Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday- So The Weekend Ends...

Isn't it amazing how fast a child learns to use these hand held computer thingy's? We had a nice weekend, it's always sad when it ends. But then again I am glad to have a little break too. Friday comes so fast.
Here is the finished pair of slippers, well almost finished, I still have to felt them.

Hopefully these won't be clown sized like the first pair was. I used smaller needles this time. I won't felt them until I have a couple more finished so I can felt them all together.
I made it to the grocery store after church today. Only had about 45 minutes before the store closed but I did well. I had 7 bags of groceries and spent $75. Not too bad, huh?
Now, however, I am heading off to la la land. Wishing you all a night of sweet dreams as well.
Good night


SimplyMe said...

AK went to Aldi's
AK went to Aldi's

All's right in Shelly's world.

Yep, Adam is amazing!

Unknown said...

Love me some kids. those slippers are sooo pretty. can't wait to see them felted.

sailorcross said...

Just wait until he starts kindergarten!! They start them in computer class immediately. My kids are all so much more computer oriented than I am.

But then again, you're headed for that new IT position--replacing your own hard drive!! I know I couldn't have done that and would have to rely on my son!!

Your slippers are so awesome!! They look so warm in this cold and freezing weather we've been having!!


Unknown said...

I think I need a pair of those slippers. They sound so cozy and warm.
Glad you had a good weekend.

RoamingKnitter said...

Kids are amazing. I think that now they are born knowing how to run computers, program vcrs and tivos, etc.

Love the slippers. They'll be so cute after felting. I think you got a handle on the sizing using smaller needles.

smariek said...

Well, Adam has his high tech grandma to thank for his interest in those electronic gizmos. :-D

Mari said...

Those slippers are going to look great. Love the colors.

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