Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday- Greetings from the Desktop Computer

Greeting from the desktop computer. Sigh after hours on the phone with a very nice DELL customer service person, I still do not have a working laptop. This man had me installing and reinstalling hardware, removing the mother load mother board, whatever, off the back of the computer and removing these green panels that looked like something from the Matrix, still couldn't get past the loop error. So another local representative was supposed to call me between 2pm and 3pm... never got that call. Looks like tomorrow is another day on the phone for me, at least I can knit while I talk on speaker phone.

This picture was taken over the weekend, it's Adam and his new BFF Christopher. Christopher is my sons girlfriend's son. Yeah you got that right? Anyway I got some cute pictures of them only they are all blurry, this was the best of them all, but not the picture I really wanted to share, but you all know I have to brag about show at least one picture of Adam a week, right?

These are the two dishcloths I finished yesterday for the ETSY sale. I will be mailing them tomorrow since there was no postal delivery today. She wants another 6 Shamrock cloths as well, so that will definately catch me up on my 365 projects in 365 days, woo hoo.

Now on our WhoDuKnit group we are knitting a mystery KAL, it was given to us in clues this week and tomorrow we find out what all these clues reveal. Here are the clues we "found" 6 pieces in all.

And this is my guess at what they are supposed to ne... Come on now JANE tell me I am a sleuth to be reckoned with and that I figured out this mystery all on my own, LOL

My son Joe figured out how to hook up the black cord thingy USB Cable to the camera so I could upload these pictures off my camera, this made me very happy.
My other son Jim, went out to breakfast this morning and while he was there he came across a business card for an electrition. I was in need of one of those. I called him and he came down this afternoon. He kind of reminded me of a hillbilly version of Kenny Rogers, 60+ years old, but very nice. It's gonna cost me, but it has to be done. He thinks we are safe for now and hopefully can start before the week is over.
I am sure I have tons more to talk about but my brain is not working. Is it ever, really?
I hope to have more for you tomorrow, and hopefully frok my laptop once again.
Sweet Dreams my friends


SimplyMe said...

Oh look....

it's not a chicken!!!!!

Unknown said...

I was so busy this week that I didn't do this project.

The boys are so cute!

Jane said...

Oh - there it is - yes - you got it!

Unknown said...

that is a cute sheep. Can't wait to see it all put together.
Aren't the boys cute together? That makes life easier for you, heh?
I'm glad you're getting the electrical problem taken care of. Very important you don't burn the house down!
Good luck on the phone with customer service. Maybe you can get all six cloths done by the time you get the computer issue resolved, LOL.

RoamingKnitter said...

The boys look like they have fun together. Good for them & you.

I've heard about more Dell laptop problems lately. When mine died 2 years ago I switched to Compaq. Can't say I haven't had any problems but not on the level that I had with the Dell. Hope it is up & going soon.

leah said...

Good luck with the computer! I am always impressed with your dishclothes. Maybe because I don't like making them...the cotton and I don't always get along...but I sure think they are fun!

hakucho said...

Good luck getting your laptop fixed...fingers crossed :)

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I could do "clues knitting." It would make me crazy cause I always like to read the pattern through first to make sure that it is something I can do.

Sounds like fun though!

Your grandson is a cutie and you are a knitting queen.

Your Cocoa Swap Pal

Anonymous said...

Super cute doggie! good luck with the laptop... I hate Tech Support.. but sounds like you're doing ok with it! ;-)

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