Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday- Waving Goodbye to 2008

Good Bye to 2008, and welcome to 2009. This has been a year of changes and growth and loss. A time of learning and a time of teaching. A year of giving and a year of receiving. There were friends made and friends lost. There were tears of joy and tears of sorrow. There were surprises and gifts and shocking events. But through it all one thing remained constant. One thing NEVER changed. God's LOVE is still here. His grace is forever evident, His mercy is endless. NO matter what has happened in 2008 I KNOW God has me in the palm of His hand and I count it all for good.


Jane is having a contest. Click on the picture below to go to her blog and check it out.
Time to brag about what you did right in 2008. There are three prizes to choose from.

Also I have added contest info on the sidebar again, looks like January is going to bring in a few new conests.

This is leading me to consider holding my contests on the days that DON'T have 31 days this time around. You know change it up a little.

So my contests will run February, April, June, September and November in 2009. So mark your calendars and don't forget to come and play.

This doesn't mean I won't occasionally have a surprise contest maybe for a day or something, so you never know.

Golly Gee it's cold here. What a way to end the year. Burrrrrrr. I think maybe I will make a bed inside the oven or on top of the wood stove. I think my fingers are blue, LOL.

Not sure if I'll make it to the midnight hour, so I am here to say goodnight and wish you all a Happy New Year.

Sweet Dreams


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday- Turn on the HEAT

Well it was mighty cold last night. I had three blankets on and my robe and I could still see my breath. Yep so it goes every year when our furnace breaks. At least the pipes didn't freeze this time, not yet anyway. So I am sure you can guess what I looked like this morning and why I broke down and called the repair guy.
Actually I called two repair guys. The first guy, my usual guy, didn't call me back. So I called someone else, I was desperate. They said they would send someone down this afternoon. In the meantime my usual guy finally called, OH NO. I felt like I had betrayed him. But it turned out good because he is pretty sick and I wouldn't have been able to help me this time.
The new guy came around 2pm... spent about 45 minutes down in the basement and told me a switch was stuck. He un-stuck it and the bill was a mere $162.00. Ouch. However he gave me a disclaimer... the entire heating system in this house is shot. I knew this. He said it's basically not repairable and really should be replaced. I know this too. It will most likely cost us about $5000. Oh I said, no problem, can you start tomorrow??? NOT. I just pray it stays working until Spring arrives.
We are in for another 6" of snow tomorrow. How fun. Oh how I long for those crazy hazy days of summer...

Not much knitting done today, kind of hard when you are wrapped with a couple quilts, lol. I did manage a few rows of a KAL though...that's something right?


I am not feeling great, I am pretty sure I need an antibotic but it's not gonna happen with a snowstorm on the way. So I think I'll just go to bed.


Have a wonderful night, Sweet Dreams



Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday- My Closet Explained, LOL

Some of you commented yesterday that you would have left the clothes on the floor. Well that would have been impossible, and here's why?


My closet is really just a spot off the kitchen, inbetween the living room and bathroom. Here is a view from the wood stove in the livingroom facing the bathroom

This is the view from the bathroom facing the woodstove in the living room. As you can see there isn't much space to walk through even when the clothes  aren't on the floor, LOL

Lastly here is the view from the kitchen facing the rod. See how it is bent down. It's only a matter fo time before it falls yet again. {{{sigh}}}

Now my husband is a carpenter by trade. I have asked him a zillion times to put a support in the middle so this doesn't happen. By the time he finally gets around to it, I will have moved back upstairs into the actual bedroom and my clothes will follow me, LOL. Until then I just walk carefully anytime I need to go past this spot.


Adam opened the rest of his presents today. He got a musical instrument set... yep drums, tamborine, kazoo, maraccas a flute and those clicker things, can't think of what they are called. I didn't buy it, my wonderful niece Hannah did. LOL. It was a noisy day around here.


I brought him home tonight, I need to re-coup from the weekend. Tomorrow I might run to the Y and swim, but after that I am resting the whole day. I seem to have a cold thing going on, I might need an antibotic. If I am still like this tomorrow I will call the DR.


Haven't touched yarn or needles in days. Just not feeling like making anything yet. I have a few UFO's that maybe I'd like to get finished, and I was thinking about maybe working on a counted cross stitch, something new. I just don't know.


