Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday- Contest Ends Today

Monday Contest Question:
Do you have an IPOD? What kind do you have? Tell me about it in the comment section for your final entry in June's contest.
My first IPOD was a little tiny shuffle. I blogged about it when I first got it, it is pink (my favorite color) and was engraved by two wonderful people it says "You are our sunshine and inspiration" I LOVE it. Very compact and so much easier then carrying around a portable CD player. In fact I love it so much I have decided to use this as the prize for the june contest.
Your very own GOLD IPOD Shuffle. Now if you win and you already have one and don't really want another no problem I can work something else out.
So I have packed my suitcase and carry on bag and am ready to go. I need to be up and in the shower by 3am my flight leaves at 5:30am. I doubt I will sleep much tonight. I actually thought about going to sleep now and getting up in a few hours.
Adam stopped by today for a little more Nana lovin'. I am so going to miss him. But I plan on going to see him in SC for his birthday in September.
Didn't get my nails done today, just not enough time. Maybe I'll go with my dads wife when I get to CA.
I am bringing the second sock to knit and a dishcloth too for on the airplane. I didn't pack any yarn other then these. I figure I'll just have to buy some if I am going to have time to knit.
I will be blogging and facebooking and plurking while gone so you'll see me around. I just won't get to visit everyones blogs yet. But when I return in August I am going to take a whole day and personally stop by to see everyone. I miss reading all your blogs.
OK I think I'll try to rest a little now.
Good night all, sweet dreams.


leah said...

Wow! What a generous prize! I had a ipod mini (one of the original styles) Now that hubby has used it for working no longer works! Oh well :)

SimplyMe said...

well then, sleep tight, have fun, call me when you can and if you end up up, call me!!!!!!

Libby's Library said...

Oooh oooh oooh - please oh please pick me. I want this soooooo bad!
I don't have an Ipod and I lost my MP3 player!

So what do I have to do, to grease your palm a little - or maybe twist your arm?

I am so excited for you - I know that you are going to have a wonderful trip...make sure you use sunscreen. Post whenever you can, so that we know you're okay!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful time in California.

I do have an Ipod Nano but my daughter keeps disappearing with it . . . so I would really enjoy having one to call my own. LOL.

Jane said...

No - I don't have an i-pod. If I win yours you will have to teach me how to use it!

Claudia said...

I have a very old ipod and I've been very particular about my music. When Hubz's father died and we went to Texas on a Greyhound bus, I brought my ipod and it definitely got me through a very long trip there and back.

smariek said...

Not packing extra yarn is a great excuse to go seek out some yarn stores while you're there. :-)

I have an iPod Touch, it helps make the time go by faster when I listen to music (or audio book) while pulling weeds.

Unknown said...

i started out with the little one pictured above n pink and than i GOT AN iphone and i gave the pink one ot my mom and than i won a nicer cell phone from the ellen degenerisis show and now i have no iphone or ipod because i gave one away and sold the other

Marissa said...

We share a big ipod between the 4 of us, and it works out pretty well since it holds so much music.
Have a wonderful and safe trip, and we'll see you upon your return!!

Wow Gold said...

wow ! what a blog

Wow Gold said...

fantastic blog.

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