Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day Forty Five of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Five of Super Summer 2011

Today was Ashley's birthday party after church. They had a bouncy bounce, a slippery water slide and a pool. Adam was in his glory. Not to mention a zillion kids to play with. Pizza and cupcakes were another bonus. We practically had to drag him out when we were ready to leave, I felt bad for him, but we will bring him back again for a play date soon. He did smile when they gave him the party goodie bag, he was so excited about the little novelties in there. A silly straw, a bouncy bounce ball, candy, pencils and spider man stickers.

We dropped Adam off to dads on the way home so he could play in the park with him for awhile and do whatever it is the two of them do when they spend time together. I assume it is all video games and movies, they are father and son after all.

Adam had a great time with the sleep over with Becca yesterday. Becca said she had to wake him up this morning to get him ready for church. He got in the shower but he was so sleepy he just got his body wet and got out. No soap or anything, Becca thought that was pretty funny. Then she told him to brush his teeth and he was still so tired he said but I brushed my teeth last night. Silly boy. They got to church just as it was starting and Becca bought him pancakes and sausage from Old McDonalds for breakfast to eat there. He liked the breakfast but was a little sad that she wouldn't let him play on the slide. Adam does not like to be told NO. Like I said he is his fathers son.

Oh and I found the picture of the close up of his homemade medal...
Isn't that drawing of the pirate skeleton just the BEST??!!!!!!!

Ok time to get this household ready for bed. Monday will be here before we know it. Good Night.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Forty Four of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Four of Super Summer 2011

I am not sure if you can see it but Adam was doing so good on his computer games I told him he deserved a medal. So I printed one off the computer and he HAD to draw a pirate skeleton on the medal. It is the cutest thing I ever saw. So I cut out the medal and some cardboard to strengthen it, wrapped it in clear tape and attached a red shoelace to hang it around his neck. Adam decided I am a genius. LOL I had a picture of the medal close up but I had to get a new phone today and that photo wasn't saved on the laptop yet. 

Adam went to his dad's again for the day today. So papa and I went to an early dinner and used a gift certificate we had that was about to expire, then got some groceries. Adam is a HUNGRY boy. I can't believe how much he eats.

Becca came and got him this evening and brought Adam to her house for a sleep over. She and her family were having a backyard BBQ and a fire with smores and everything. Looks like Adam is having a good time.
That is a smore in his mouth right? Not a frog or something?

I got Adam a new shirt today at WalMart, I am sure it will make it to a picture on tomorrows blog as he is going to wear it to church tomorrow and the birthday party we are going to after.

It seems weird going to bed without having to tuck Adam in. So I am pretending by blogging right now I am kissing his head and squeezing him tight.

Good night to everyone else too.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Forty Three of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Three of Super Summer 2011

Today I had to pull everything out of my hat to keep Adam amused. He woke up and was happy for about an hour playing on the computer but then he wanted to go play with his dad. Well I have no car and it's too long of a walk for even Adam so that wasn't happening until Papa got home from work.

I tried everything, I played Super Mario brothers with him, I watched Wallace and Grommit (that is a weird show for sure) I made breakfast and lunch and snacks.

Then I remembered he had some games given to him the other day. Adam go get the Clue Jr game, let's see how much fun that is to play. And it WAS fun. Adam won the first game and was thrilled, so we played another... oops Nana won. I couldn't help it, the dice just liked me. So we played a third round and Adam won that one without finding the final clue, he just decided to make a guess and was right, whew.

Next we tried Battleship. It took forever to sort apart those red and white pegs and Adam tried to get this game, but it was long and he wasn't getting t many HITS at first, he suggested we just take the ships and have battles with them instead, I guess that is Battle ship too, lol.

Finally Papa came home and he could leave for his Dads. All was good in Adam's world again.

