Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday- Frantically Fumbling

Friday's Contest Question:
Have you ever had your eyebrows and/or face waxed? Post your answer in the comment section for Friday's entry in the June contest.
I ask this because I had that done today for the first time. OUCH, not too bad but ouch still. So how does it look?
And for a comparison here is a picture of my face taken in January... bushier eyebrows.
I saw the surgeon today and I'll tell more this weekend. Too tired to go into details tonight.
Have a great night everyone, sweet dreams. I hope to catch up with you all over the weekend. I am frantically fumbling now to get ready to leave. I want to go already but I need a few more days, {{sigh}}


Libby's Library said... daughter-in-law does this for me. She is great at it. And then she gives me a mani-pedi. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Heaven on earth.

Sweet Dreams

Claudia said...

I love getting my eyebrows waxed. Feels so good afterwards! :) Although now there's a new thing - threading. I'm going to be trying that very soon.

Turtle said...

the brows look great! working in a day spa i can tell you i have had about everything waxed! i have even been the guineau pig for new hires when teacfhing them "our way" of waxing...good pain tolerance! smile Getting a fresh brazilian and brow shape on monday, i do trades with my girlfriend for services.

ilovesf said...

I don't like the feeling but I love how it looks when I have it done. Your's looks great. But you are beautiful outside and inside!

Have a great time in our wonderful CA, give the Pacific and hello from me.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

WOW!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! :D Simply Beautiful AK!!!! :D

no, i've never gotten anything waxed... im 1)too lazy, 2)dont really find that i have a problem with the way my eyebrows look and 3)am too scared to try my legs because i'm sort of a wimp at some things lol ;)

Unknown said...

You don't like the Brooke Shields look? LOL. you look great. I have my eyebrows waxed and it hurts!! Can't imagine getting a bikini line wax. Ouch!

smariek said...

You look great! I've never done that before.

Wow Gold said...

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