Well I have babbled enough I guess, I think I'll watch some TV and then hit the hay.


Good night friends, Sweet Dreams


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday- Swaps, Sweets and Sweat

Just a reminder that the sign ups started today and end on January 3rd. You can click on this link here, or on the picture on my sidebar to get to the blog for the swap and the instructions to sign up.

Another gift Adam got... Hey Shelly LOOK A CHICKEN!!!!

And this is my son Jim, he was headed out with his friend last night and she wanted him to wear something other then his usual jeans and polo shirt. As luck would have it my mom gave him this shirt for Christmas. It was hysterical trying to get him to wear this shirt. He was so uncomfortable. But we convinced him he looked great and I even got a picture.

As for the pictures I showed yesterday... Sorry I didn't post links to the patterns... I am planning on adding them to my Ravelry project page and any pattern links will be there. If you aren't on Ravelry and still want one let me know and I'll email it to you if there is one.

Church went well. I wore PANTS. Yep it was a shock to everyone. I did get a lot of compliments. They think I am melting away. I am only losing maybe 2 or 3 pounds a week now so it can't be as noticable as they think but it's nice to hear the positive feedback anyway. Yes I struggle with this taking compliments thing, but I am working on it. I am just not used to them so responding to them is a little hard.

Went to my BIL & SIL's today. We brought Adam. He played hard and fell asleep in the car on the way home. He's still sleeping now on the couch. I am almost afraid to think when I'll get to sleep tonight if he doesn't wake up soon. They had a TON of food there today. I skipped the appetizers and snack foods of course, dinner I had a little ham and 2 mini meatballs. They also had I swear 12 different desserts, oh my they looked good. But well we all know that's a No No for me too.

I came home to find the closet rod that holds all my clothes fell down and all my stuff was in a huge pile on the floor. That was a workout to clean it up, get the rod back on the wall and re-hang everything. {{{sigh}}} Now I think I am ready for a nap. Maybe I'll be up all night too, LOL.

Guess that's all for me today. I'll be back sometime tomorrow. Have a great night. Sweet Dreams


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday- Some Pictures of Finished Stuff

I finally felted those bags I started back in the late summer. They came out so cute.

Hard to tell but this scarf is really a lime green color. It's just red heart yarn but I like how the pattern worked out.

I made this heart scarf last year,  but it was too flimsy for me, so I decided to fix it but crocheting an  outline edge around it. I like it much better now.

This is a hat/scarf one piece set I just winged. I didn't have a pattern for it, nor did I write down what I did. I think it looks OK, what do you think?

And lastly I made another snowman hat and scarf set. The scarf is my own pattern, the hat belobgs to Michelle at Insanknity... I did change the hat just a tad... I decided NOT to use the buttons for the ees and mouth so instead I crocheted a circle and sewed them on for eyes and then after I made the nose I decided a mouth wasn't needed after all. This time I actually made the nose with the Icord method Michelle said to use, since I had recently made my first Icord handle days before. I am a PRO now, lol.

OK that's all from me today. I need to get Adam ready for bed. We have a long and busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams everyone


Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday- Waving Hello to My Friends

I do have some finished projects but I just wasn't up to taking the pictures today. I will try tomorrow.

Adam is coming tomorrow, that should lift my mood a little.

Wasn't able to eat anything today except a yogurt for breakfast. I think my stomach is a little stressed with everything going on. Hopefully tomorrow things will go better food wise anyway.

I am planning on running the CONTEST starting January 1st. It will be a nice distraction for me. Not sure if I will do weekly prizes again or bi weekly or monthly... hopefully I can make up my mind before the 1st, LOL

I tried to read a little today, but my mind kept wandering.

Sorry I am not very talkitive or interesting today, Just don't have it in me. I think I'll go read my Bible and go to bed early. Things start fresh in the morning, right?

Good night friends... Sweet Dreams


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday- We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Here are a couple videos from the play last night.

The first one is a little dark, but it's the elves and the reindeer singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

This next video is the cast closing out the play by singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Love AK

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday- Merry Christmas Eve, 20th Year Anniversary

Adam made it over today for a few hours. He had to leave to go to his uncle's house so missed our annual Christmas Eve play. He was supposed to be there but there was a sudden change in plans. We let him open the gifts we bought him while he was here. This is the Helmet Hero from playskool that we bought him. He liked the steering wheel and the lights and sounds more then he liked wearing the helmet. LOL
This is a plaque that all the grandchildren (well the older grand children) had made for my mother. They started doing this play in 1989 so this was the 20th consecutive year. I think the older kids might be retiring after this year. They are after all, 26, 24 and 23 years old. That means Autumn, Hannah, Colin and Adam will be the future of the Christmas Eve play.