Now I wait for him to come home so I can tuck him into bed and get ready for another day of Super Summer 2011.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Forty Two of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Two of Super Summer 2011

Today Adam spent the afternoon with Uncle Marty and his family. They went miniature golfing and I believe had pizza and ice cream. He sure knows the way to Adam's heart lol. I was told Adam won every game they played too. :-) Of course he did, he is amazing.

Not sure if you can read his shirt, but it says..."Oh Yeah, I'm that good". Was that not the perfect shirt to be wearing today?

He came home around 5pm but wasn't happy with Nana today feeling sick. I couldn't play much with him, so he abandoned me and had Papa bring him to his Dad's for the evening. Kids are so fickle aren't they?

Our plans for tomorrow may have to change won't know till the morning. I am sure as long as I am feeling better we will think of something fun. Well fun for at least one of us. :-)

PS Thanks to Uncle Marty for sending me the photos of today's adventure so I could use them on the blog :-)

I'm gonna sign off for now. Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Forty One of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty One of Super Summer 2011

Today we had a play date with Allie and Estelle. Adam and Allie played well together for almost three hours. They played some Mario Brothers and some Lego Batman on the Wii, they played Checkers, and Go Fish, they played hide and seek and there was a lot of laughter.

Estelle and I made hula hoops while they were playing. We had fun too.

They brought Adam a collection of toys and games to have. He is thrilled with the Erector Set, it's a bunch of screws and nuts and metal pieces that you have to put together with allen wrenches and stuff I know nothing about. I think this is a toy perhaps Papa is going to have to be in charge of. I on the other hand will enjoy playing with the Pictionary Jr and Clue Jr games. Those are more my style.

Lunch was McDonalds chicken nuggets, I swear if Adam could choose he would eat this meal every day of is life.

Adams favorite song is Sic em on a chicken... so tonight I made a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. I thought Adam would be all excited. Not so much. I got him to take a bite but that was all. He said it smelled delicious but he really didn't want to eat it. Then he starts touching his head. Whenever there is something he doesn't want to do or eat he suddenly has a "headache". Haha he would make a good wife, not tonight dear, I have a headache. LOL

About 7pm he suddenly HAD to go and see his dad. So Papa drove him over for a couple hours. He should be home soon, I said no later than 10pm because I had to go to bed.

Hopefully tomorrows plans are still in force. I haven't heard from Uncle Marty yet, but he is supposed to take Adam sometime tomorrow. He is really excited about that. I hope it still happens.

I guess I'll sign off for now and get ready for bed, Adam  be here soon. Good Night.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Forty of Super Summer 2011

Day 40 of Super Summer 2011

Adam waited all day for Becca to come over for dinner and to play. I mean he WATCHED the clock from 10am to 5pm waiting for her. It is true the clock moves slower when you watch it, Adam learned that lesson today.

We had stuffed peppers for dinner. Adam cautiously tasted his serving, and he says "hmm I like the hamburger, now I'll try the pepper. Oh I like the pepper too. This is pretty good". Yay... Of course he did not finish it, he decided it was a little too spicy for his tongue. Oh well. 

Becca and Adam played Super Mario brothers for awhile and the two of them fight like brothers and sisters. I finally told them I was going to turn off the game and take the controllers if they didn't stop fighting and play nice.

After dinner I decided we should play a safer game, so we dug out the Star Wars cards and played Go Fish. Adam won almost every game, Becca won once and I was always in last place. Later Becca taught Adam how to play WAR too, Becca won though so I am not sure if he likes that game as much as Go Fish, lol.

A little tic tac toe on the iPad finished the night while we had some watermelon for dessert with of course Wipe Out playing on the TV in the back ground. It was a good day.

We have a play date tomorrow so I expect tomorrow to be a really fun day for both of us. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow night.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Thirty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Today Adam and I just hung around the house and enjoyed each others company. I think he missed me last week as much as I missed him. :-) I thought he might have slept in, I could still hear him laughing at midnight in his bedroom watching NOGGIN. But he was up and wide away by 8am. 

