Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday- That Cost How Much?

Thursday Contest Question:
Most of you who come here to read are women so I guess it's OK to ask this question, lol... How much are you willing to spend on a new purse? Do you have a specific brand you'd be willing to pay more for or do you shop strictly by size, color and price? Post your answer in the comment section to receive your Thursday contest entry.
I know that's a silly question but hey that's my life these days. I can't remember the last time I bought a purse, maybe 10 years ago or more. I think I paid $10 for it and I was still using it right up until today. But the leather or fake leather, not sure which it is made out of, is so worn that it started flaking and I'd find these brown colored flecks of something on my arms and clothes and I couldn't figure where they were coming from then I noticed it was the purse. Time to get a new one. This was the purse I ended up with.

It's a "KATHY VAN ZEELAND" What I liked about this purse is it has the name "KATHY" right on it. It is MY PURSE, only thing that would have mande it more perfect is if it said Aunt Kathy. I guess it's a designer purse, but I bought it at Burlington Coat Factory so it sells for $99.00 retail and I got it for $49.99. I almost didn't buy it... $50 for a purse??!!!! But honestly every purse I saw there was $30 or higher and I stopped at JC Penney's first and theirs were all $70 and up. OMG that's just unbelievable. I guess you don't know how much prices have skyrocketed until you actually get out there and shop. I should have known though, I was looking for a wallet for my husband for Fathers Day and the simple "cheap" trifold things even at Walmart were $19.99, where are those $5 wallets?
See what happens when you allow your weight to make you a semi hermit? I have not been out shopping in many years so this is all new to me. I dread what I am gonna pay for new shoes, my feet have shrunk 2 sizes since I lost this weight, I hav enever paid more than $10 for a pair of shoes and that was the MAX... oh boy am I going to be shocked again I think.
I'll leave you tonight with a picture of Adam and me from the graduation on Wednesday

Have a wonderful night, sweet dreams and I'll see you on Friday.


Libby's Library said...

Honestly? I'd pay a couple hundred, if I had money saved up, and it was the perfect Coach or Dooney. I think the most I've actually paid is around $50. I've been hinting for TWO YEARS now, that I want a leather Pug Purse from Bradford Exchange. I'll keep hinting until I get it, or they now longer make it;-D

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

haha!! i LOVE that picture! Adam is adorable! :) and you look beautiful like always! :) my new purse i just paid 6 bucks for and the one before that was 20.. i dont really like spending a whole lot of money on purses lol...

Unknown said...

I've always had a hard time spending money on clothes and accessories. I think $20 is high for jeans, and I won't pay over $15 for a shirt, no more than $10 for a Tshirt. Guess I'm just cheap, LOL.
And I don't buy purses anymore since I can knit a bag that works just as well. Guess I was never much of a purse person anyway. And I don't think I'd pay over $20 for a purse!

danielle said...

Purses are my downfall....but I dont go the designer route. I go the - do I love it route! But even I have not been able to fork over the amt of money needed for the Coach bag that I have wanted all these years - and of course, teh COach outlets dont have the ones I want! I think I have paid over $100 once, and that was about 10 years ago, I still have the purse and it still looks good!

smariek said...

Trying to remember when I last bought a purse! It must have been the purse for my wedding, so that one was a bit of a splurge and not what I would usually want to spend. If I were to buy a purse today, I don't see myself paying more than $100.

Claudia said...

When I was single, the sky was the limit. On a trip to Italy, I had to go to Gucci and get a purse. It was just over $400. My mother had bought one for my sister on one of her trips and I had always wanted one. Being able to shop there was the thrill of a lifetime for me.

Now that I'm married and money is so tight, I only buy them at walmart, or I just knit myself a purse. I can't spend more than maybe $15. I do so miss the good old days.

Jane said...

Purses are not something I will spend a lot of money on. In fact I make all of my purses - I'm the felting nut remember? I'll spend money on shoes - but not for style - just for comfort.

ilovesf said...

Mine are free, that is about it. I have tried to go buy a purse but can never find one I like that I am willing to pay the price. Since I have a ton of free bags I have won or earned from my biz I just use those. Yes, I have become very cheap since I found Dave Ramsey.

Say hello to CA for me. You look terrific.

Marissa said...

What a nice picture of you and Adam. That is one proud Grandma!
Purses? I am a bag lady. I try not to spend boatloads on them, but if one has several of my 'required features', I am usually in line at the cash register...

cedarstrings said...

you are looking more radiant and happy each day! Enjoy your new handbag, carry it with pride as a well-earned reward for all you are continuing to accomplish. Personally, I adore well-made leather goods. I have three coddled Coach bags that are approaching vintage status, and hope that my DD appreciates them when she inherits them. With bags and accessories, as well as most of my clothes, I look for classic style, quality materials and workmanship. Then I coddle them at laundry time ... a little extra bother keeps me well dressed (although not trendy) when I need to be presentable.

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