Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday- You mean it's not Saturday???

AHHHHH What is this SPOOKY thing in my livingroom????
It's just Adam, Nana... don't be afraid

Yep even though I am sick Adam insisted on coming over for the weekend. I am weak, I couldn't say NO. He is so convincing, besides he LOVES me and I am in need of a little, OK a lot of, LOVIN these days. So I picked him up and we went grocery shopping. I had to have some special treats for the "bubba". He was funny he would see something he wanted and say "Excuse Me, Nana, Can We Borrow This". It was so funny. He says "Excuse Me" a lot. Right away we had to buy FRUIT. For Fruit Salad, Fruit Fruit Salad. Yeah if you have a pre-schooler you have proably heard this song on NOGGIN.
Speaking of NOGGIN, I am glad Time Warner Cable and VIACOM came to an agreement, it wouldn't have been pretty in this house without NOGGIN.
My fingers are in BAD shape right now. This picture is blurry but both my thumbs and middle fingers are cracked so wide I can stick a dime in them. Boy do they hurt. Not sure if it's from the freezing cold or the dry heat from the woodstove, but it sure make knitting difficult.
However I am a trooper, lol. And I have been doing a mystery KAL all week, I think tomorrow is the last day, but Shelly was curious about what it looked like so here is my in progress photo.

I like it. I really like this Robins Egg color of cotton too. One of my favorites.
Food Update:
I added fruit into my diet today. Finally I was so missing fruit. I can do without the bread, pasta, and sweets, but I so miss my fruits and veggies.
So with breakfast I had some unsweetened applesauce, and with lunch I had a clementine tangerine. Oh those clementines, they are the best. If you haven't had one I highly reccomend them, even if you aren't a citrus lover, these will probably win your over. Small, sweet, seedless and savory. Ummmmmm
Dinner didn't go as well, I had left over ham and added some sliced beets. This unfortunately didn't sit well, I blame the ham more then the beets, I have trouble with meat that is not in some type of sauce or soup. It's a learning process though so I will keep trying.
I guess that's about all for me today. I thought it was saturday all day so I didn't call the DR. Now I have to wait until Monday. Bummer. Anyway I am pretty tired so I am going to try to get Adam to lay down and see if we can fall asleep. Another long day ahead of me awaits.
Sleep tight everyone and Sweet Dreams


Unknown said...

oh what a handsome boy under that blanket!! Your finger looks painful, you need some bag balm to rub on your hands. poor fingers.
good to hear you got some fruit today. Hey are you taking any sort of vitamins now? hope so. nice progress on that kal, wonder what it's gonna be? the color is nice and soft blue.

SimplyMe said...

That was totally worth the pic. I want the pattern!!!!1 That is turning out lovely. Can you only imagine what I'd do to mess it up? Yeah, let's NOT go there!!!

Unknown said...


My thumbs always crack in the winter. I use a neosporene ointment and bandages. It usually takes a day or two but it seems to work well to help heal them.

I hope you feel better soon.

Adam is a darling. You are blessed.

Thanks for being so good about commenting on my blog. I do appreciate your input!

Unknown said...

I can't believe you are knitting with your fingers like that! Before bed, slather them with vaseline. that should help.

Glad you got to eat some fruit/ My kiddos love the clementines. I can't keep them in the house.

RoamingKnitter said...

Oh your poor hands. I have eczema so I've had to deal with the cracking often. Hand lotions are just too thin & watery to work so I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream during the day and vaseline at night. I dab on neosporene type ointment before I rub in the Neutrogena.

Adam is just adorable playing with his blanket. And the mystery pattern is sure looking great. Love the color.

Jane said...

Ouch! (that's for your fingers)

How can you ever be sick or depressed with that little doll around LOL.

Sew Many Stitches said...

He is such as cutie! I love that pattern! And the color too. Where is the pattern available? OMGosh - your hands do hurt I know. I hate when I get cracks like that - so bad they feel like they need stitches and so sore it hurts for anything to touch them. I actually found something by accident that works great on mine. I was at Kaiser in line and saw some cream I bought for my feet since the heels crack like that and it makes it very difficult to walk. When I was treating my feet I had one of those cracks on my hand and it healed it in two days - just gone! It is called (now do not laugh) Zim's Crack Creme and it is meant for Diabetics. Here is a link to let you see what it looks like and the cost of it. I love this stuff! Hope you feel better soon!

sailorcross said...

Oh, I know it sounds funny, but Zinn's Crack Cream is the stuff to use. My thumbs crack like that in the winter, and it is the only stuff that works. They sell it at the drugstore near me.

Are you feeling better? I hope so. If you're not, drop me a line and I'll tell you a little secret.

Your KAL is gorgeous!! I love the color. What pattern is it and where are you doing this??

Peek-a-boo!!! Aren't little kids funny? They think that if they can't see us we can't see them!! And then we have to act all surprised when they decide to come out of hiding!! Love it!!


Turtle said...

ouch on the hands! My momwould tell you Bag Balm, my daughter Cetaphyll, I would suggest Cucumber heel therapy ointment and a good paraffin dip! *smile, feel better and enjoy the wee one for the weekend!

Teresa said...

What a good grandma you are. Hope you are feeling lots better by now.
I get those splits sometimes and I seal them with Super Glue. The pain goes away and they seem to heal much faster. I'm not crazy about super glueing myself but it works.

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