This is my mom with all her grandchildren. Jim (my son) is in the back on the left. He played as a special treat Mrs Santa again this year. He stopped once he was too manly to pull it off. He has really hairy legs, LOL. Next to him is Chuck (Chuck the Duck) With the red reindeer nose. Next to Chuck is "Joe the Toe" Joe is also my son. He is also a reindeer. Robbin is Santa, and Autumn is almost laying her head on his lap. She was an elf, and then you have Colin and Hannah as elves too in the front. The only one not in costume is my MOM.

Towards the end we all take photos with Santa and his crew... this is Amanda and Christopher. Amanda is my son Jim's girlfriend and her son. This was their first time seeing the play. It's always more fun when we have a new face. In this case we had 3 new faces because she also brought her 17 year old sister.

And last this is me with the Santa team.
All in all it was a nice time. I tried to eat a meatball but I got sick. So I just stuck with the water.
It's late and I am really tired, so I think I'll go to bed.
Merry Christmas everyone... Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday- Is It World War Three Already?

No real blog post from me today. Seems that a war broke out in Watervliet today. It's gonna be a very Merry Christmas around here I can tell.

I can't go into details but it's not good. Maybe tomorrow in the new day things will look different but I can't see that from here.

God knows all, and He is in control. I will trust Him to deliver me from this situation and make a way in the darkness.

Praying you all are NOT having a night like mine.

Sleep well, I don't expect to sleep at all.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday- Where I Live, Where I Worship

This is a map of the city of Watervliet, back in the 1800's... it shows the Original Boundries. The town now has only 11,000 people. The surrounding areas have broken away and taken new names... Troy, Albany, Menands, Loudonville, Latham, Cohoes, Green Island to name a few.

I live in Watervliet now although I am not a native. I was born and raised in California. But Watervliet is full of natives. And that's one of the things I LOVE about this town. There is such History here. When I work the polls during election time I hear all the stories of how it used to be, and I hope that one day I will know them all well enough to share those memories with future generations.

My church is based here in Watervliet. We have such a heart for this city. And it was once spoken to us that God would give us this city in it's original boundries. We have been holding onto that promise for 19 years. We want to see all the people in this city and the surrounding areas BLESSED.

So when we came across this print of the original map of Watervliet in it's original boundries we had to get it for the Pastor for Christmas this year. And we were right, He loved it.

Onto the knitting front... I finished two scarves today. I haven't taken any photos yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Not much time left but I might get it all done by Christmas. I might still be knitting on Christmas though, lol.

Trying to stay warm is a challenge, I am wishing I had an afghan project to be working on.

Well the night is getting late and I think I am off to bed. Have a wonderful night and I'll see you tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday- Snowy but Special

Well church was not canceled and I am glad. Our Pastor did his annual message based on "A Christmas Carol" aka "Scrooge" and as usual it was awesome. That story is so full of truth and wisdom on how we are to be shining our lights and reaching out to others and not just at Christmas. It was so worth venturing out in the snow. This message always holds a special place in my heart.

After church I finished the hat I started yesterday, here is the front view
And here is a side view.

I made another hat today too but I'll show that tomorrow. I also learned how to make an ICORD today so I can finally finish those mini felted bags I started in October, LOL. Hopefully pictures of those felted will follow tomorrow as well.

Looks like I will be snowed in tomorrow as well. I am sure my husband will be taking my car again. Here is a picture from our deck out back...

Well it's been a long day and I am getting tired. I think I'll hit the hay and start again tomorrow.

Sweet dreams


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday- Something for Everyone

Sorry about the blurry picture, I just took it now and it's pretty dark. I didn't feel like getting up and turning on every light in the house, LOL. I am tired and read for bed.

These are the auction gifts I wrapped today and the presents we got for Adam for Christmas. I still have a few things to wrap and I need gift bags for the dishcloths I made for all my sister in laws.

