Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday- Who Am I?

I swear I need a secretary to help me keep track of time. It's already after midnight and I am ready to crash. But first I MUST blog, or for sure I won't get to sleep. LOL
I am sitting here and the TV is on, and all these adult cartoons just came on. I don't normally watch them but I don't feel like looking for the TV box to change the channel. So my question today is ... DO YOU WATCH ANY CARTOONS, ADULT OR CHILDREN ONES? WHICH ONES DO YOU WATCH? ANY FAVORITES? Leave your comment to get Wednesday's entry in June's contest.
I had to laugh at the episode of Family Guy that was just on it was all Star Wars themed and ADAM loves Star Wars, and to my horror he also loves Family Guy. He doesn't watch that here for obvious reasons but I can't control what his momma lets him watch I guess.

Thought you might enjoy this little clip from the show.
Yesterdays answer was what most of you thought. You are all pretty clever and I am sure you can see now why I didn't wanna post it. But it's nice to see no one was offended. That was something that got nearly impossible with all the excess weight I carried around. But now I can actually do things like a normal person, it was a HUGE moment for me. LOL
I am bummed another day has passed and NO KNITTING. This is just wrong. Maybe tomorrow, I hope to try anyway.
27 days and counting down. I think I need to make a countdown ticker for this trip. Tomorrow, someone remind me ok? Have a great night and see you Thursday. Sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

I don't watch cartoons. Actually, with summer and re-runs on tv, I will probably not watch much of any tv.

Don't forget to add your trip countdown ticker . . . LOL . . . see, you've been reminded.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I dont really get to watch a whole lot of tv actually... um, sometimes in the summer cartoons will come on like scooby doo and i'll sit there and watch them (I really am a kid at heart!) ;)


danielle said...

Hubby watches some of them, and so I have ended up watching some of them. But I do not find them truly enjoyable....altho I have watched the new one The Goode Family? and find some of it funny ...but who knows, with being stuck in the hosue, what I will resort to watching next!

vickie said...

i occasionally but thatjust because my husband watches them i like dramas and show like that

vbarton24 at gmail dot com

Marissa said...

The only cartoon I watch is Family Guy, if only for the inappropriateness! And I don't catch it often, because of the kiddos. That's all I need, for the kids to repeat some of those gems!!

Renna said...

Hah! I loved the Family Guy does Star Wars does Dirty Dancing. ;-Þ

Kenyetta said...

I love Family Guy and Da Boondocks.
No knitting- that is just wrong!

Unknown said...

I'm not a big fan of cartoons. I outgrew them long ago. However, my children love them, and so does my 16 yr old and my son. So, I'm forced to watch them, LOL. that's when I knit!

cedarstrings said...

I confess to being a Family Guy fan. I love the incidental music, Brian's references to hip culture. I find it embarrassingly crude, but creative and almost cathartic in the way the characters verbalize thoughts and emotions that few people own up to in day to day life. Of course, my daughter is forbidden to watch the show (I have no idea how it gets past the ratings standards). Family Guy is my one guilty pleasure ... less fattening than chocolate

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