am tired early. Maybe I finally reached the age where staying up till midnight is not an option?

Have a great night and if all goes well I'll blog again tomorrow.

Aunt Kathy

Monday, November 30, 2009

I Gave At The Office Today

The Doctors office that is.

One bad thing about this weight loss surgery, you have to have your blood tested regularly to make sure malnutrition is not an issue.

This is what they managed to get from me, took them 3 tries too. And I get to go back on Thursday for a bone density test next.

But that's the good part of this surgery. I have been tested and monitored for so many things that IF anything ever goes wrong I am confident that they will discover it in early stages so it can be nipped in the bud.

The nutritionist told me I was doing great. In the past year I have lost 72% of my excess weight. I am right on target. If I can keep uping the exercise I think I could actually reach my ultimate goal.

Well that's my update for today, not too much to tell, I've been really busy and just plain tired come night time.

I have some other news though... but I'll save that for another post.

Good night, and thanks for sticking around even though I was MIA.

Aunt Kathy

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

So many things have changed in just one short year.

I got up early this morning and met up with a couple girls from my support group for the annual Turkey Trot in Troy NY. This is the 62 annual event and my FIRST. I had never even considered walking 1 1/2 miles on purpose with thousands of other people. But this year... oh so different. I was excited, so excited in fact that even though I set my alarm for 6am I was up many times before that just to check to make sure it wasn't 6am yet. Pathetic I know, but I was so afraid I'd sleep through it on a fluke.
Michelle, Me and Susan at the starting line
Then there was the man in the turkey hat. Well I had to have my photo taken with him. Thanks Susan for taking the pic, I am sure I embarrassed you asking a total stranger to have his picture taken with me. A year ago I wouldn't have dared ask a stranger to pose for a pic alone yet with me in it too. LOL
And here we are at the finish line, haha look how much we have shrunk, that walk did us good. LOL. I can so see this becoming a tradition for me. I enjoyed it so much. And especially the fact that I CAN do it now, just makes me want to do it more. of course next year I will either have pants that fit or suspenders, what fun I had pulling my pants up every couple blocks. LOL

Enjoy this day everyone, with your families and friends. Reflect on all the good things God has done in your life. There is always something to be thankful for, ALWAYS.

Monday, November 23, 2009


YES I am alive and I am going to start blogging again too.

I can't believe I have been away so long, it's been good and bad.

I have so much to tell you all but I have also needed a break from the everyday blogging I was committing myself to.

So get ready to catch up on what's been happening, hopefully you all still remember who I am.

Aunt Kathy

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday- We Have A Winner...

Yesterday's eyeball bender was this corn husk/wild flower bouquet my husband made for me. I think it was for our anniversary. We have been married 29 years today. How can that be when I am only 27? LOL
Here is today's eyeball bender. See if you can figure it out. Post your guess in the comment section for your entry in the contest today. All comments get an entry even if you can't figure the picture out. BUT if you are the first to guess correctly I will give you a second entry as a reward.
Speaking on entries and rewards... I am here to announce the winner from last weeks guesses. Are you ready? The winner is... MaryLynn.
Please go to Rachel's website to pick out the pattern you would like to have, either to knit up yourself of to have me knit up for you in the color of your choice. After you have made your pick drop me an email and I will send Rachel the info.
Tomorrow at Noon I will be on an airplane on my way home to sunny San Diego, CA. I am finally all packed and ready to go. I have to drop my car off to the repair shop in the morning and make a couple phone calls but that's it.
I guess that's about it for me today. I should be asleep already. I guess I can slepp on the plane right? Well sort of, the DR said I have to walk at least once an hour during the flight.
Have a great night, sweet dreams.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday- So Tomorrow The President Arrives To Town