I cleaned out my clothes today and packed up the things that are TOO big now. Then I went upstairs and looked in the closet for some more clothes I had stored away. I brought down a pair of pants, a skirt, a couple sweaters and 4 dresses. They range in various sizes, but I tried everything on and they all FIT. The smallest size was a size 22 dress. It's what I was hoping to wear for Christmas but it is a tad small... not uncomfortable but I think I need to lose another 10 or 20 pounds for this one. But a 22 is AWESOME. At one point I wore a 6X. Maybe I am losing weight in more places then my face after all. I think I will wear one of the new dresses to church tomorrow maybe I will even get a picture but don't count on it. I promise to have a new photo at our Christmas get together though.

Looks like my DH has decided he does not want to go to our annual Christmas Eve family gathering and play this year. This is the 20th year... not sure what's up with him, well maybe I do know but not at liberty to say right now. It's sad, because he can be so different when he allows JOY into his life. His attitude made me sad for awhile today, but a friend called and by the end of the call I was feeling better. Just because he is miserable doesn't mean I have to be too. All I can do for him now is PRAY.

It's been 3 days in a row now that I have been able to keep down two meals a day. Maybe I am finally getting this eating thing down now. Whew.

On the craft front I started a hat today. About 50% done... I hope to finish it in the morning. I really want to make felted bags for my nieces but for the life of me I can't find a pattern I am comfortable with and that I can make up in a couple hours. {{{sigh}}}

We got a lot of snow, and it was still snowing tonight and I think more coming tomorrow as well. We are going to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS no doubt about that.

Oh by they way those Votive Cozies are only for decoration... not meant to remain on the candle when it is to be burned, that would be dangerous. If I ever post the pattern I'll make sure to put in that disclaimer, LOL.

Speaking of pattern I did publish a Santa hat today, it's called JOLLY HAT. It's on Ravelry and on my pattern blog too.

I have a few requests for new patterns that I hope to get working on ASAP. I really like trying to create something especially when someone knows what they want.

Well it's late and I am tired and I have church in the morning. Good night everyone

Sweet Dreams


Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday- Frosty the Snowman meets Rudolph

Well that picture was sent to me in an email... it's not actually from our yard. But it could be. We have enough snow to make several snowmen. In fact if I can find some boots I might just go out there tomorrow and make one. It's been many many years since I tried. I was hoping to make one with Adam but he is sick and won't be coming. If I do make one I will for sure take a picture of it. I am a little jealous of the deer though, I'd love to eat a raw carrot. OK Shelly stop feeling grosed out over that. Carrots are GOOD I tell you...GOOD.
I made up a new pattern today. I needed something to hold these votive candles so I crocheted these votive holders. I wonder what I should call them... Votive Cozies??? They were pretty easy to make and I will put the free pattern on Ravelry as soon as I can decide on what to call them. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I was snowed in all day today so I cleaned up the house. Cleaned up the bags of yarn I had all over the place, then I did laundry, paid bills and wrapped some Christmas gifts. I also got a few packages ready to mail tomorrow as well. All in all I felt I had a productive day.

Food wise it was also a good day. I had FF Cottage cheese w/pineapple for breakfast 1/2 a cup and it stayed down. I forgot to eat lunch I was so busy cleaning, but for dinner I had 1/2 cup of chili and a SF Jello snack cup. This time the chili stayed down so I was very happy. So one whole day and no sick moments. Life is good.

My husband and kids all made it to work and home safely in the winter weather, that makes me happy. But we are in for another storm on top of this one Sunday... so everyone seems cranky. I am living in a house with 3 cranky men. God help me, please.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. My sister is taking her to see Disney On Ice. I didn't have the money to go or I would have gone too.

Hopefully the roads clear up by morning so I can go out and get a pair of boots and some gift bags for some presents I have made.

If not I guess I will KNIT away and maybe have a chance at finishing the Christmas knitting I have decided I MUST do.

Hope everyone was safe today and hopefully in bed already. That's where I am heading. See you tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday- Thank You, Thank You

Well I received a package today. It came from Beth and I was so not expecting this at all. Some of you may have seen her beautiful crocheted angels. If not here is a picture of the one she sent me. I LOVE it. I also loved the Christmas card, and the note inside. Beth this was just what I needed this week. It's been a rough week, but God always finds a way to shine some HOPE. This time He chose you. Thank you for hearing Him and obeying.
Yesterday I finished a gift for our newest nephew, he will be a month old around Christmas. I found this pattern on Ravelry. Actually I first found the pattern for the booties. And after they were done I decided I NEEDED an elf hat to match. This was the closest pattern to the vision in my head.

