Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday- Feet Found Fittness Footwear

Well I guess you aren't surprised to see I am here yet again after midnight. I think my internal clock is off kilter, lol. Maybe I am on West Coast time even though I am still on the East Coast. LOL
Do you usually cook a regular dinner on Friday nights or is that the family take out night? make a comment about this or anything to receive the Friday entry in the June contest.
I ask this because for some reason on Fridays I struggle with cooking, I seem so tired. Tonight I made dinner in the crock pot, so it took me 5 min this morning to get it ready and then it cooked all by itself all day. I love cooking like that. Now if only I could eat that food too I'd be good to go.
So today I had big plans, to STAY home and KNIT something. Yeah that didn't happen. Took my son to Dick's Sporting Goods he needed new sneakers. We didn't find any when we were out yesterday and we looked. He found a pair and seemed to be happy, but I also found a pair.
These are the ones I ended up with, I wanted the ones that had pink around the N instead of black, and they had some pink on the bottom sole too. but they didn't have my size in that color.
Speaking of size, I have dropped 2 shoe sizes this past year. My feet are shrinking, apparently they are still WIDE but definitely smaller. LOL
I so wanted to go straight to the Y and try them out but we had Adam already so home I had to go. We are going back to the park by the cows tomorrow so I will get to wear them while I am walking around. I am meeting my friend Kim whom I have never met before. She used to live in this area and moved about 3 hours away. I met her through a thread on Weight Watchers online. I am excited to see her finally. She has three boys ranging from Adams age to a newborn.
I am a little chilled, not sure why. I think I'll get ready for bed, Adam is already sprawled out on my bed, barely any room for Nana.
You all have a wonderful night and I'll be back Saturday sometime. Sweet dreams everyone.


Marissa said...

I *AM* the take-out here! (in winter anyway. There are 2 other options in the summer. I bake for people all week!) Fridays are tough for dinner, and I don't know why. It feels like it should be a celebratory 'end of the week' thing, maybe? I usually make pizza dough in the morning, and throw a few of those together. But. like you, my favorite thing to do is either cook ahead, or use the crock pot. Then it feels like I've gone out!

Bonnie said...

I don't know what your shoe size is but I wear a size 10. All of those girly shoes that I love don't look so cute in my size. I buy men's Reebok's or New Balance and they do just fine, just don't look so cute. The important thing is to USE them, right?

Turtle said...

crock pot meals are so good...and did you know they are incredibly economical power efficiency wise? (like 2 cents per hour on low) Fridays for us all depended on my work days, as we were open till 6 i sometimes did not get home before 8. Now of course that is not an issue! Sometimes pizza, sometimes stir fry, sometimes it just depends on if something needs to be cooked before it turns!

Unknown said...

Friday nights are pizza night. We get the cheap frozen pizzas, add some cheese and turkey pepperoni, and pop them in the oven. Satisfying and cheap, and hardly any clean up!

the shoes look great. I hate when they don't stock the shoes I want!

Hope you have a great day.

Susan said...

Friday night is date night, even if it's only pizza or burgers. Sometimes it's even a nice restaurant. But we never cook.

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