Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday- See me in the SNOW, Nana?

Adam and I went into the backyard after church today to play in the snow. He was making footprints and "paw" prints so we could find the "clues", we made a few snowballs and tried to make a snowman but the snow was too soft. Then we went inside the garage and he rode for a bit on his big wheel. After the bike incident yesterday I knew he'd enjoy that. I was, however, FREEZING. I found an old coat hanging in the garage and put that on, where was my coat you ask? Well it was still in the car, oops. Anyway this coat in the gargae didn't fit me, but it was wool and I liked it so I saved it. It fits now. It will fit really good next winter when the coat I have now will be way too big. God is so good.
I did get another kitty knitted today, made this one with Patons Classic Wool Merino and I plan on felting it tomorrow. I hope I can felt with the stuffing inside. I am about to find out. But here is the picture of the kitty as is.
The batteries are dead in my camera so I had to use the web cam to get the picture so you are stuck with me in the picture too.
Well it's getting late so I think I'll brush the bones and get ready for bed. Good night my blog friends and sweet dreams.


SimplyMe said...

bones = teeth
bones when dee was adam's age = crusts off pizza

Love the kitty, love the pics outside. I'm so glad you took him outside to play.

smariek said...

I love the look of pristine snow, I bet Adam had fun making the first footprints. It's a good thing you saved that coat!

sailorcross said...

Just look at all your snow!! And where is mine, I ask???

Where did you find that kitty pattern? I know that Lindsay would love one of these, and her birthday is coming up in April.

Did you check my post on the giveaways? I don't think so--anyway there is a link there that you can send a picture of your present self and they will simulate it of you at your goal weight!! What a great motivator--to see what you will look like at your goal weight!!

I sent mine in, but they sent me an e-mail this morning saying they couldn't use it. They need a full length picture in not baggy clothes. I sent only a head shot. So, I'm going to have someone at work take my pic today and send that off.

The kitty tracker is back!! Christmas kind of did me in, but I'm back on it now!!


Unknown said...

Great kitty. Good luck with the felting.

We got about 12 inches of snow from Friday night to Saturday afternoon with another inch or so yesterday. Snow is nice as long as you are standing inside and looking at it.

MamaMay said...

So cute! Every time I get my daughter in snow to play she just sits down and crys.

Unknown said...

Hey, we got the exact same snow this weekend, too. Some of the kids played in it. No snowballs though- it was like throwing sand. they enjoyed themselves though. Looking for more of that, and some cold cold temps. Brrr. I need to knit some slippers.

I know you'll let us know how the kitty turns out. Can't wait. My oldest loves cats and she would like one.

Maria said...

Hi Kathy!
gosh, it'll be 70 today here.. kind of miss the snow, though. Actually, not THAT much...How are you? Sending you hugs!

Sew Many Stitches said...

He is SO adorable! Wish we had snow down here.

I can not get over how much younger and rested you look - you look so healthy Kat - keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice snow and your Adam looks as if he is having a great time.

It must feel great to be so good with your weight loss.

And we get to see a picture of you too.

Stay warm and dry.

Your Cocoa Swap Pal

Georgi said...

Isnt it funny how much kids like the snow? I like it when I can stay home and veg, but I hate when I have to get up and go to work. :-)

Kenyetta said...

I agree with Georgi about the snow!
Getting slim, huh?!!
I am so proud of you!

Bubblesknits said...

My kids have been begging for some snow to play in. They've decided that it's time to move. To Canada. lol

hakucho said...

Glad Adam is enjoying the snow :) I'm getting really sick of it already! I think it's going to be a long winter....

The kitty is too cute :)

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