Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday- Finishing Not Frogging

I almost forgot about the Finishing or Frogging Friday group. Thanks to Michelle remembering to blog herself I remembered as well. Whew.

I actually finished two things today, well I still need to felt them and sew on a button but the knitting part is done so to be it's a FINISHED project.

First I posted this yesterday but it's a dishcloth I designed and knitted up this week. I am pleased with it and hope I can make some more original round cloths.

This is a small purse I made but I never got around to the ICORD. Well that's now done and I can felt it tomorrow and add on the button.

And this is a bag I made today, it will also be felted. I sort of followed the beginning of a Drops pattern but then just did my own thing. I almost ran out of yarn and didn't think I was going to have enough to make the strap, but I was able to use both colors and I think I have just enough. I guess after the felting tomorrow I'll know for sure.

I also finished a couple more Kitty's but I blogged about those a few days ago as well. Here is another picture of the 4 of them. My sons girlfriend already adopted the fat felted one.
Adam is here and we have been playing all day. I think he has every toy out of his toy box. I told him he had to clean up some of those toys so Papa doesn't come down and step on them. Adam in his wise 4 year old voice said "Cleaning is BORING". Where did you hear that Adam? I asked... "From you Nana". What??? I never said that... I don't think I ever said that.


Well it's almost 11:30pm and both Adam and I are still up. But I plan on changing that pronto. So good night everyone, see you all tomorrow. Sweet dreams and stay warm. It's mighty cold here in Upstate New York tonight.




Wendy said...

I can't wait to see the bags felted...I so love the process...I have been crocheting baby washcloths all day, well since dinner time (6 p.m.) I have 10 done, and I think I will make a few more before going on to some Pet cuddles...
Big Hugs

SimplyMe said...

Love it. I'm still intrigued by the kittens....and you KNOW I'm not a stuffed animal person. Scary.

Good job doing all that finishing on Friday. Can't wait to see the bags felted.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

You have been busy love your fo's:)Hugs Darcy

Anonymous said...

Kathy -
I found your blog over at Carol/knitted kitty (side note: I can't believe how many "knitting blogs" there are!). I had to say that those little kitties are the cutest thing I have ever seen! They almost inspire me to start knitting again (although I last did it about 35 years ago). Very, very sweet :)

hakucho said...

You are certainly on a felting roll...everything looks great :)

Unknown said...

I like the bags. Can't wait to see them felted.
Still up at 11:30?? I'd go nuts, but then again my house is full. So I always stick to the 8-8:30 bedtime. Of course, they are up at the crack of dawn (or before) LOL.
Hope you got some good ZZZ's and that you have a great day!

Turtle said...

nice fiber content! hey, congrats! i see you won on phat fiber!! enjoy your weekend!!

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