Elfin Baby Set pattern (used hat pattern only)

Elfin Baby Booties pattern These were so EASY to crochet up and like the designer said if you have an hour you can have a pair of booties. Maybe in even less time. I LOVE them.

And here is a picture of the set together.

Well we are in for another winter storm starting tomorrow. They are saying 1 to 2 inches an hour could fall. Looks like I will be stranded at home again tomorrow.

So in preparation I decided to get in a little extra swimming today. I swam for 2 hours and that meant I swam 1 1/2 miles.

Then I thought, gee I better get some groceries before we get snowed in... so I walked for an hour in the market and stocked up. Then I had to carry in all the bags cause no one was here to help me. Guess what? My feet hurt. But it's a good hurt. 6 months ago I would not have even been able to walk into the store much less shop. God has been so good to me this year.

I called to make sure Adam had his snow pants when he goes to school tomorrow so we could go out and make a snowman this weekend. Well it turns out he is sick. They should have called to let me know, but that's neither here nor there, I guess. So looks like NO Adam this weekend? OH NO what will I blog about? What will I take pictures of?

You know maybe I will go out and make a snowman anyway and take a picture of that. LOL Perhaps I can knit him a hat and scarf too... ooh maybe an Elfin set. LOL

Oh I tried some FF Cottage Cheese with Pineapple for my dinner tonight. I was able to eat about 1/4 cup and I DID NOT get sick. YAY. I also weighed in today and lost another 4 pounds this past week. It's slowed down from last month but still a GREAT loss and I am excited that soon I will be in a new weight category. It's been so long.

I guess that's it for now. I'll be around tomorrow, you can count on it. Just like you can count on God never leaving your side, ever.
Hbr 13:5 [Let your] conversation [be] without covetousness; [and be] content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Good night friends... Sweet dreams


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday- What else could happen?

So yesterday started out pretty good. I went to the pool swam another 45 laps.

Found the traffic court and cleared that parking ticket.

Then I came home, and got sick. Yep nothing I ate or drank stayed down. Not a good day on the nutrition front. I did later on get in a cup of turkey chili and a sugar free jello, so it wasn't a total wash out.

On another good note we made it to the eye glasses place (husband came home early) and we ordered our glasses. It cost me out of pocket $128.00 total for a pair of glasses for each of us ($64 each). Not too bad, huh? We might have them by Christmas or New Years. Not sure if I am gonna like bifocals but I'll try them. They said if I can't tolerate them they will get me a new set without. No charge.

Now before we left for the eye glasses place (what are they called anyway?) I wanted to quickly check the balance in my checkbook just in case we had to pay more out of pocket. Imagine my SHOCK when I saw several amounts taken from my checking account to PAYPAL. I haven't used PAYPAL all month. No time to investigate we were headed out the door.

I came home and went right to it... $300.00 in purchases made by who??? Mostly to ITUNES and a $70+ purchase to Barnes and Noble. {{{sigh}}} Of course I am covered by PAYPAL for fraudulent charges BUT it takes 7 to 10 days for them to investigate. I will be refunded, but that doesn't stop my checking account from looking bleak and this close to Christmas too. Oh well, God will provide, He always does.

Then last night I am blogging and watching the end of Biggest Loser (which I haven't seen yet) talking to Shelly on the phone and **POOF** our power goes out. Yeah Tuesday was just a BANNER day, LOL

Now it's Wednesday, the power is back on but we have 6" of snow on the ground and the roads are a mess with multiple accidents. My youngest son made it home from work this morning, and my oldest and my husband are driving in it now on their way to work. I hate winter driving. It comes from 25 years working in the Insurance industry. I've seen what happens first hand in winter accidents.

I am grounded today, husband took the car cause it's better in the snow then his truck. So I think I will spend most of today knitting. I need to relax a little. But first I need to tackle the dishes, they multiplied when I wasn't looking.

Wish my finances would do that. LOL

Here's a little funny cartoon I got in an email this week. It's my favorite so far this year.

