Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday- Airplanes and Dresses

Do you have a favorite recipe you just love to make and eat, but forget about it? Tell us about it in the comment section for today's entry in the June contest.
Tonight I made Mexican Chef Salad for sinner, it's a FAVORITE of mine and I haven't made it in ages. It can be fattening but I changed it up to make it healthier by adding more beans for protein and using FF dressing and I skipped the nacho chips in mine. Can we say delicious???
This is Adam and Mike at church on Sunday. Adam loves to be an airplane and Mike is glad to fly him all around after church.

And here it is the dress I was talking about... Don't mind the hair, it needs to be colored and cut and styled and... Hopefully next weekend. But the dress, it's a size 16. Yep I squeezed into a 16, I am excited. This will work as an evening gown right?
I think I need a shrug or something maybe a black lace shawl. No time to knit myself one though I don't think. We'll see I guess.
Ok that's about it for me tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful day and a great night. Sweet dreams.


Kenyetta said...

You look very nice!
Favorite recipe, hmph, this pasta salad I used to make, I can't find the recipe anywhere but I do remember boiling vinegar and sugar. It was made with carrots and spiral pasta.

vickie said...

you look wonderful!!!! that will definately work as an evening dress? do you have a wrap to go with??? oh silly me you said that in your post as far as stuff for eating i forgot about seven layer casserole its my grandmas recipe i love it and havnt had it in forever yummy vbarton24 at gmail dot com

Twocans said...

A casserole dish called "Jalapeno Chicken," and it's the bomb! (Also not good for my diet, but once every blue moon I'll make it)

Marissa said...

I see a waist! That is absolutely, definitely a waist! You look terrific! Size 16, that requires jumping up and down and shouting from the rooftops!
The dress totally works for evening. Gah! I wish I were a lace knitter, so I could send you a wrap to bring on your trip. (I really, really want to be a lace knitter when I grow up.)

Marissa said...

The recipe, I forgot in all my excitement over the dress...asian coleslaw. I get caught up in mayo-based coleslaw during the summer, and forget this oil and vinegar alternative. Unfortunate, because it tastes so much better than the mayo dressing, and is healthier.

Libby's Library said...

It's funny that Marissa mentioned a vinegar based coleslaw - because that's what come to my mind. I make it with cabbage, carrots, chicken breast, cashews, and those cruncy asian noodles or Ramen noodles. Sometimes I add sesame or sunflower seeds! Cucumbers are good in this too!

I dream of the day when I can squeeze into a size 16. You go girl!

Bubblesknits said...

You look awesome!!! :-)

I just like a good salad. Especially on a hot day.

smariek said...

You look wonderful Kathy. Yes, I think it'll work for an evening gown. You've made so much progress, you should celebrate fitting into the dress.

Hmmm... I haven't made shrimp risotto in a while and I love that dish. And it's so simple to make. Mostly just shrimp, tomatoes, and coconut milk.

Unknown said...

What a great dress! I think it will work great as a evening gown. Wish I had a black shawl to lend you.

BTW: you look gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

You look lovely! And congrats on the size 16!!

My favorite recipe is stuffed cabbage casserole. Instead of stuffing the cabbage into rolls, you just layer the ingredients into a casserole (or crock-pot) and bake. Yummy. Quick and easy without the labor involved.

Robin said...

You look AMAZING! Congratulations!!

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