Of course we started the day off with breakfast and a two hour marathon of Super Mario. I am not so good at this game and I got trapped but by getting trapped I found a secret place and it opened up to extra lives. Adam said I was way cool for finding that. :-) Yay Nana is way cool.

We watched some movies and played with the Harry Potter Legos after we had lunch. Then Adam got out his container of glow sticks and we played with those. We closed the curtain and shut off all the lights so we could get the full effect. The bathroom was the best room though because there are no windows in there so it was really dark, and with the mirror it looked like we had a zillion lights.

I left Adam with Papa for dinner and went to support group and got a few groceries. Adam was waiting for me to get back because he invented a new game to play with the glow sticks and we have been playing that for an hour now. I am tired so I told him it was time to stop and rest so I can blog. We are ending the night with Pirates of the Caribbean and a snack.
We have something planned for everyday this week starting tomorrow... we are gonna need our rest. Now if I could only convince Adam we need the rest. (sigh)

Most people hate Mondays, but when you spend a Monday with Adam all I can say is it's AWESOME.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day Thirty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Now look at that face on that goat... he is definitely up to something. Tonight we had seats right on the side of the stage where Adam was when he came out as the goat. It was hard to get a picture though from my phone but I tried. I did get a short video though of Adam on stage singing one of the songs. I had to zoom in so all the faces can't really be seen, they look digital like, but Adam is in the front row I think the 5th kid in from the right side of the screen.
The play really was cute. It is a take on Back To The Future with a Christmas theme about getting Back To The Manger. I hope Adam is able to participate again next summer when he comes to stay with us. I saw a video made earlier in the week where they were teaching the kids the songs and the movements and Adam was so confused, he just stood there watching everyone else, but to see him now in the actual performance actually doing the moves it was just great. He was so excited that he remembered the moves and the songs too. As a reward for his great job he got a Lightning McQueen balloon and ice cream with sprinkles.

So Hiz Kidz is over and I have Adam back during the day. This means I will get to play Super Mario on the Wii and watch more Veggie Tales and who knows what else. I am actually HAPPY about it. I sure missed him all last week.
Adam says good night people...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Thirty Seven of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Seven of Super Summer 2011

I'm not sure but seeing Adam in this swinging chair he is looking a little scared, but he really wasn't. Not sure how that facial expression came out. I am pretty sure he was laughing as I tried to catch the picture. LOL

Today we went to Saratoga for a birthday party for Sabrina. She turned 9, Adam said "I wish I was nine". Adam made a new friend today too, his name was Schuyler, he is about 6 months older than Adam so they hit it off really good.
Of course you can't have a summer birthday party in a heat wave without some swimming too.

Adam ate two pieces of cake, I think all the swimming made him starving. There was also a golf cart, gas powered and Adam got to ride on it twice, once with me and another with Uncle Glen down to their pond to see the fish. He wants to go back someday so he can go fishing there. Might not have time this trip but maybe next summer.

We had Old MacDonalds for dinner tonight. Nana wasn't feeling too good and there was no cooking being done here tonight. Now Harry Potter is on TV and Adam is all excited. So excited he has started the DVR on the bedroom TV and the Living room TV to record it. Then he had to go search through his 500,000 Lego pieces to find his Harry Potter Lego guy. I mean really Nana you can't watch the Harry Potter movie without holding onto the Harry Potter guy, don't you know this?

Me I'd rather just go to bed and wake up tomorrow feeling better than I do right now. Tomorrow is the final performance of the "Back To The Manger" Hiz Kidz program. I am looking forward to that.

Have a great night everyone, we will be back tomorrow with more adventures.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day Thirty Six of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Six of Super Summer 2011

It was hard to get a good picture of Adam from the seat I had for the show, but that is him on the left hand side of the picture near that persons brown head, actually Adam is standing right above the word six in the Day Thirty Six title under the picture. He was in the front row every time he was on stage and he sang all the songs and did all the hand motions and even danced when he was supposed to. From the moment he walked onto the stage I had this smile on my face that would not go away. I could have cried, but I didn't because I wouldn't have been able to see with tears in my eyes.

