Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday- Day 2 of 30- Let The Countdown Begin

I appreciate all your responses and comments regarding the blog reading. I LOVE reading blogs. I have been not feeling myself for at least a month now and haven't gone to many blogs at all. I am lucky to get to one a day and I MISS YOU all so much. But I somehow have it in my head I must comment when I go to let you know I was there, and since I can't muster up the energy to comment I just haven't been going. Stupid huh? I love comments and I assume you all do too. Please don't think I have abandoned you, I hope to get feeling really good again after my vacation and then you'll all be wishing I'd go away.
I thought I'd give you a little riddle today, are you ready?
I went to the DR today for an exam
I have to say this Dr wasn't a sham
Today was his birthday and he had balloons
The nurses were really nice, none were goons
Their scale was lower than mine, that's great YUP
And for the first time in years I was able to PIAC
Can you figure out what PIAC means?
Post your thought in the comment section for your Tuesday entry in Junes contest. I may or may not confirm your answers on line, for fear of embarassing you or me. LOL.
I was hoping to start a new sock pattern today but NOPE never got to it. I did clean up some papers and my purse and a few things like that. Maybe tomorrow.
Well it's very late and I really should be asleep by now. I need to get on a schedule soon, or I am gonna be exhausted on my vacation, LOL. Speaking of vacation... let the countdown begin... I leave June 30th so that's 28 days to go and counting down. I can't wait.
Good night everyone, sweet dreams.


Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Well i couldnt fall asleep so i decided to see if you've blogged yet! :D lol... um, im gonna guess PIAC= Pee In A Cup?! lol :-P congrats!! ;) Also, I will be helping you countdown til ur vacation as you are WAY overdue!!! :)

sailorcross said...

Oh!! Someone guessed it before me!! But, it has to be PEE IN A CUP!! YEAH!!

I've not been blogging or commenting so you're ahead of me--at least you're blogging!!


Unknown said...

I agree, it has to be Pee In A Cup.

Isn't it nice the scale keeps going down!

Unknown said...

A vacation sounds so nice. Bet you can't wait, huh?

So, will you be blogging from Vacation land? I will miss you tons if you aren't able to!

leah said...

You are always so clever and I agree with the others! I think there are times when it is perfectly okay not to comment, sometime you just can't keep up any other way!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Perform in a Circus? ;D I've been a deadbeat visitor lately, too! VERY BUSY with LIFE!

Jan said...

I've been trying to be creative, but the first thing in my mind popped Pee in a cup - hahahahaha... I can't kick it out so I'll have to leave it at that
Hugs, Jan H (MA)

Jane said...

Pee in a cup!

Sarah Bear said...

Patient is a charmer.

Marissa said...

Classic poem! I have a hard time 'hitting the target', so to speak.

Teresa said...

I often don't comment but I feel I should. When there is something moving, beautiful, sad, special in some way I really try but I just can't comment on every post I read.
Oh, pee in a cup! Congrats on continued weight loss.

Kenyetta said...

lol...I know what that is and I didn't cheat! Took me a minute!

Renna said...

LOL! The answer came to me immediately, which is saying a lot, 'cause I never figure these things out! Pee In A Cup!

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