Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday- Violet is Caught


Violet the Guilty sheep was arrested on January 21st, 2009 for the theft of a Violet colored blanket. Thanks to the brilliant detectives, the Dunnit's, Violet was caught red (or violet) handed with the goods on her back. It was "sheer" astute detective skills that kept this crime from unraveling and brought this mystery to an end, even Sherlock Holmes would have been proud.
Hugh Dunnit was quoted saying " It was just a matter of sewing the pieces together, even the smallest clue played a part in this tail."
Violet the sheep admitted to her guilt but smiled as they took her away saying " Can you blame me? I mean really, this blanket matches my eyes perfectly."

Violet was sentenced to community service, she will be donating wool to local yarn shops for the rest of her life.
Today was a pretty good day. Dell called and they are sending me a new hard drive. Of course I will be installing this somehow... where does a hard drive go on a laptop anyway?
I called the electriction that wired part of our house when we bought in 15 years ago. My husband thought he was not doing this type of work anymore, so that's why I didn't call him first, even though I wanted to. Well turns out he is still working and came down today. He fixed part of the problem and will be back to try to find out what the rest is. Turns out there was two different issues. Not related as far as we can see, but if the first issue hadn't happened causing us to cut the power to half the house we would have had a major fire for sure. God is so good.
I made it to support group tonight. I really missed those, haven't been to one since the week before Thanksgiving. I was really blessed there, and am so glad to have these people as a part of my life.
On a sad note... my son Jim witnessed a pedestrian get killed by a vehicle this afternoon. He was a young college student crossing the street, maybe 17 or 18 years old. he had a green light when he started but was walking slow and the light turned red. He realized and started to run, my son was the first car in line at the red light so he waited to go so the boy could get across. Another car, and SUV, was not so patient and pulled out of the line into the outside lane and sped up to get through and hit the kid hard. Please pray for the family of this young boy and for the driver of the SUV, also a young man, and for my son who was undersrtandably shaken up. You just never know when your life will be through, we need to be ready all the time.
I started another pair of felted slippers today and finished one... I am now a couple projects ahead of my yearly goal. I so like being ahead instead of behind.
Oh weigh in was good, I lost 6 1/2 pounds this week. I am so close to one of my mini goals, maybe by next week, but definately by the end of the month.
I guess that's about it for me tonight, it's been a crazy day. Good but crazy. I am ready for a good nights sleep.
Sweet dreams everyone and I'll see you all tomorrow.


SimplyMe said...


GO hug Jim.

Wendy said...

oh my word....that is all I can say....

RoamingKnitter said...

Big hugs to your son and prayers are being said for the family of this young man. Foolish drivers never think ahead to the fact their actions could have horrifying results.

Violet is sooo cute. My DD put a new harddrive in my old Dell laptop. It seemed to do the trick for her. Hope you can get the hang of being a computer tech easily. LOL

sailorcross said...

What a day!!

This incident has to have let Jim shaken. I can't even imagine witnessed this tragedy. And how the driver of the SUV must feel--acting out of impulse never leads us anywhere good, does it?

On a brighter note, your electricity is almost fixed (YEAH!), they wouldn't have found the second problem if the first hadn't occurred which could have led to more disaster!! God has His loving arms around you!!

And I am so thankful that Violet has been apprehended!! She is just too cute to be wandering the streets. And since she is doing such a wonderful community service for all of us who love yarn, we'll just have to forgive her for errant ways!


Unknown said...

My prayers are with Jim, the family of the young man killed and the driver of the SUV.

Congrats on the weight loss.

magnoliasntea said...

How sad about the accident; we'll be praying.

Goodman found a tutorial w/ pics for repairing a Toshiba laptop online. (He loves to take things apart.) I think "assembly" & "dissasembly" along with the laptop info were keywords in the search for it. Maybe there's one for your Dell? I'm sure you can do it. :)

Violet...too cute.

Marti said...

Installing a hard drive shouldn't be to difficult. I took apart an acer in school last year and it didn't require much but the removal of a few screws and unhooking the sata cable. If you need help let me know.

Unknown said...

that is a horrible thing to witness! My prayers will be for Jim, the driver of the SUV, and the family of that poor boy.
I'm glad everything is working out ok with your electric. God is good!
Your sheep is very cute. Where can I get some of that donated wool, LOL?

smariek said...

Cute post about Violet. I shoulda stopped reading there. What a horrible thing to have to have happen.
The HD should be a cinch to install, you probably just need a phillips screwdriver.
Great job in the weight loss dept.

Kenyetta said...

That is so sad! Hug your son for us!
btw, love the press release! WTG on meeting a mini goal!

Claudia said...

Hugs for you for the weight loss, support group and the great laughs.

Hugs for your son for the grief and healing. Horrible stuff.

Many, many prayers for the young man and his family, and of course for your son witnessing this. Most of all, prayers for the driver who killed the young man. Nightmares will follow for years and years, I'm sure.


hakucho said...

I'm so glad that Violet got the appropriate sentence ;)

So sorry about what your son witnessed. My prayers are with everyone involved including your son. It will stay with him for a long time I'm sure.

Teresa said...

I am so sorry for what your son had to witness and will say prayers for all involved. What a horrible thing to happen to all of them.
Congrats on the weight loss. You are doing great.

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