Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday- See What I Managed To Do?

Adam the greatest Detective in the land (according to his own words) LOL
We had a pretty good day today. Still working on the potty training. He just doesn't want to go #2 on the potty. Very frustrating, he is halfway to 5 years old and this should be a done deal already. But today we did manage to sit there 3 times, PROGRESS. Thank God.
I finished another project today... It's a pattern I spotted on Ravelry today Valentine Mug Cozy, by accident. Hey it has hearts on it, and we all know I love hearts. She said to use Wool for this but I used cotton instead. Why? Well in my mind I imagined the wool shrinking with a hot beverage in the cup, LOL. Here is my finished project...
YES that is done in FairIsle... my first attempt... and there is a cable running up the side too. Again can I praise that cable necklace enough? It's awesome.
Adam has zonked on the couch and I am right behind him. Church tomorrow and possibly a Ladies meeting afterward. The men are all gathering for the Super Bowl... My son Jim made garbage bread and boy does that smell awesome. Good thing I won't be there to be tempted by it tomorrow.
My month long contest starts Sunday... hope to see you all everyday. Wait till you see what the prize will be. You'll love it. Hmm should I reveal it at the beginning or keep it a secret until the end? No worries I will show it tomorrow.
Sleep tight... I am going to fall asleep listening to "A Knights Tale" on the TV. I don't know why, but I really love this movie. Sweet Dreams everyone.


Wendy said...

Oh I just LOVE that cup cozy....I started my contest also...BUT I am only doing mine til February 12th (my parents 43rd anniversary and my Grandma's 87th birthday, and of course Lincolns Bday) I got more supplies today to make more knitting needles, I got some for size 3, 8, 10, 11, 13 & 16...and some different kinds of beads....need to finish Brooke's sweater which is about 1/2 done, first, or I will not get it done...
Hope you slept well..........

leah said...

The cup cozy is awesome! You should definitely put some of those in your store!

Unknown said...

Nice cozy. I might make one for myself as an early B-day present.

And as far as the potty training goes, good luck with that one!
Hope you have a great day!

Jane said...

Love the mug cozy - one more thing for my to-do list!

smariek said...

Cute cup cozy.

He'll do #2 when he's ready. Don't worry, he's not gonna need pull up pants for the rest of his life, lol.

Our potty training progressed more rapidly after we started a sticker reward system. I'd draw up a chart and she gets to choose a sticker and place it into the square after every success. She gets a reward for each row filled up.

She's all potty trained now. She still likes to pick out a sticker for her chart, but she doesn't really care about receiving a reward for filling up a row in the chart.

sailorcross said...

Your cup cozy is adorable!!! Fair Isle, huh?? And here I just learned bobbles!!

Potty training--my girls were so much quicker than my son. He just didn't want to take the time to do this. Patience and persistence ended up being the keys to success in this with him, plus a little bribery didn't hurt either.

What is garbage bread? Probably something I shouldn't have, right??


Unknown said...

Wow, I love the cup cozy. As for potty stuff, they all get it sooner or later I promise!!
Hugs Patt

hakucho said...

LOVE your mug cozy!! Now wouldn't that make a great valentine's gift?

Unknown said...

Wooohoooo today is Sunday so I hope you count this as my 1st entry to yer contest!! Yeah!!!

Claudia said...

I almost did that very same pattern the other day!!!!! You did great! Congratulations! :D

Teresa said...

I saw those on Ravelry as well and queued them. I haven't done Fairisle
yet either but it and socks are my 2009 techniques to learn. Looks like these would be a great place to start.
What is garbage bread? I love bread.

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