Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday- Splish Splash

Saturday is a free contest entry all you need to do is leave a comment. You never know this might be the comment that counts.Adam and I didn't get to swim this weekend because he was sick. He still came over but because of a fever no pool. Not that we would have gone swimming becuase it's been rainy and dreary out. This picture was taken on Wednesday after he had his graduation.
I have been cleaning and de-cluttering and I can not believe all the garbage I have in this house. The garbage man is not gonna like coming here on Monday. Next week I am going to go through Adams toys. And then I need to start packing.
Hope you had a great day and a wonderful night. Sleep tight and sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

The pool looks so refreshing and FUN!!
Cleaning is a good thing. And it makes the house seem bigger, too!

Turtle said...

feel better adam! Have you ever tried freecycle to get rid of things? I just sort like, box of assorted toys, etc and they pick them up from you, no worries. A nice recycling alternative to throwing things out. I had 15 people requesting my old ugly (but functioning) gas grill.

Libby's Library said...

I could just pack my bags and move into that pool! It is soooooooo hot here. In the high 90's every day. No breeze - just HEAT!

Keep decluttering - my philosophy is "Less is More". Less stuff means...less to clean...less to pick up...less to trip over...etc. etc!

Jane said...

Please come and declutter me too!
I'll feed you lobster. Do you like lobster?

Marissa said...

Oh, sun! I miss the sun! Heading into day 5 of rain, rain, rain- and they're calling for 4 more.

Unknown said...

wish me had some rain :-( actually today was a good day for me. At the lys the owner who I do webpage updates for let me use the Ashford Joy spinning wheel to learn how to spin on one. well it was really hard and I sat there for four and a half hours and made ugly slubs of yarn. Right before closing I finally was able to make something that resembled worsted weight yarn. It was a good day and I was excited and am happy that I can use the wheel anytime. I know one thing I can spin great with my drop spindle but not so great with the wheel. I just have to get my rhythm down.

smariek said...

Decluttering never ends in my house. If you ever run out of things to declutter in your house, you are certainly welcome to come over and declutter my house. :-)

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