Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday- Finished Again

Well it's Finishing or Frogging Friday Once again

I did manage to finish several things this week... I have already posted all the pictures...

7 Shamrock Bobble Dishcloths
1 Sprinkles Dishcloth
1 Violet the Guilty Sheep

I think I'll post a picture of my nicee Hannah who is now keeping Violet at her house to protect her from the yarn hungry knitters out there, LOL

Not much else is new. I knitted a pair of the Norweigen slippers and just need to stitch them together in the slipper shape and felt them. Those photos to follow shortly.

Good news... the boy hit by the car yesterday apparently has survived. He is in critical but stable condition, not sure if he will pull through or any more details. But there is HOPE.

No Adam yet today, he's not feelign well. he might come tomorrow but not sure yet. I am thinking with the electriction here maybe it would be better to skip this weekend, but I really want to see him. We'll see I guess.

Getting ready for bed, I am sure I'll at least sew these slippers first though.

Sweet dreams everyone, see you tomorrow



SimplyMe said...

I can't wait to see those slippers and I CANNOT figure out how you figured out how to sew them together.

Glad to hear that boy is at least alive.

smariek said...

Good to hear the boy is alive.

Wendy said...

So glad to hear he is alive...will pray for a good outcome...then maybe it will ease your sons mind, because I know it has got to be tearing him up inside to have seen that...
Big Hugs

Unknown said...

Amazing how God answers prayers. This gives me so much HOPE it's unreal.
I hope you get to see Adam. You need a little sunshine in your day!
Way to go on all your FO's.

Claudia said...

such good news! ahhhhh that feels good. Will keep prayers flowing.

I'm so glad I made Adam happy! I'll have a few more pics coming soon that I hope will make him smile. Believe me, I live to make children happy! :)

I hope you're doing okay. I talk about you here all the time. You're definitely not an "online" friend. You're a real friend and I treasure you.


Unknown said...

Prayers are answered. Now we must pray for a full recovery.

hope the rest of your weekend is good.

Teresa said...

Good news about the young man. I hope his injuries will heal.

hakucho said...

Good news about the boy...will keep him in my prayers!

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