These two pictures were taken during rehearsals at the church, not sure what day but they are a little clearer than my photo

Look at the concentration on that face... talk about a focused actor, LOL

I didn't get a picture of Adam in his goat costume but I hope to get one on Sunday, they have another performance Sunday evening.

Well it's getting late and I need some cuddle time with my little actor so I am gonna sign off. We will check back in again tomorrow.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day Thirty Five of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Five of Super Summer 2011

Well today I went to Hiz Kidz with Adam, we were there from 9am to 4:30pm. That is a long day. We walked into the church, Adam immediately saw a friend from the Orange group and was gone, just left poor Nana standing there all alone. He never even once came looking for me LOL. They had dress rehearsals today so Adam got to wear his goat costume today. I wanted to take a picture of him in the costume but I can't spoil the shows surprises.
So the picture today is Adam modeling next to his ever growing assortment of Bionicals (notice that Wipeout in on the TV in the background, this show is played in this house at least twice a day). He got two more today and while I was at support group he and Papa built them up. I am proud of them, usually those tasks are left for me to handle.

Adam got a new "land" to play with on Club Penguin, and he is so excited about it. Apparently he shoots some sort of snowballs at some sort of a flower or plant thing, and it keeps growing bigger and bigger and bigger, and then it finally explodes and when it does it BURPS loudly. Adam thinks that is hilarious.

I spent the day sewing parts onto costumes for the play so I really don't have much to report today either. I did ask Adam last night about the Orange day results and he said he had 18 orange items on himself yesterday but he wasn't the big winner, someone he said had 700 items. Somehow I do not think that is a true account. LOL

Well we are ready for bed, tomorrow is the last day for Hiz Kidz except for the two shows. My eyes are already closed, I best find the bed. Good night.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Thirty Four of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Four of Super Summer 2011

Well there he is in all his ORANGE grandeur. We had orange shorts, an orange swim trunks, 3 orange shirts, a mickey mouse hat with orange ears, an orange tai kwon do belt, an orange onion keeper, orange swimmies, orange pony tail bracelets, my weight watchers orange HUNGRY monster magnet, I colored orange on the cuffs of an old pair of white socks and his orange diego backpack. He is a good sport, isn't he?

I haven't seen him yet to see how it went, and if he won a prize for the most orange things on. He went to the movies after Hiz Kidz with his dad and Jim.
The are seeing Captain America in 3D. It will be late when they get home and I want to get the blog posted so I can get to bed at a decent hour tonight so if there is any award winning news to report I'll add it to tomorrows blog post.

I'll be attending Hiz Kidz tomorrow for the day to help out in the preparation of the costumes so I am sure I'll get an inside scoop on things then.

For now I am off to church. Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday and the daily blog post about Adam and the pictures. I am enjoying recording the Super Summer of 2011. I wish it would never end.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Thirty Three of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Three of Super Summer 2011

Well the statue of liberty hat was worn well by Adam this morning for our photo shoot. He even thought on his own, no prodding from me, to hold his hand up like he had a torch in it. I did not even know he knew the statue of liberty held a torch. As usual this boy amazes me every day with his brilliance.
Second hat modeled was the famous mickey mouse ears hat. Do you think by the expression on his face maybe just maybe he felt a little mousey in these ears? LOL
We last modeled the what I call the "Cat in the Hat" hat of course I would be wrong. According to Adam, who by the way is always right, the "Cat in the Hat" hat is red and white not blue and red. Oops. Anyway even though I called it the wrong name it was still the hat Adam decided was the craziest and the MUST wear today at Hiz Kidz for crazy hat day.

Tomorrow is support your team day. And we do this by wearing as many of the colors of the team as possible that day. I promise I will NOT pain Adams nails orange and make him wear orange make up. :-) We have a few things in mind though, make sure to come back tomorrow to see what we found around the house to wear.

