Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday- Wishing it was Tuesday already

Wednesday's Contest Question:
Do you have a vacation planned this summer? Tell me about it in the comment section for Wednesday's entry in the June contest. I really love hearing what others do for vacation.
Here are the pictures of Adam from our swimming day yesterday that were on my phone, that I left in the car last night. I made sure to bring it in tonight. But of course I took NO pictures today. Oh well.

I am so wishing it was Tuesday. I want to be on that plane heading West. Because I know I'll be knitting finally. I sure do miss those needles and yarn.
Today I cleaned out 4 big boxes of toys that Adam doesn't play with anymore. This house is starting to look pretty good. Wonder if it will still look good when I get back after a month of being away. Oh I dread the thought.
I guess I am getting ready for bed now, hope you all had a great day. Sweet dreams.


smariek said...

No big vacation plans yet, however we are going on a mini road trip to Healdsburg next week. That's in Sonoma county, wine country in California. Nice thing about Sonoma is that it is less crowded than Napa. Should be relaxing. :-)

Unknown said...

We aren't doing much of anything this year. I just put in for some random days through the rest of the summer. I think, except for one week, I will be taking off at least one day per week until the kids go back to school.

Adam is such a cutie!

We too just sent several bags of stuff off.

danielle said...

Well, lets see....this weekend we were supposed to be in Cambria - had to cancel that - and next week in Napa - had to cancel that. But in October we will be in Disneyland with the entire fam-damily!

Were in CA are you visiting Kathy?

Jane said...

Nothing so exciting as California!
Just a little mini-vacation to Boston to a Red Sox game and then stops at Cabellas and the other outlets on the way back up to Maine. When will you be back from CA? I might take a trip down your way (NJ)in August.

Turtle said...

nope, no vacations planned. If we make it away on an overnight backpacking trip we wil be doing well. Maybe a tag along with hubby on work/vacation but nothing specific for vacation.

Claudia said...

Our anniversary is around Labor Day and Hubz always takes a week off at that time for celebrating. But with no money to go anywhere, I have no idea what we'll do. But it will be nice just having him home. :)

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