Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday- 144 Hours and Counting

Look at that it's morning and I am blogging. LOL. I leave in 20 minutes for the Pool though so it will be a fairly quick blog post today.

Yesterdays RIDDLE answer was YARN.


Below you will see a picture I found somewhere in the Internet. Your mission today is to think of a "Caption" for this picture.

Post your caption in the comment section and receive another entry in this weeks contest.
Funny Serious whatever... and if you can't think of a thing, then say that, it will still count. Make sure to come back and read the comments others leave, some of them I am sure will cause you to laugh and smile. Such creative friends I have here.

(you can click on the picture to see the flickr account of the person who made this photo)

Today is Pre-OP Admission. I am told this can last between 2 and 4 hours. Long day for sure. Sad part is I go back to the hospital tonight for a Support Group. My dilemma is whether I just stay there and wait for the group. My appt starts at 11:30 and group starts at 5:30. But that is a long day, with no bed to rest on and no oxygen. {{{sigh}}} I guess tomorrow you'll hear what I ended up doing.

Oh and the scale went down even more today. I hope the hospital scales are the same or better.

I'll see everyone tomorrow. Have fun with the caption. Smiling is always a good way to spend the day, right?


magnoliasntea said...

"Gobble, gobble, knit."
(That one is a toughy for a caption. I'll be back later if a better one comes to mind.)

Hope your pre-op goes smoothly. :)

Katie O said...

"I swear, if you eat my yarn one more time and I run short... You're in deep trouble!!"

Have a great day today. Can't wait to hear how the dr. appointment went... it's getting so close!!!

baxter said...

I cant believe I ran out of yarn....hmmm, those spaghetti noodles look kinda like ribbon yarn....I wonder....

Claudia said...

"It's time to make a 'sketti scarf' "


Hope your day went well. I'm praying for you, my dear. *hugs*

SimplyMe said...

"Mom, how many times do I have to tell you??? STOP KNITTING WITH MY FOOD????"

SimplyMe said...

"Mom, how many times do I have to tell you??? STOP KNITTING WITH MY FOOD????"

Turtle said...

good luck with your pre op!

caption, when given lemons..make lemonaide. When given spaghetti...make a sweater!

smariek said...

Hope your appt went well today.

sailorcross said...

" if I only had some meatballs, I could add some bobbles to this scarf. But, I didn't have the time!"

Hope all went well your appointments!! Make sure and let us know--we're all cheering for you!


Marti said...

Edible scarf? Why not? Its better than underwear!

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