Adam is gonna get a prize tomorrow for sure... he feels as strong and powerful as his Bionicale.

That's all folks... for today anyway.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day Thirty Two of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Two of Super Summer 2011

Today was day 1 of Hiz Kidz. Adam was very excited to go there today. He got up and dressed and had breakfast in record time. We packed him a lunch in his very own special lunch bag that had numbers and letters on it, too cool. Dayna and Hannah picked him up in the van and off he went.

I was left home alone all day and I have to tell you I was lonely and bored. I cleaned this house up from top to bottom. Might have over done it a little with the knees but I NEEDED something to do when Adam wasn;t here to play with me. What will I do when he goes back home to South Carolina?

Anyway, Adam met some new friends today, there are 16 kids in his group. He made a Christmas present and that was cute. he got to practice a little being a goat, yep he is going to play a goat in the final program this weekend.

He just got out of the shower and when he was getting ready for bed I heard him singing one of the songs from the show. That made me smile. He was paying attention. Yay Adam.

Grandma brought him home after Hiz Kidz was over. They talked about tomorrow when the kids have to come wearing funny hair and funny hats. Adam showed Grandma some of the funny hats he was thinking about wearing, so I got  a picture of the two of them modeling the hats. :-)
Which hat will Adam decide to wear tomorrow? Maybe one of these and maybe something else. You'll have to come back tomorrow to see for sure. Bye Bye

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day Thirty One of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty One of Super Summer 2011
So Adam had a real talent for the drums. After church today he decided to show everyone what he had. He was actually pretty good, if you ask me. Check out his sample demo tape... (oh drat the video shut off before it recorded his playing. I'll have to try again next week)
After church Becca, me, Adam and his dad went to the movies. We saw "The Zookeeper". There were some funny spots in the movie and Adam sure liked how the animals talked. He said the monkey looked like Dexter, whoever that is. LOL

After the movie we headed to the Golden Corral for dinner. Adam goes this place has so much food to choose from. So what did he eat? Pizza, green beans, strawberries and chocolate ice cream. He did go back for another plate and got some broccoli and cauliflower and macaroni and cheese. 

Next stop was Walmart for groceries and of course another Bionical toy. We were able to combine two of his bionicals together into one giant one. This is so cool, to quote Adam.

We called to talk to momma and Jack Jack tonight too, Adam misses his family.

Today was a great day. Tomorrow starts a new week and Adam has some fun stuff happening staring tomorrow, we can't wait. But you'll have to wait because I can't talk about it till it actually happens. :-)

That's all folks, see you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day Thirty of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty of Super Summer 2011

Well can you believe this is day thirty already? Adam was full of HUGS today, this picture I caught of Adam hugging Papa. He was probably asking Papa for something and the hug usually seals the deal. :-)

Adam got to go play with his dad today for a few hours and then Jim took him to the store. Adam spent several minutes, okay maybe an hour, trying to decide on what Lego toy he needed Jim to buy him today. Of course he first migrates to the $70 and higher boxes, and we have to talk him down to a more reasonable priced item. He finally decided on another Bionitical figure thing.

So tonight Adam and I were underneath a cave made from an afghan playing with the three bionitical guys he now has. He was the big one who was the protector and I had the two smaller ones and we were the children. 

Jim finally found where Adam has saved his board on the Star Wars game on the Wii so he won't keep losing all the characters and ships he has earned. That was a relief.

Now that we have showered and are ready for bed we will catch an episode of wipe out and then we are reading two stories tonight before bed. Two of my favorite childrens books... Grover's There is a Monster at the end of this book, and the sequel by Elmo, There is another monster at the end of this book. :-)

And that concludes day thirty... good night.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Twenty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Becca came today to play with Adam. He waited for her all day asking maybe every hour or so "When is Becca coming"? 