HVCC (Hudson Valley Community College) is just across the river from my house. And tomorrow The President will be arriving to town and going to speak at this college. Both my boys attended college here over the past few years. I expect traffic around town is going to be a tad bit crazy tomorrow. I fly out of the Albany airport on Tuesday, good thing it's not tomorrow huh? I can only imagine the delays with Air Force One on the landing field.
I walked to church again today. I LIKE walking to church. It doesn't take too long and I feel good by the time I get there. I'll be missing church now for about 5 weeks, but I plan on continuing to walk while visiting in San Diego again. And I hope my dad and his wife will attend church with me again on Sunday's like they did the last time I was there. So it's all good, right?
After church I went to an engagement party for our cousin's daughter. There was live music and good food. It was nice.
Yesterday's eyeball bender was some potato dish my kids had at the Irish Fest last night. I thought about showing you the HUGE Turkey leg my oldest son was eating, he reminded me of a cave man knawing on an animal he just killed for dinner. YUCK, lol.
It does look good though, doesn't it?
Here is today's eyeball bender. See if you can figure it out and post your guess in the comment section. All comments get one entry right or wrong... but the first to guess correctly will get two entries.
I've got another full schedule tomorrow and then Tuesday I am outta here. Needless to say I am tired for sure. I am off to bed now, good night all and sweet dreams.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday- So Sleepy

So I was going through my jewelery and I found the mothers ring my husband gave me many many years ago. I wore it only a short time because my fingers were too fat, then I could finally wear it on my pinky finger... but today I tried it on and well it fit's loosly on the ring finger now. It's actually too big. But I am wearing it anyway, just because I can.
Yesterdays eyeball bender was PEANUTS. I have a handful of these everyday. I love peanuts, they have protein and I can eat them really slow. The perfect treat after a meal.
Here is today's eyeball bender. Hmm can you figurre this one out? Post a guess in the comment section for an entry and if you are the first to comment with the correct guess you'll get an extra entry. All other comments get one entry even if you don't guess right.
I started packing today. I now have another big bag of clothes that are too big. All the pants I got into last week... too big. I have moved down a size in a week. I can only inagine what will happen when all this swelling is finally gone. Dr says that could be another 4 to 8 weeks. Yikes. I hope the clothes I pack for CA still fit when I am ready to come back home or I am in big trouble.
Well as usual I am exhausted. I am off to sleep, lot's happening tomorrow. Good night everyone and sweet dreams.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday- I'm A Freak...

Has anyone seeen this commercial? Vibrating mascara. OK Who would try that? Does the saying you're gonna poke your eye out sound familiar??
Yep yesterday's eyeball bender was a bathroom scale. Let me first clarify, it's NOT my bathroom scale and that is NOT my weight. I wish it was, but it's not. My scale is a digital so I could'nt use it for the eyeball bender photo, oh well.

Here is today's eyeball bender. Can you figure out what this picture os of? Post your guess in the comment section for an entry in the contest. And if you're the first to guess correctly you will get tow entries.
Well I have done more cleaning and de-cluttering this week, to fill up a dumpster. I love how good everything looks though. Tomorrow I pack. I hope.
I did make it to the Y to renew my plan, and while I was there I treated myslef with 15 minutes in the hot tub and 15 minutes in the sauna. Oh how I had missed that pampering.
DR gave me the A OK to fly away. He is very pleased with my healing and said in about 4-6 weeks most or all of the swelling will have gone away.
I'm off to bed, good night everyone sweet dreams.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday- Times A Wastin'

This bundle of a mess of clothes is what I have left in my size. Today was the day I sorted out these garmets and tried to find a place to keep them. My husband has taken over the closet and dressers upstairs, is it possible that a man can have more clothes than a woman? Now I need to figure out what outfits I want to pack for the California trip.
Yesterdays eyeball bender was a cupcake from Autumn's birthday party over the weekend. Looks yummy huh? I wouldn't know though since I no longer can or desire to eat sweets.
Now for Thursday's eyeball bender. Take a look at the picture below and see if you can guess what it is. Post your guess in the comment section for your entry in the contest. Remember if you are the first correct guess you will get two entries instead of one.
Tomorrow I have my follow up with the surgeon and get my final release for the plane ride to CA on Tuesday. I wonder if I will be done wearing this abdominal binder after tomorrow. Actually it's not that uncomfortable, I kind of like how it holds my stomach in firm, something my belly can't do on it's own because of the torture I but it through these past 20 years.
I am still pretty tired, I think it's a brain tired more than anything. But still... I need to get to bed. Good night everyone and sweet dreams.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday- What Happened To Summer?

