Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday- I've Got My Eye On You

I've got my EYE on you, LOL

I haven't had a chance to post these yet... Danielle sent them to me over the weekend. It's a small coin purse and a key chain card. Aren't they cool?

Those were just an extra, the main item she sent to me was this magazine.

Can you guess why she had to send it to me??? Come on I bet you can. LOL

Thank you Danielle, I was so surprised and I LOVE them.


Wednesday is RIDDLE DAY

Below is a riddle I wrote just for you. Your task is to solve the riddle and post your answer in the comment section. Any comment, right or wrong, will get you an entry in this weeks contest for a pattern from Rachel.

I have so many things I want to knit
And I don't dread it not one little bit
The only problem I face each day
Is with what color yarn I want to play
And believe me you I love them all
I'd like ten or more of each colored ball
But balls of cotton can add up in cost
So to a budget my yarn dreams were lost
Now to save money and I know I am not alone
I have switched to buying cotton by the ????

Ok that is about it from me today. I have made some progress on my Christmas knitting and will blog more about it over the weekend. Adam is here for the afternoon, church tonight (my night to preach, uh oh) and then maybe an early night??? Probably not. But I can dream, right?

Hey, remember I've got my eye on you. {{{smile}}}


Unknown said...

cotton by the CONE!!
I still have yet to buy any cotton online. I do love the colors, but I think the cost of postage is way too high. I can stick to my few color choices around here for now...

I love the coin purse and the magazine. Have fun with Adam today.

Awesome Mom said...

Cone. My own cotton stash is way too big, I need to get busy and knit some of it up but being pregnant has sucked out a lot of my knitting motivation.

sailorcross said...

Okay--Danielle sent you the magazine because it's all about PINK!! and I know that PINK is your very favorite color!!

And, you've taken to buying yarn by the cone--a much better bargain especially when it comes to the shipping and handling!!

Have a wonderful evening!!


Jane said...

By the cone - or rather cones! I have that magazine too - some cute things in it.

Wendy said...

By the CONE, I think the only way to buy it is buy the cone......
Hope you had a grat day.....

Kenyetta said...

I wish Walmart had more colors though.

Turtle said...

cone .... can anyones stash really be too big?? cute coin purse! my new stitch this week was Hemlock!

Lavender Ladybug said...

cotton by the CONE!

teabird said...

Cone! Very cute riddle!

SimplyMe said...

it's a cone-er
you bon---

Katie O said...

the cone!!! YEA! love cotton by the cone! :)

Anonymous said...

Aha I know this one! The CONE!!!

Wildflower said...


hakucho said...

No doubt it''s cone....the best way to buy cotton :)

...and in your case lots of pink ;)

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