Have a wonderful day. Find the humor in your troubles. And remember if you ever feel like No One likes you... remember God LOVES you, and me. Even if we are a fruitcake.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday- Doesn't it figure.

Kathy is blogging, I'm on the phone with her, it's been a crazy day, and poof. She hangs up on me.

Turns out, she's out of power.

To keep the 365 blog thing going, you're reading this.

Isn't life grand?


Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday- Dora and Boots are in the house

The above picture is my niece Hannah and my nephew Colin, and of course Adam.
Hannah and Colin are only 4 months apart in age but Hannah seems older. I was telling Shelly how they remind me of Dora and Boots. Imagine Hannah with short dark hair and she is Dora, and Colin well he is the spittin' image of Boots.
..................................Dora aka Hannah......................Boots aka Colin

Well I made it to the pool today and finally started swimming laps again. I usually swim 36 laps in about 90 minutes, well today I still had 10 minutes left so I decided to swim 6 more, and then I thought if I made it 9 it would be another 1/4 of a mile. So I swam 45 laps today in 100 minutes.

After the pool I went to the grocery store and shopped for another half an hour. So I got in quite a workout today.

Came home and watched 2 Christmas movies and relaxed. Haven't started a new project yet but I will tomorrow.

Today warmed up nicely and I didn't even need to wear a coat. But looks like snow is expected for tomorrow. If it doesn't start until late I will go to the pool again in the morning. I won't drive in the snow on purpose, LOL.

Guess that's about it for me today. Gonna watch a little TV and hopefully have a good nights sleep.

Sweet Dreams


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday- Sweet Surprises and Santa too

Well I tried to spruce up Adam's picture today. But I can't seem to get the picture bigger without distorting it. Bummer... The red words say Merry Christmas on the top, and Love Adam 2008 on the bottom.
It's funny at Sears they showed sample photos and the kids were wearing Santa hats, I was disappointed that they didn't suggest it for Adam, especially since his outfit was so plain. Oh well it is what it is, right?

Friday in the mail I received not ONE but TWO packages. Neither were I expecting so it was a GREAT mail day for me. This is what I got.

260yards of handspun Merino made by Leah and Lindy, Lindy is the wheel, Leah is the spinner.
I am sure my camera doesn't do it justice, but it's beautiful. Thank you Leah, I LOVE it.

Next came a pair of socks made for me by my friend and most days my sanity Shelly. She planned on making me these socks when I began my journey to lose the weight to qualify for the surgery. She dyed these socks in the prettiest PINK I have ever seen and beautiful silver beads on them too. I had forgotten they were coming, and I was on the phone with Shelly when I got the mail so she got to hear my excitement. Thank you Shelly.
Isn't that just a graceful pose? Actually I wonder if I could have posed like this 100 pounds ago? Probably not. Just imagine what I will be posing like when another 100 pounds are gone.

I did a little better on my eating and drinking today. I managed to get in my protein drink before church that takes care of 55 of the 60 grams of protein. Lunch time I had 1 cup of tomato soup made with milk. It stayed down, that was even better.

Now for two days now I have been trying to eat some meatloaf. Both nights I was sick. Yucky sick. But I was determined to try again tonight. Now I have no problem with hamburger when it's in chili so I decided to break it up into small pieces and add it to the left over cup of tomato soup. It worked, I ate it and not even a gag. I guess in order to eat the ground beef I need it in a sauce of some type. I also had the rest of the jello I made the other day. I think I've had 6 glasses of water too and I am still drinking even now. So for me today was a HUGE success.

Now tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so I think I might actually venture out for a swim. I am going to see how close I can get to a mile after not swimming for over a month.

That said, I will sign off for now

Sweet Dreams


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday- Someone Went to Sears

It was a crazy morning... we had the photo appointment for 11am. We picked up Adam at 10:30am and we still had to but a Christmas outfit. Yeah my sister is always running late, LOL.

We got to Sears at 10:50, walked into the Childrens clothes dept (thank You Lord) and quickly found the black pants and a red turtle neck... price... pants 4.99, shirt 6.99. Can't beat that. Thank You LORD again.

Made it to the portrait studio with 1 minutes to spare and we were brought right in. They got 14 photos of Adam, these are just a sample. He has not had his picture taken professionally since he was 6 months old.