They played Mario of course, Becca was Mario and Adam was Luigi 
When they were done with the Wii game they decided to have a battle with the light swords. Becca had the red light and Adam the blue light. Apparently red is the bad guy and blue is the hero, Adam is always the good guy.

Then Becca took Adam to the SNOWMAN for some soft ice cream. Adam had a vanilla and orange sherbert mix. He loved it, especially the orange part. He somehow managed to talk Becca into getting him a lemonade at Stewarts too, it really is hard to say NO to Adam.

Back home for dinner and to watch Wipe Out again. It's the nightly ritual around here. 

Oh No we have a hole in one of Adam's socks, Papa just told Adam we have to throw that sock away and Adam is distraught. We CAN NOT throw away his sock. LOL

There is always something.

Well Day 29 is almost over, time to settle everyone down and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is the weekend and I am sure we will have something fun to do. At least we will if Adam has is way, and of course he will.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Twenty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Today Adam and I just hung around the house together and relaxed. Well I relaxed, I think it's impossible for a 6 almost 7 year old to relax. His energy level is never ending. 

So we were sitting in the living room this afternoon watching a movie on TV when we heard a loud explosion. It shook the building. We weren't sure what happened but we soon after smelled smoke and knew it was not good. 
Turns out there was an explosion in the junk yard right next to our apartment complex and then a huge fire. That was our excitement for the day.

Aunty Erin brought is Taco's today for dinner. Adam goes let me tell you what kind of taco I would like... " I want a taco with meat, cheese and salad". I love how he describes exactly what he wants.

I found him in his room later tonight sitting on his bed reading a book. Yes a book. It is a book I found about Star Wars Lego's it shows every kit made from all the series and talks about them etc. He must have been looking at that book for almost an hour. He of course wants so many of those kits but they are old, some almost 10 years old I wonder if I;ll ever be able to find them. I will look though, you never know.

Adam has been repeating this saying all day... Sweet Mama's Boy... it's so funny, he is playing on the computer and he beats a game board or something and he will go "Sweet Mama's Boy" where do they come up with these things?

We are watching Wipeout now and having some buttered toast for a snack and then bedtime. We had a great day just the two of us. I am going to be so lonely when the summer is over :-(

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Twenty Seven of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Seven of Super Summer 2011

What the heck is he doing? Can you tell by the picture? it could be anything really... is is trying to sit in the chair without using his hands? Maybe he has to go to the bathroom but can't pull himself away from the TV? Maybe he is trying to make a getaway from something chasing him? Hmmm what can this kid be doing?

Yep he was playing the Wii came some crazy game with these weird looking scary rabbit creatures and he has to carry this package that is really a bomb across this make believe town before it explodes. Yeah who says you don't get exercise playing video games, LOL.

I was at the hospital today with my mom so Adam got to spend the afternoon with his dad again and they were treated to pizza for dinner. 

I acquired a new red kitchen stool that Adam has decided is his new COOL red chair. I am sure a picture of this will follow in a day or two.

Not sure how I will get him to bed tonight, he is so wound up if he had a string around him and I let go he'd probably land home in South Carolina.

I on the other hand am exhausted and NEED to go to bed now. Who will win... tune in tomorrow to find out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Twenty Six of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Six of Super Summer 2011

Adam slept on the couch last night so Paula could sleep in his bed, he was still sound asleep when I woke up this morning. 

So yet another fun packed day was in store for us. I had a DR appt this morning to have my knees looked at, I'd post pictures of them but this blog right now is all about Adam so I'll spare you to gory details. LOL
We dropped Adam off to Dayna's while I went to the DR so he got to play with Hannah for a couple hours. They played on the Wii and with her Lego's and I think on the trampoline too for a while. I wasn't there so I can't confirm.

After I picked him up we came back to the apartment with my friends Paula and Deb for lunch. Adam had square orange cheese crackers filled with peanut butter a specific request. He even described them to make sure I got the right ones, and he had a bowl of FRUIT FRUIT SALAD. Adam loves fruit salad and we always sing the Fruit Salad song from Noggin when we eat it.

