Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday- June 1st Is It Contest Time Again?

Honestly with how tired I have felt I thought about NOT having the contest this month but just like I can't NOT blog everyday, I can't NOT have the contest. So here I am. It will run for the month of June, not sure exactly what I will do or give away yet... didn't think that far ahead. But I'll let you in on the details as soon as I can work them out in my head. One thing I know for sure, any comment made will count as an entry, so that's the easy part. Right?
Monday's CONTEST Assignment:
I am curious about your blog reading history. How many blogs do you visit on a normal day? When you visit them do you leave a comment or just read and then move on? Leave your comment today to receive an entry in my contest.

Isn't this yarn pretty? It was sent to me as a thank you gift and I love it. It doesn't have a label so I am not sure what kind of yarn it is but it looks like a fingering or sport weight yarn. I think I am going to try to make a pair of socks out of it. That is if I can get it wound into a ball without tangling it up into spaghetti like I did the last hank I tried to unwind.
Adam stayed today until 8PM. He didn't want to go home. He was confused, usually he doesn't come to Nana's house until Friday and then he stays until Sunday so we can go to church together. When I told him he had to go home he kept saying he wanted to stay and go to church with me. Friday will be here before he knows it.
I have a DR appt tomorrow with a new OBGYN. I might also try to get in some swimmimg in the morning. I am like a fish out of water these days.
You all have a wonderful night and sweet dreams and all that good stuff. I'll see you Tuesday.


SimplyMe said...

ahhh, the first comment of the contest season. Life is good.

Lately, I've been busy, so at best I've been skimming 3-4 blogs a day and rarely commenting. HOpefully I can put more time to it soon. I'm missing my blogging buddies.

Sweet dreams and good luck tomorrow

vickie said...

i read about 20-30 blogs a day if not more. as far as leaving comments its hit and miss half the time i leave one vbarton24 at gmail dot com

Kenyetta said...

I read at least 10, comment on maybe half of that.
Love the yarn, I use a doorknob to unwind and 85% of the time, no tangles!

Claudia said...

I have 10 blogs that I love to visit regularly. On my blog, I can see at a glance when one (or more) of those blogs has a new post, so that's when I visit them. I post quite a bit on all of them, but not every single time. Most don't even bother to visit me any more with my new blog but that's okay. No biggie. I know how busy everyone has gotten now that the weather is better.

Love the yarn! Can't wait to see what you make out of it!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I look at my dashboard and the blogs I follow if they post I try to leave a comment unless the girls are into things then I come back and comment when there asleep:)Hugs Darcy

Unknown said...

I try to comment on each blog I visit, but sometimes there's just nothing to say :)
I have about 8 or so blogs I follow that I check daily.

That yarn is gorgeous! When you wind it into a ball, use chair legs or the back of your chair to keep it from getting too tangled. It's not fun getting tangled yarn!

Have a great day.

danielle said...

On my lap top that died....I had a huge number of blogs saved that I was weeeding out...many werent even current any more. Now that I have a new lap top, I only have about 8 blogs saved. I check them about every other day - only comment sporadically on them.

Renna said...

Blog reading has become a source of consternation for me. I am subscribed to a huge list of blogs through Google Reader. I don't read blogs every day (I used to), but at least every other day, I do read some. There's no way I can read them all, and yet, I can't decide which ones to remove from my subscriber list.

Though I do comment on most that I read, there are a few that I just read. And of those I do comment on, I don't comment on them every time I read them. There just aren't enough hours in the day for that. I know, I really should pare down my list, sigh.

Libby's Library said...

How many blogs to I visit each day...Too Many!

I used to have about 7 0r 8 places that I would go to each day, but now it's more like 20 or 30. After my surgery, there wasn't a whole lot that I could do, so I spent more and more time in blog land.

Yes I try to leave comments, especially at sites that I visit frequently. I don't mind having people drop by my place without saying anything, but I always feel guilty, if I don't leave a few words. At some point in time, I will have to start cutting back...but I've met some many wonder people (LIKE YOU), all over the world. I've learned about different cultures, and seen the most fantastic photography...all while sitting in my comfy recliner with my dogs at me feet. Priceless!

Sarah Bear said...

I use to visit at least 4-5 different blogs. Posted a small note in each.

The past two months my nose has been buried in research. This means my knitting has gone to the way side also.

Ina said...

I average reading 5 to 10 blogs a day, and commenting on 5 twice a week.

Turtle said...

morning! i read about 30-40 blogs daily. I tend to comment on about half, alternating day to day.

Awesome Mom said...

I have 109 blogs in my feed reader and a few assorted ones that I check in on now and then. The feed reader is nice because it compiles all the posts into one place and I don't have to manually check each one to see if they have updated or not. So to answer the question I read as many blogs have updated for the day. I try and check my reader every day or I get snowed under with a ton of posts.

I am a bit of a lurker when it comes to commenting. I only comment when I have something particular to say about the post (like now). I am not a chatter in real life so it makes sense that I am not a chatter in blogland.

lol! The word verification word is suckd

Jane said...

I usually check my friends blogs on ravelry to see if they have posted anything new and go over and read them. I usually comment, but not always. If someone comments on my blog I will usually either reply to it or go over to their blog to comment. I don't think that answered your question about how many - but it is always different.

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