Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday- Heartache and Memories

Well I have finished 8 headbands so far. I so love making these... I need to get them posted to my Ravelry projects too, maybe that will be my mission for Friday.

I like this one, done in a pretty purple and PINK variegated yarn.
I also knitted up annother one of the Sunshine Bobble dishcloths. I used this design for a KAL on the KnitDishcloths group this time and I wanted a sample of it done in a solid as well as the variegated. This color is Ivory, but it reminds me of Butter.

And here are the two of them together. I hope to make a 3rd and maybe a 4th and sell them in the ETSY store as a set. I am working on the 3rd right now, almost half way through. I'm getting tired though so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Not counting the one on the needles I have completed so far 33 projects in 2009. So I am 4 ahead of schedule. Woo Hoo... maybe I will be able to meet this goal after all. See Shelly I am NOT insane. Ok Tell me that again in 3 months when I am 17 projects behind.
Adam comes tomorrow after school. I am sure he has plans to keep me occupied all day. I think I might treat him to a cheese pizza for dinner tomorrow. He loves Pizza, what kid doesn't?
Today was my weigh in day. Well I actually step on the scale every morning but I only write down the number on Thursdays. I was very happy with the number I saw today. I met one of my mini goals today. I lost 5 pounds this past week. Unfortunatley a lot of that was because I was struggling to keep down everything except breakfast. But it seems to be getting a little better, still waiting for the DR to call me about the problem. I will call them in the morning and remind them they didn't get back to me yet.
I watched a movie today that had a quote in it that I don't think I'll ever forget.
Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal
Love leaves memories that no one can steal
Of course we know God can heal a heartache, because He experienced it. But this is more about a people living here with us, normal fleshly people.
February is almost here and that means CONTEST time. Are you all ready? I am.
Well the night is fading fast so I better get to bed. Sweet dreams my friends. May LOVE fill your hearts as you sleep.


Wendy said...

I really like the headbands, are you selling them all together? and I love the cloths...I so wish I could do some like that, maybe one day...but only after I can actually truely sit and knit...really practice and learn some new things...One day....

Hugs and sweet dreams...........

SimplyMe said...

I'm so ready for a contest. If you aren't doing Feb, then I need to.....or maybe I can cover March.


Once again, great work.

sailorcross said...

So, THIS is what I'm trying to accomplish with these BOBBLES!!

Remember yesterday, I told you I was going to turn into a "BOBBLE HEAD"? Well, I didn't. I went to sleep for the night because I definitely needed the rest after a long day and not feeling well.

Maybe tonight. Those dishcloths are wonderful!! And the headbands--just so beautiful. I love the colors in the one you just posted!!

Were you able to get the pink sock yarn?

And last, but certainly not least--the quote--I LOVE THIS!! Heartaches will heal with God's help, but part of our calling here is this earth is to love others--wonderful memories that no one can tarnish. Love it!!


Unknown said...

Great quote. Thanks so much for sharing.

Unknown said...

Wow, you are on a roll! 33 projects already? Way to go!
I hope you have fun with Adam. Friday is our pizza night too. But we do frozen cheese and add our own toppings. Cheaper that way. MMM pizza.

amy-lynne......... said...

headbands are cute... yeah for the weight loss for the week, hope the doctor can help you with the keeping it down part... great quote...have a great day! and have fun with adam...

Anonymous said...

Great job on those headbands. You go girl 5 pounds YEAH!!!!!


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