Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tried a new pattern today

I saw this new pattern on a blog and was fascinated by how it looks like a cable pattern but no cable needle is used. I was simple to do and I love how it turned out.

My camera doesn't do the dishcloth justice though. If you are interested in trying this pattern you can find it at this blog

Her pictures show the pattern much better then mine do.

Keeping myself busy knitting and crocheting I hope will keep me sane.

It's hot and humid tonight. I am thinking of a cold shower and to bed early tonight.

Memorial Day Blues

My grandson Adam had a dresser fall on him Memorial Day. It broke his left Femer bone. They did surgery and had to cast almost his whole body. My heart just breaks for him. Just two days earlier he was with me and playing with my yarn balls. He will be like this for about 6 weeks I guess.

We went to visit him last night for the first time since it happened. He was cranky and kept hiding his face. He keeps saying he is STUCK. Poor baby. I brought him a square made out of the yoyo's since he liked the colors so much.

Needless to say I haven't done much knitting or crocheting... I am going to try to start again today, maybe it will make the time go by faster.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Starting them out young...LOL

This is my 2 1/2 year old Grandson Adam... I was working on the YoYo's and he saw the balls of yarn on my bed and kept saying... "Balls, please?" He took 4 different colors and told me all the colors then started throwing them around like they were toys.

He started pulling ont he strings and at one point he was wrapped up in the yarn like a mummy, I didn't get the camera fast enough though. He was so cute.

PINK... He was thrilled to know the colors. In fact he loves the YoYo afghan because it has lot's of colors, he kept pointing them all out to me. Thank you Blue's Clue's for teaching my little guy colors. He sees me working with yarn all the time, I wonder if one day he will want to learn... I know he is a boy, but hey boys can knit and still be a MAN right?

The YOYO Blanket

Well finally got around to taking pictures of my ongoing YoYo project. Whenever I crochet or knit something I save the small balls of the acrylic yarn to make YoYo's (easy to make, chain 4 and slip to form a ring, chain 3 and then do 15 Double crochets in the ring, slip together and bind off weave in ends.) I save them in old Popcorn containers and Coffee containers, even zip lock baggies...until I have a good size stash of various colors and then...

You start attaching them together in rows. It looks complicated and in fact I just learned this week on how to attach, until then I just made the yoyo's. I was given instructions over the phone so it's pretty easy. This is a close up picture of the one I have started this week

This picture shows a little more of the afghan... It has 10 completed rows so far, 16 YoYo's in each row. I think it really should have 20 YoYo's in a row but I refuse to rip it apart, instead I am thinking about adding a couple rows up the side, I think it will work.

It's been awhile since I updated

Well I ahve been working with some yarn given to me recently, just some scraps of various colors. I took some of the small balls of cotton yarn I had left over and made my first petal dishcloth. I was sure this was going to be hard but the pattern was so simple and easy to remember. I didn't even need to carry the directions around. I love how it turned out and I set it off as a gift to someone who I think is a true gift and brightens the lives of so many, she is just like a colorful petal.

This picture is the workings of two kitchen scrubbies. I was just given the simple instructions yesterday and knitted these up during a BBQ at my sisters house. I am a little confused on how to finish them though. The directions say to tie the cast on and cast off tails together to make a "tube" then to scrunch together the ends by weaving the tail through and pulling tight, but it says nothing about the seam, I wonder if I should sew that shut, or if it's supposed to be open to hold soap or an SOS pad or something. This was also my first try at changing colors while knitting. I used even numbers and was able to carry the colors instead of ctuuing and weaving ends everytime and I loved it.

I have more to share but I think I will do seperate posts for them.

Be right back.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A surprise Mother's Day gift arrived today

I got a delivery today, an unexpected delivery. I have been wishing I had an IPOD for a couple years now, never thought it would ever happen. Today I am on the phone with a friend and there is a knock at the door. I open it up and there is a small box. Imagaine my joy and surprise when I opened it up to find a pink IPOD shuffle waiting inside for me. It was even engraved... it says "You are our sunshine and inspiration" and came from two very special people. A mother and daughter. I have never met these wonderful generous people in person, yet, but I consider them family and am so blessed and touched by this gift. It brought tears t0 my eyes and even now they are coming again as I type this out. I can only pray that God blesses them 100 fold for what they did for me today. I can't find ways to thank them enough.

Mother's Day dishcloth gifts

For Mother's Day I made this Angel dishcloth and this Petal dishcloth for my mom and Mother in law, and for Adams grandma as well. The petal cloths were actually done in a varigated yarn but I forgot to take a picture, I just made this white version for my sister, who loves the white ones. Both were quick and easy patterns to follow. The links for each pattern is below...
Angel dishcloth
Petal dishcloth
I have a few other patterns I am itching to try. I haven't created anymore of my own, things have been crazy but I have a few ideas and hope to get to designing more pretty soon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Not a good day...

This is a dishcloth of a button... I am calling it a closure cloth. Having parental struggles with my youngest son, he has decided being in our lives is a bad idea. He is 21, so he knows it all, right? Anyway I made this dshcloth thru many tears, goofed up the border and that is now an original by AK, LOL. But all in all it was good therapy. I have lost the blog link I got the pattern from, I will post it as soon as I find it. This is not my own creation. Sorry to the person who designed this pattern.

Now this square I crocheted for the Close Knit Hugs charity I donate squares to for disaster victims. It's called diagonal Block Stitch... I tried to do this months ago and was baffled... but in my dispair I decided I needed a victory, so I pulled out the pattern and did it. I love it, it's not as hard as I thought and works up so fast. I will make many of these while watching TV and when I bring stuff to do while out of the house.

There is more sad news, I was working on the bobble blanket and that preemie sweater I posted a few days ago for a friends grandaughter who was born 2 weeks ago at only 1 pound 2oz... the little baby Phoenix Marie died this morning. I still haven't finished the blanket and now can't bring myself to work on it. It will need to sit for awhile I think.

OK that's all the news for today... tomorrow is another day... God is in control, I can trust Him through all of this. Amen.

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