Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday- Taking Care Of Business

Tuesdays Contest Question:
I was wondering do you have a favorite shampoo you use? or do you change often, or only buy what's on sale? Post your answer in the comment section for Tuesdays contest entry.
I only ask because I am looking for a good shampoo. With all thsi weight loss I am losing a lot of hair, and what's left looks pretty straggly.
I had some pics to share but they are on my phone and I left the phone in my car. I am way too tired to go out to the garage andf bring it in so no photos tonight.
In fact I am going to bed, this post is short and sweet. I'll try to catch you up tomorrow on all I got doe today. Sweet dreams everyone.


Unknown said...

My dermatologist has me using head and shoulders. She only wants me to shampoo twice a week. I do three times a week. But H&S has many different kinds and it doesn't stink like it used to.

Unknown said...

I use Suave. If there was anything cheaper, I'd probably use that instead. I've been blessed with an awesome head of thick hair, so I don't feel the need to spend lots of money on upkeep.

Terrye said...

Dare I say, I don't use shampoo. Gasp! I know!
I use baking soda and water in a paste to wash, rinse it out well, and then apple cider vinegar diluted with water for a rinse. Then rinse that out well. My hair has never been healthier!

Turtle said...

i switch on and off between dumb blonde by bedhead and cranberry from a canadian company called beaver something??? Love them both but my hair requires switching or it looks greasy!

Libby's Library said...

I switch between Avon - know anybody who sells that;-) and stuff that's on sale that I have a coupon for!

Get a good nights sleep.

smariek said...

I'm not picky, I use whatever. Lately it's been the Costco house brand.

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