Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday- But I WANT the WINGS to stay ON!!!!!

Tuesday's Contest Assignment:
So what was the most frustrating toy have your children have ever had? If no children maybe you had something or a brother or sister or neighbor or cousin... lol we all know someone who had a frustrating toy. Post about it in the comment section and receive your Tuesday entry in Junes contest.

Adam is all about LEGO's and we aren't talking those BIG Lego's but the little tiny pieces. And his Lego's are all Star Wars related and full of very small guns and light sabers and helmets. Of course he is only 4 1/2 so when the space ship breaks he whines and stomps his feet. We just bought him another set of 271 pieces and today he played with it for the first time. After 3 hours putting the darn thing together and then within 5 minutes Adam having it fall apart, and then the 90 minutes of trying to re-build over and over again... well you get the idea. I sent the Lego's home with him tonight. I needed a break, LOL.
This picture is of my friend Kathy and me taken Monday just minutes before they brought her in for her surgery. Isn't she beautiful. We have been close friends since we were kids, we met in 1982. I went to visit her again this afternoon, and she looks wonderful. We took a short walk down the hallway, walking is vital to a good and speedy recovery. I parked on the opposite end of the hospital so I got in some good walking exercise today.
I started the second sock Monday while she was in surgery, this is my progress photo. My goal is to finish this before I leave for CA.
I have a very BUSY week this week, I barely have a moment to breathe. I sure will be glad when I am sitting on that airplane, is it the 30th yet?
Well I am off to bed, hope you are already asleep. Sweet dreams everyone.


Unknown said...

Friends of ours bought Zachariah an ambulance and fire truck. Both of which have working sirens. Unfortunately, their son is in his 30s or they would have gotten something equally as pleasant back as a present for him! LOL.

Zachariah's godmother always buys him those Legos things. Bah humbug.

Walking, my new favorite form of exercise, especially if I am listening to a good book.

Unknown said...

Frustrating toys, hmmm?

I hate the packaging on most toys, especially dolls. They have them wired in on every imaginable body part (including hair!)and they use the thickest cardboard ever. It takes hours to get them out of the box, LOL.

Oh yeah, and anything that makes noise. That is incredibly frustrating to me!

Your socks look great. Cant' wait to see them all done.

danielle said...

Frustratin? Or obnoxious? Back in the day, when my first born turned one I bought her this WONDERFUL thing for her first birthday. A little train that you put these discs in to play music (they looked like braille). Yeah, the same music over and over and over and over, all high pitched....couldnt WAIT until it "broke" (i.e. the battery died and we didnt replace it!) The worst part was that I bought it myself!!!!!!

Libby's Library said...

Kathy - I hope that your friend is doing well. I wish her the best.

We had this awful train engine that chugged and blew it's whistle. It would bump into furniture and then turn around and chug and whistle some more. I hated that thing!!!

smariek said...

Legos are popular here too, but we haven't graduated to the "regular" small size pieces yet. I don't want to think of where all those little pieces disappear to.

I find Playdoh frustrating, because of all the crumbs that end up everywhere. Even after cleaning up and vacuuming, I'll still find more playdoh crumbs on the floor, etc!

Jane said...

I have to agree the packaging can be the most frustrating thing on a child's toy!
Congratulations to your friend Kathy, she looks great already!

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