Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday- Bare Foot In the Park? Ice don't think so.

Well I had a day today for sure.
Left the house at 8:30 for a 9am DR appt. Got to the car in the garage and my son still had his amplifier and guitar in the back seat from church on Sunday. I couldn't leave it there cause our power window broke and was half way down, so even if I locked the door anyone could reach in and unlock it. So I am moving the stuff to the garagr floor. I'm gonna be late. But God was good, I hit ALL the green lights even the one on the giant hill I always get stuck on. Made it there with 1 minute to spare. Took off my coat sat down and was going to fill in the form they gave me and my name was already being called. I go in next week for another sleep study, and then once more at the end of February to go over the results and do a walking breathing test. She thinks I may be done with the oxygen too. Thank You Jesus. My life is returning to me little by little.
I left there and stopped at the office to visit my boss. I haven't seen them since September or October, so it was way before surgery and the weight I have lost. I walked in and the girls saw me first and they were stunned. I looked good, lol. I had on a dress I haven't worn in years and make up too and well, what can I say, LOL. We had a nice visit, I told him I had the surgery, showed him the before and after photos and of course pictures of Adam too. We made plans to do lunch in the Spring. I'll look forward to that.
When I first started working for Nationwide I was the only secretary and I had two agents in the office. Most agents had two secretaries. But I was able to handle these two men no problem and I loved my job. They are the original odd couple. Dave was older then us by 15 years, heavy, balding, not short, but not tall. Mike on the other had was young like me (early 20's), tall, handsome, lots of hair, lol. Dave was a messy, cluttered guy, and Mike was always tidying things up. I worked with them for years like this. Then they sold the building and when they were looking to re-locate they split up into their own buildings. Uh Oh, what about me? Well Mike took me.
Anyway I decided to visit with Dave today too. I had not seen his new office since he moved in almost 9 years ago. We had a nice visit too. He is a gabber... He recently went to Paris. He looked good. His wife has been pretty ill, but doing better for now. It was great seeing him even though I had to walk across an icy parking lot to get in.
I left there and stopped at the Auto parts store to pick up the part we need to try to get the window in the car working. Another very icy walk in and out, but once again I made it without falling. They had the part waiting for me on the counter. Easy Smeasy. By the way the part worked and now so does my window, just in time for the big snow storm arriving very soon.
Decided while I was out I'd deliver an Avon order too, since we are in for a snow storm tonight and all day tomorrow. She wanted 2 books, so I ran home first grabbed a second set of books and off to her house I went. This was the treacherous, hardest part of the day. Her driveway slopes and was a sheet of ice. I was wearing sneakers. yeah, I know. Somehow I made it up the driveway (now if I was in my right mind I would have thought what goes up MUST go down, but no not me) climbed the zillion slippery steps and dropped off her stuff. Now I am walking back to the car. I get to the driveway and FREEZE. What am I gonna do? If I fall I will be laying there until someone sees me and calls an ambulance. I stand for a couple minutes hoping a neighbor might walk out and come hold a complete strangers hand as she is on the brink of hysterical tears. But no one. What does everyone work during the day??? So what do I do? I take off my shoes... and in my bare feet I gradually head downward, sort of side stepping, and 5 minutes later I am in the road slipping my sneaks back on. My toes are still Blue just fine. LOL.
Came home and had to carry that amplifier and guitar into the house. Couldn't leave it on the garage floor or my husband would have run it over with his truck. Did I mention this amplifier weighs at least 100 pounds??? So walking down the driveway (also icy) carrying the equipment was tough but I did it. It was a day for sure, but a day like this would NEVER have happened prior surgery. NEVER. Thank You Jesus.

Now I get to finally knit something and relax.

Headband #5 completed, and #6 started
Just thought you might like to hop over to Wendy's blog before 4pm on Thursday. She is giving away a pattern kit, and all you have to do is comment. There are a ton of them but you never know who Random Generator is gonna choose.
Guess that's enough for one night, ya think? Sweet Dreams everyone. Til' tomorrow.


SimplyMe said...

Oh Victory in Jesus........whoooooot de whooooo

I'll have to hit wendy's blog...then try to remember to go back. I'm sooooooo bad at that.

Love the headbands. They are so cute. And to think a week ago you'd never done cables. You ARE the woman

Claudia said...

Well good for you for being able to handle all that ice!!!! I'm terrified walking on ice. Poor Hubz nearly has his hand squeezed off every time we have to do it.

You asked who my favorite character was. Jane Eyre, hands down. Who was yours?


magnoliasntea said...

This picture is excellent, and your cables are, too!

Thank you for the compliment on my photos. Firstborn is a photographer..so I'm constantly hearing ways for improvement. ;)
No.1 guideline for taking pictures is to fill the frame with the subject.

Georgi said...

I would never have thought to take off my shoes to get down an icy hill. Hey it worked for you and you got down the hill safely. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie you totally amaze me. You go girl!!! But geez please take care of those toes/feet.


Anonymous said...

No more sneakers for you, you need cleats! Anyway, I am so happy to hear about getting off the oxygen, Praise God! Isn't it funny how much we appreciate chores when we're able to do them again? When I was finally cleared to climb stairs again after having the baby, I did like 15 loads of laundry because I could finally do them MY WAY, LOL!

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