Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday- Fun in the Sun

Well there are no contest assignmeents on the weekends but if you comment there will still be an entry for the day. So feel free to comment anytime, OK?
Adam and I had a wonderful day at the park again today. I met up with an online friend I had not met in person yet and her three boys, one is Adams age and the others younger. I haven't held a baby in awhile so it was nice. We walked in the maze again, fed the ducks and then Adam and I afterward went to the farm and saw the cows again and he had a homemade ice cream cone.
Well I have some videos to share too but Blogger won't let me upload them tonight, so maybe tomorrow. So for now here are a couple pictures from the day of the kids and one of me and Kim.

David and Adam hmm neither of them are smiling in this photo

Mark and John Luke in their matching hats (check out Marks Mickey Mouse shoes)

Adam, Mark and John Luke in front of the maze of trees, we walked through the whole maze

Aunt Kathy, Kim and little David in the pouch thing, photo taken reluctantly by Adam who wanted to be feeding the ducks and not taking pictures of grown ups, LOL

There was once again NO KNITTING today, but I swear, if I were a swearer, lol, that there will be KNITTING tomorrow. I NEED TO KNIT.

Have a great night everyone, sweet dreams and come back tomorrow hopefully to see the videos.



SimplyMe said...


Kenyetta said...

Nice pictures! I agree-knit!

Unknown said...

I love taking the kids to the park. What a fun day. Those cute hats are reversible? Nice!

Adam did a good job taking your picture. Maybe a budding photographer?

Robynn's Ravings said...

How fun to meet bloggy friends! Glad you had such a great time. :)

Bubblesknits said...

Love that pic of David and Adam! LOL They look so...concerned. :)

Jane said...

What a nice day! What fun to meet an on line friend in person.

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