After lunch Adam played on Papa's computer, CLUB PENGUIN, his new addiction. He gets to go on missions and find clues and have adventures. This picture was taken by Paula as he just won some game on there.

Today I taught Adam how to play Go Fish, he calls it Goldfish though. We played four hands and he won all four times. He said he can't believe how he is so good at that game. It was fun.

Dinner was spinach chicken lasagna and he liked it and ate the whole plate. I got the best compliment on it when he said "This tastes like the lasagna I eat at South Carolina". Yay Nana scores.

After dinner Papa got us all cups of soft ice cream. Adam and Papa had sprinkles on theirs.

We watched Wipe out tonight and then the new game show called 101 ways to leave a game show, Adam said why would they do those dangerous things. But he couldn't stop watching.

We are winding down now and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow will be here before we know it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Twenty Five of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Five of Super Summer 2011

Well what did this Monday bring for Adam and Nana today? It started of with a visit at 7am from Robbin who came to draw some blood from me. He took the time to check out Adams new toys as Adam couldn't wait to show them all to him.

Then Aunty Erin came over with Colin. Aunty Erin took my car to the shop to see about getting it fixed for me and Colin decided to stay and play Mario Brothers with Adam. They played non stop for two hours and were so cute, don't they even look alike both glued to the game. LOL

Physical Therapy came next to torture me and my new knees, it wasn't really torture but she sure does work them out.

Lunch was macaroni and cheese and grilled cheesy, it was a CHEESY lunch day :-)

I was about to take a nap when there was a knock on the door, FX, a neighbor, stopped by, He and Adam had several sword fights and Ninja fights and at one point one of them had the other in a half Nelson, whatever that is.

We just recovered from that adventure when Paula arrived. She came to take us to Starbucks for a support group special meeting. Adam had fun there, he drank a sweet tea, and ate a HUGE chocolate chip cookie and I think 3 glasses of ice. 

Back home I made dinner while Paula introduced Adam to Club Penguin, all I can say is this is gonna take some getting used to Adam is already in love with it.

I am done for the night, Adam is wide awake though. Hoping that he starts to dwindle down soon and goes to bed, our day tomorrow starts early :-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day Twenty Four of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Four of Super Summer 2011

Yay Mike made it to church today and Adam was in his glory. Adam has a memory like an elephant and he remembers that Mike plays with him after church. Sometimes he flies Adam around like he is an airplane and sometime Adam is a wheel-barrel and sometimes he just listens to him and checks out the cool toys Adam has brought to play with. 
After church we stopped to check on Dayna and make sure she was OK and then we stopped at Old MacDonalds for a happy meal and a small vanilla ice cream cone. He NEEDED the ice cream cause he was so sweaty from playing with Mike after church.

Papa was gone for the afternoon so Adam and I played on the Wii and watched some Veggie Tales until he came home.

These days sure are flying by fast. I hope we can fill in some super fun summer stuff in before it ends. Who knows, maybe tomorrow...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day Twenty Three of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Three of Super Summer 2011
We have growth and
Miniature Golf Saturday
The Marigolds that Papa and Adam planted the other day have sprouted, maybe we will ave flowers before Adam goes home to South Carolina. This was our nice surprise this morning. 

Adam and I played Super Mario Brothers, I am not good at it at all, and finally he said "Nana, I wanna go to my dads". So he packed up a couple bags of food/snacks and headed over to Jim and Joes. 

They ended up going miniature golfing for the afternoon and for ice cream after wards. Adam says he WON, Jim and Joe didn't do so well golfing but he was really good. He had a green ball, maybe that was the secret. :-)

All in all I think Saturday was a fun day for all. We are ending it watching the NASCAR race on TV. Adam is routing for Kasey Kahne, don't tell Papa though. :-)

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