Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday- Would You Do It?

Wednesday's Contest Question:
So if money was NOT an option and would you consider having a face lift or a tummy tuck or some other type of plastic surgery done? Post your answer in the comment section to recive today's entry in the June contest.
I ask this because tonight I went to a seminar to learn more about the different surgeries this dotor provides after losing weight, a lot of weight. I need to go in for a consulation when I return from CA. Adam's dipoma for graduating from Pre-Scool

Adam and Nana posing for a picture ala IPHONE camera.
I am pretty tired, in fact I started this over an hour ago and I keep dosing off. Oops
Good night everyone and sweet dreams.


vickie said...

congratulations on your little man grad preschool that is awesome
well after having my baby I would love to have a breast reduction and a tummy tuck for sure

Unknown said...

I think about what archeologists will find in another few thousand years when they dig us up. What would they say about our society with the implants and things? That being said, if I did lose lots of weight and had extra skin hanging around, I would want to get rid of it!

So Adam will be in kindergarten next year? How exciting!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

when i was in highschool i always wanted a butt reduction lol simply cuz people always called me bubblebutt... but i cant help it if i have a muscular rump right?! lol ;)

smariek said...

Congrats Adam!

Although I like the idea of having cosmetic surgery, I don't think I'd really go through with it.

Kenyetta said...

Congrats! He is getting so big!
I don't know if I would have anything done. I would love a tummy tuck but I think I would use the money to buy Bowflex and a new wardrobe!

Natalie Rush said...

Congrats Adam!!! :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

I would have a tummy tuck in a HEARTbeat!

Jane said...

congratulations to Adam! I would have to have a very big tummy tuck! It would be nice to lose a chin too.

Turtle said...

congrats adam!!

Interesting q. I actually had the newer laser lipo almost 2 years ago. I had the lil shelf belly from my c-section, aloha arms and a double chin that no working out or starving could get to go away. I have been happy with the results but do wish i had just forgone the lipo to the ab area and gotten a tummy tuck instead (although i have a fear of being cut open) the laser i was awake for. It was not cheap but is very important to go to someone reputable. I felt guilty spending the money but my i received money when my dad passed and hubby would not let me spend any on the family until i did something for myself. Hubby actually booked my consult for me knowing i was interested but not used to spending like that on myself. So yes.... if money were no option, yes most definately i would have a tummy tuck and rid myself of all the extra baby skin.

Unknown said...

You look great!

Congrats to Adam. Always a fun time and isn't it amazing how quickly they grow.

I would probably consider having surgery. I know that a friend of mine who had bariatric surgery several years ago did end up having some extra skin removed. The problem was that she kept getting a hideous infection within the "flaps." She said it was almost more of a hassle to get that surgery than the initial surgery. If I remember correctly, it was after she was hospitalized for i.v. antibiotic therapy that the insurance company finally relented.

If I had the extra cash, I probably would have the surgery. I am not sure my insurance would cover it at all.

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