Afterward we stopped at McDonald's and got all the kids chicken, fries and sodas for lunch. I tried their broccoli and cheese soup. It was pretty good and I was able to eat more then half of it without getting sick. That was a relief.

Tomorrow I will show some of the other pictures taken of all three kids. And Hannah the model too. She said she could have stayed there all day having her picture taken, LOL.

Adam and I are going to bed now. Tomorrow is another day.

Sweet Dreams


Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday- Freezing Frenzy, But Fantastic Foto's

Well I was going to blog about some stuff I got in the mail today. But I couldn't let the Freezing status of New York go un-mentioned today. So instead... here are some photo's of the first winter storm.

This is a hedge we have in our front yard. It might be a little hard to see but there is more then 1/2" of ice covering those leaves and branches. Then it started snowing and the snow stuck to the ice, making for a beautiful effect. It's my second favorite picture I took today.
This is one of the Pine trees my husband planted along the side of our driveway. The weight of the ice bent one whole side of this tree right to the ground.
Actually after a closer look it appears these branches have broken right off and are not just bent down. Luckily for us the trees didn't fall into the house. Many many other New Yorkers were not so fortunate.
This is a view down the driveway looking at the garage. This is our Peach tree... in the summer when it's in full bloom and full of peaches it bends over the driveway even worse then this. So much so that when I back the car out of the garage if the window is open I'll get a few peaches in my lap as I drive by.
This is the tree right in front of my sisters house next door. Can you see the icy roadway in the background. It was pretty slippery out there.
And the last picture is my favorite... I just love the way the branches are reaching into the heavens, almost as if they were worshiping God Himself. Oh wait they are.
Isa 55:12 For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap [their] hands.

Until tomorrow... Sweet Dreams


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday- I Couldn't Help Myself...

As if I didn't do enough yesterday decorating that humongous Christmas tree {{{grin}}}, I had to go and again today decorate TWO more. I know I know, I should have been resting... Knowing Adam is coming tomorrow for three days. I read, or rather sang, the comment left by TEA... Oh you didn't see her comment? Well let me re-post it here for you.

Sing to the tune of Jingle Bells...hummmm...

Wishin' you would do, what your doctor says is right.
You would feel great soon and even rest at night.
But we know you won't, so we have to pray.
Lord, we wish you'd tie Aunt Kathy to the bed today.

Oh..blogspot tells, blogspot tells,
Someone here's been bad.
They've overdone and now they're pooped.
And they're making us all sad. HEY!! (repeat)

Funny huh? It actually made me smile today and that's always good. Now if you want to smile too go check out her blog if you haven't been there already... The link is above on her name.

Ok back to me and my extremely busy and exhausting day. I decorated a couple more Christmas trees, I just couldn't help myself.

One with garland and one with pompoms as ornaments

I got this pattern sort of from a Holiday Cheer Coaster pattern I found on Ravelry. I had to adapt it a little to make it smaller because I didn't want a coaster I wanted a Christmas ornament. I wasn't sure I could figure out a smaller star so I just used the PomPoms. I like them, they came out pretty cute and were a very easy mindless pattern to create.

Today we were under a winter storm warning. Our first major storm of the season. But NO SNOW. It was all ICE. And we are talking a lot of ICE. Therefore I felt the need to hurry and make something I could use to get around on the ICE.

Ice Skate Ornament has been in my queue on Ravelry since last Christmas. I am not a procrastinator or anything. These were a little more complicated but not too hard. I didn't have the ribbon and flowers she used, but I managed to make them work. I asked my husband what they were and it was a good sign when he immediately identified them as skates. Whew.

Unfortunately I made them a tad too small for me to wear when I carried in the 17 logs for the wood stove today. I had to rely on my back up plan...

And a close up of those spikes... what are they just simple screws??? Yep.

But they worked, I was able to walk on the wooden deck in the back and I didn't slip or fall once.

Then after I died and was revived with a cup of DeCaf Tea I went and pried open the mailbox, yeah it was frozen shut... and what did I find??? A Christmas card from PATT and inside it was this awesome Sheep magnet. She also sells the magnets, sheep pins and needle toppers. They are so cute.

So far today I have had 5 of the 8 glasses of water I am supposed to have. I am going to try to get in two more before bed and then finish the 8th through the night while I sleep.

Which hopefully will be in an hour or so, so I better get drinking.

Sweet Dreams to you all.


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