Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday- My God Am I Tired

Monday's Contest Assignment:
So I thought I'd ask a silly question... What's the bravest thing you have ever tried to eat? Post your comment and tell us all about it and receive an entry for Monday in the June contest.
I ask this because today while waiting for my friend in surgery I actually braved it up and tasted for the first time a food I swore I would NEVER attempt to eat...
What was it you ask???....................
SUSHI, California Roll to be specific. And you know what? It was pretty good. Who woulda thunk it?
I was at the hospital all day today, my friend had her surgery and everything went wonderfully. I will stop by and see her again tomorrow afternoon.
I have a crazy busy week and Adam is coming tomorrow too. Hope you all had a wonderful day and a great night. Sweet dreams.


Kenyetta said...

Oooh, I love California Rolls.
I tried to eat crawfish but couldn't!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

chocolate covered grasshoppers and razor clams.Hugs Darcy

cedarstrings said...

I'm hopelessly midwestern, but I will try most foods, even sushi. Squid poses a huge gag factor for me, but I have eaten calimari when dining with Italian friends. Still don't like it, but I can be polite.

leah said...

Way to be brave! I tried sushi for the first time in Jan. It isn't my favorite, but I did enjoy it! :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

Snails. I ate snails. They were cooked though. Cut down on the slime in your throat. Bwahhahahahaha!

danielle said...

Sushi - no thanks. And I dont like rice enough to like CA rolls. Snails - cant do it- they would have to be sneaked into me!
The bravest thing was frog legs - my mom made them one time - tried to convince me they were chicken - if so, they were the worst chicken I ever ate! Oh, and rabbit. Tasted ok but I couldnt get the picture of "Thumper" out of my mind enough to eat more...

Unknown said...

Hmm, I'll pretty much try almost anything once. As long as it's not moving, gooey, or covered in slime.
I did try fried alligator once. Good, but chewy. And of course all the weird things my Korean mom made me eat (squid, fish heads, weird veggies hot and spicy!)

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

ewwy... i tried octupus once... the little sucker things on the tenticles were so gross feeling... i dont even remember what it tasted like, just that it felt gross and i will never eat it again! lol ;) hope u had a great day!!

smariek said...

I'll pretty much try almost anything. I'm glad there is so much diversity in my neck of the woods to be able to do this. Sushi/Sashimi/Nigiri/etc is pretty basic stuff here.

But I do remember trying something (outside USA), that was pretty gross. It's Balut. Definitely sure I won't try that one again!!

Also in another country, we went to a restaurant and I was told that this particular dish was a specialty. Can you guess what it was? Bees scrambled in eggs. I didn't touch it.

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