Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday- Well I Finally Caught Up

I don't think I ever posted the felted results for the two bags I made last week. This one still needs a button

This one I actually liked better before it was felted. The handle for some reason stretched A LOT.

I also finished 7 dishcloths in 2 days. 6 are for the ETSY sale and the 7th is for the one I re-listed.

This makes my total count for the year... 21 out of 21 days. It could be 22 if I counted the slippers as two instead of one. But since I am current I will leave the pair as one project, LOL
Still no laptop and the electriction backed out... but God is in control.
Tomorrow is my official weigh in day, I think if the scale stays true I might have lost 5 or more pounds this week.
It's late and I am headed to bed. Have a great night and sweet dreams everyine.


SimplyMe said...

Look at all that GREEN!! Great job.

Crud. I forgot to wi today. Figures.

Nice lookin' bags.

smariek said...

7 dishcloths in 2 days?! You're quick! I need a minimum of 2 days to finish one. I like the red felted bag.

Unknown said...


You are the knitting queen. I am very impressed with all that you do.

Good luck with the weigh in.


Unknown said...

Cool, caught up! I can't imagine knitting 7 cloths in 2 days, unless they were all granny's fave and I was stuck in a dark room with nothing but needles and yarn, LOL.

MamaMay said...

Wow! Look out for your wrists! Don't want you getting carpel tunnel!

RoamingKnitter said...

You just won the speed knitter of the year award! I can't handle that much cotton knitting in 2 days. You got it done and are right on track. I like the bags. Can you double the handle over and sew it down to shorten it? Or tie a big knot in the middle like it was supposed to be that way. LOL

Good luck on the weigh-in and the laptop and the electrician.

magnoliasntea said...

Love the shamrock cloths! Okay, you knit 7 in 2 days. I quit. lol

Turtle said...

love the cloths, and what an adorable pink bag!!!

We have 2 dollar stores in our town, dollar tree and the dollar store. I honestly do not find much in the store but the tree is wonderful! they actually have a lot of namebrand food items and the expiration dates are as normal as our big grocery. I stock up on lots thre and try to stop in once a week as things vary (luckily it is next door to the gym)

Anonymous said...

Good job on the weight loss.

I enjoy felted items. Most of the time. I do have one felted thingee which I discovered shoved underneath the cabinet in the kitchen. All in the house are denying accountability. I do have to admit that it is truly butt ugly. Your purses on the other hand are great.

Your Cocoa Swap Pal

hakucho said...

Your bags felted very nicely! I love the one with the bobbles :)

sailorcross said...

Those little bags are adorable!! I love them!! Still no electrician? Well, as you say, God is in control--as always!!

Thanks for stopping by and praying with us!! Beautiful!!

Again, God was in control, not me. He took control of the whole thing at 3 a.m. this morning. Seems to be getting a habit--getting up at 3 a.m.

Wow--another 5 pounds!! Congratulations!! I lost 7.4 in two weeks--weigh in day tomorrow again!!

Hopefully, a little bit more!!


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