Boy did it suddenly get COLD here in Upstate NY. Or maybe it's just me. I almost considered turning up the heat. Burrr. Can you hear my teeth chattering? What happened to Summer?
So I picked up a box of cereal at Walmarts yesterday for my niece Hannah. I mean when you see cereal with her name plastered on the front you have no choice, right?
Yesterday's eyeball bender was a bendy straw. This was from my glass of water at Applebee's last night. You guys are pretty good at this. I need t0 make them harder, lol.Here is today's eyeball bender photo... Post your guess in the comment section to get your entry and if you're the first correct guess you'll get a second entry just for being so smart.Well it was my night to teach at church. I was a little stressed about it. I just haven't had time to really prepare with everything going on and now my trip scheduled for Tuesday. But I managed to get it together and I guess it went pretty good. I really need to step up the game a little, but I have some time, I won't be on the schedule again until November when I return from CA.
Paid a ton of bills today and that's a relief. I hate it when I let those things build up. Tomorrow I sort my mountain of clothes and pack my suitcase for the trip.
Pretty tired, again. I hope you had a wonderful day and are getting some good quality sleep, sweet dreams.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday- Pinktooth?

I have lost my bluetooth so when I was out today I decided to get a new one. I am going to need it for the upcoming CA trip. But I didn't get a Bluetooth, I got a PINKtooth, lol. I LOVE it, well you all know I love anything PINK. Now will I be able to figure it out, God only knows. It's charging now but I'll give it a test run tomorrow.
I continued with my de-cluttering and cleaning today. I worked from 9am to 4pm. But then I left to deliver the 8 bags of too big clothes to a friend and then because she is disabled and in the same place I was just 2 years ago, I also drove her to the bank, the post office, Walmart and Staples. And then she treated me to dinner at Applebee's. It was delicious. I didn't get home though until 10PM. I am pretty tired. But it was a good day. All I have left to do is find a place to put the clothes that DO fit, and I have 4 small bags and 1 laundry basket of stuff to sort left. I'll work on those tomorrow, and then I need to pack my bag for the CA trip next week.
So here is the full picture from yesterdays eyeball bender photo. This is NOT the picture I took. My picture once I cropped it was too small to be seen. {{sigh}} so I snagged this one off of google. When I was walking home from church on Sunday I saw the prettiest yellow butterfly around the dandilions.
Now for today's eyeball bender... Can you figure out what this is? Post your guess in the comment section for your entry. And if you are the first to guess correctly you'll get a second entry as well. You don't have to be right to get an entry all you have to do is leave a comment.
Well I am going to try to sleep early tonight. Besides the work around here I want to finish I also am preaching tomorrow night at church. Yeah don't ask where I am in that prepared Word. Yikes.
Good night everyone, sweet dreams.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday- And The Winners Is...

