Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday- Tomatoes and Corn on the Cob?

Tuesday Contest Question:
So yesterday we asked about a favorite recipe. Today I am curious if you have a favorite snack chip? Post your favorite in the comment section and receive an entry for today in the June contest.
I ask this because I bought these new chips for my husband at Walmarts yesterday. They are Corn on the Cob flavored chips. Now since surgery I just don't eat chips anymore but my son said this morning they tasted exactly like an ear of corn on the cob, so I took a piece about the size of my little finger, and ate it in two bites and it was like the butteriest piece of corn on the cob. I couldn't believe it. Good thing it was so rich though, so that small broken piece I tasted was plenty for me, maybe even too much. But I was glad I got to try it and even more glad that I am not tempted at all to even have more.

Now this I can't wait to have more of... yes we are already seeing tomatoes on our tomato plants. I love cherry tomatoes especially. They are like candy to me. And the best part is now I will be satisfied with 3 or 4 tomatoes instead of 30 or 40.

Today was a very long day. I'm too tired to really blog much about it except I am glad the day is over and I am ready to sleep it off and wake up to a new day. Thank You Lord for a new day everyday.
You all have a wonderful night and sweet dreams, I'll see you Wednesday sometime.


Kenyetta said...

Corn on the Cob- I thought the ketchup was bad.
I love Garden Salsa Sun Chips or Sweet & Spicy Chili Doritos

vickie said...

hi there aunt kathy just saying hello and the toms look good i miss having a garden I will eventually get the little plot of land cleared back by the garage again so I can plant a garden i long for fresh veggies yummy and to grow some cotton to spin and dye lol my favorite kind of chips would be blue corn chips i love htem so much

Unknown said...

Tortilla chips with shredded mozzarella tossed in the microwave. Yummy.

Straight out of the bag, I like microwave popcorn.

None of our plants have fruit/vegetables yet.

Have a great day.

Unknown said...

Hey, I've seen those chips in the store. They have ketchup flavored and grilled steak too. I don't know, kinda weird to me. What do they add to give it that flavor?

I prefer kettle chips, plain. I love the crunchiness and the saltiness. Yummy!!

Have a great day!

cedarstrings said...

We don't do much packaged snack food around here, but I do love fresh kettle chips. If we are having movie night with friends, I make my own version of tostito chips and add fresh salsa of varying degrees or home made bean dip. But the corn on the cob chips could be tempting ...

danielle said...

Just plain ole Classic Lays.....Masterpiece would probably be 2d....followed by pretzals

Turtle said...

tomatoes!! i just added a few crushed egg shells to my tomatoes yesterday for the calcium to their plant. Lets hope for a good crop this year...last year, not so much!

chips? i don't eat many chips but do love trader joes flax seed tortilla style chips. Great with salsa, hummus, etc! (if i had to munch an evil chip it would be Tim's salt and vinegar)

smariek said...

Right now my favorite snack chip is a hexagon(?) shaped multigrain gluten-free chip I picked up at Costco. Can't remember the name of it though, but it is soooo addictive, I end up eating too much.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Watching your weight loss ticker and just wanted to say congratulations. You are doing so great. :)

Knitnut,Karen said...

When I decide to eat chips, I want Pringles. I love them!

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