Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday- And Regis says...

REGIS has chosen the WINNER of last weeks contest. And He chose comment number 36 out of 68 and that belongs to BETH, Congratulations Beth. Now you have a decision to make, lol. Have fun choosing your pattern over at Rachel's.

This is the last week to enter for the contest, next Monday I will announce the final winner. So make sure to come back everyday and comment it greatly improves your chances, Beth commented 6 out of 7 days last week.


Last week I had a little poll about the frequency of the contests. This week I am going to ask about the prizes offered.

1) I'd like a small prize at the end of each week (ie: a pattern value $2.00)
2) I like the variety of different prizes on a bi weekly schedule (ie: knitting gadgets, yarn etc value under $10.00)
3) I'd like one big prize at the end of the contest (ie: project bags, needle holders etc. value up to $40)
4) You give out prizes??? Wow why have I not been playing?

Post your answer to this poll in the comment section today and if you can answer it again when I post the poll later today in the side bar. No answer is right or wrong I am just curious about what everyone likes so I can keep these contests fun for everyone. Any comment today will get you an entry in the final week of this contest. So comment away.

I'll leave you with a little "eye candy" the onyl kind of candy I eat these days, lol
This was our mid-month KAL on the Yahoo group. Pattern is by Rhonda at knittingknonsense, Illusion Candy Corn.

Pretty cool huh?

OK off to the pool and then the "monster " machines.



Unknown said...


Good morning!

Love the Illusion Candy Corn. It should be the only kind I enjoy too!

Congratulations to Beth!

I like the small prizes . . . sort of like sharing the wealth!

Have a good day.

Mary Lynn

SimplyMe said...

Is that one yours?

congrats beth!!!!

I hope you slept last night, cos I took over the stupid interruptions for you. Hope swim and the machines treat you well.

Unknown said...

I like illusion cloths. they look so neat.

I think I'm torn between the weekly and bi-weekly contests. I don't like the one big prize since there is only one winner. At least if it's weekly or so, more people can have a chance at winning. So everyone wins!!

magnoliasntea said...

Congratulations to Beth!

Um, I just love stuff. ;)

Claudia said...

WOW!!!! I LOVE that cloth!!!!! I missed doing it this time around and I guess I missed a really good one! I'm going to have to get the yarn and try it. I've been wanting to do an illusion cloth for a long time now.

And #2 would work for me. That's always the fun stuff, and for a knitting idiot like me, more stuff is always good. hahahaha

I also added myself to your growing list of followers. So far, I love where you're leading. :)

smariek said...

I love the illusion cloth. Not too keen on eating the candy though, perhaps I had too much of it as a kid.

sailorcross said...

Me??? I WON?!?! How awesome is that!!! A perfect way to start my evening!! I'll have to head over to Rachel's to pick out a pattern.

And I love the candy corn cloth illusion cloth. I didn't do it in the group due to the "blanket situation". That blanket and I are going to have to come to an agreement or something!! The only good thing about this blanket is that I'll be able to enter it in the Holiday KAL since it's so late!

As for prizes--you do whatever you want!! I'm here for the fun!!

Now, over to Rachel's and then I'll be back!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kathy and Regis!!!!!


sailorcross said...

Wow!! That was a hard decision!! But, I do think I'm going to go with Country Hearts.

I was looking at the fireplace one, but then I remembered all the birds flying around at you, and definitely decided on the Country Hearts.

Thank you, again, Kathy!!


baxter said...

I like option #2!

I am proud of myself - not only have I resisted buying candy corn (yum!) I have been ignoring the bag of Halloween candy in my closet!

Kenyetta said...

I love the cloth!
Congrats Beth!
I am torn, I like 1, I like 2 better, I thought I liked 3 until Anita said that there would be only one winner.
So I guess 2

Jane said...

I think the small weekly prizes are the most fun - more winners, more happiness!

Turtle said...

congrats beth!

VERY VERY cool eye candy!

leah said...

Love your dishcloth! I voted!

hakucho said...

Love your candy corn illusion cloth. It certainly is a fun cloth to knit :)

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