Well the winner of last weeks contest was Libby. Congrats Libby and please head on over to Rachels website and pick out the pattern you like the best. Email your choice to me at gimpykatk@aol.com and I will take it from there.
I worked all day today cleaning out clothes from the upstairs bedroom. I filled up three bags of garbage, 1 bag of little boys clothes for the good will, and 8 kitchen size garbage bags full of clothes that no longer fit me. I think there will actually be 9 bags, but I ran out fo energy.
Yesterday's eyeball bender was a penny, It was actually a giant penny trivit my sister has on her counter. I forgot to save a full size pic so I can't show that to you tonight.
Here is todays eyeball bender. Post your guess in the comment section and the first correct comment get's 2 entries and all the other comments get one even if they guess wrong.
I am heading to bed now. I have worked non stop toady and I am TIRED. Hope you are all asleep already and having Sweet Dreams.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today my little Adam turned 5. He is such a BIG boy now and a big brother too. I am sad today, it's the first birthday of his I have missed. I did talk to him on the phone though. He sounds so grown up. So in honor of my Bubba's birthday here are some memories...
This picture was taken in the NICU, Adam was maybe a week old, and Angie and I were holding our hands to show how tiny he was. And Adam, smart as he always is, without us noticing also waved his hand for the picture. This is one of my favorite pictures of him.
Adam was 3 pounds when he was born 11 weeks early. He stayed in the hospital for a month before he could come home. He was the smallest baby I had ever held. You'd never know it now, that he was a preemie, he is just awesome.I was the first to actually hold Adam after he was born, my son and I were on duty at the hospital and we asked the nurse when we'd be able to hold him, she thought we all had been holding him already so she sat me down and put him in my arms. This was the first of many Adam hugs that would brighten my day.
And of course we have to show a picture of Adam now, this was just before he moved away, playing with his Star Wars Legos with his daddy at Hannah's house. He loves building these ships and wants a REAL Star Trooper ship. Um Adam you just can't buy those... But why??? I really want one Nana.
Yesterdays eyeball bender was a dandilion. I saw it when I was on my afternoon walk yesterday and thought hey this will make a good eyeball bender photo.

And last but not least here is today's eyeball bender. Can you figure this one out? Post your guess in the comment section for the last entry in this weeks portion of the September contest. The first correct guess will get two entries and all other comments right or wrong will get one entry.Hoping to have my flight info tonight or tomorrow. This way I can plan on when I will be able to get to SC to see Adam too.
So I guess that's about it for me today. Have a wonderful night, sweet dreams. I'll announce a winner on tomorrows blog.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday- Monopoly? I'd Rather Eat Sushi...

My sisters dog Julia and her son Chuck the Duck.
And this is Autumn, my niece. She turned 20 today. I remember the day she was born, gosh that went by fast.
Autumn wanted to play Monopoly for her birthday today. I hate monopoly. I'd rather eat sushi, yuck. But it was a PINK monopoly game, I guess it gets a few brownie points for that.
Yesterday's eyeball bender was hamburger meat cooking. I have had this desire for a taco, so last night I finally decided to cook some. Of course I ended up burning the meat a little because I went to my sisters to get the picture of the coat and was there too long, oops. So this is what my "taco" looked like. There is a taco shell inside that tortilla. My own "double decker" taco.
Today's eyeball bender. Can you figure this one out? Give it a try and post your guess in the comment section. As usualy the first correct guess will get two entries and all other guesses right or wrong get one entry.
I went for a walk today. I walked for an hour. It felt good. But I am pretty tired tonight. I think it's a good tired so I am gonna take advantage of it and get to bed real soon.
Have a great night, sweet dreams.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday- What A Find!!

I stopped by my moms today. She is moving and has been downssizing. She recently had a yard sale and had some clothes there mostly in a size 12. I decided to see if there were some items for my friend Kathy and cousin Nanci since they are already at or are fast approaching that size. I did find some clothes for them and then my mom handed me her green wool coat. You should take this she said. Um Ma I am three times your size, I don't think your coat will fit me. Just try it on she says. So I did, looking forward to proving her wrong. I should know by now MOMS are always right. I tell my boys that all the time. So now I have a winter coat. I needed one too, so What A Find!!! Only thing that would make it even better is if it were PINK. lol.
So yesterday's eyeball bender... was a brownie cooked in a cupcake wrapper. They had them at the church picnic over Labor Day weekend. I didn't eat any of the desserts but there sure were a lot and they looked delicious. That's one thing that can always be said about my church, they feed you well.

Here is today's eyeball bender. I just took this picture about 2 hours ago. Interesting huh? So can you figure out what it is? Post your guess in the comment section and receive an entry in this weeks contest. And if you are the first one to post the correct guess you will get two entries instead of one.
I finished reading "The Shack" today. Have any of you read this book? I LOVED it. I highly recommend it. I am considering getting a few copies and giving them as gifts. I rarely do that, but it really was an eye opening book for me and gave me hope about a lot of things.
It was a long day today. I'll maybe talk more about it tomorrow. But tonight I am going to bed early.
Have a great night and sweet dreams everyone

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