Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday- God is SO GOOD

So I might have been a day late but GOD is SO GOOD. I remembered I had started a baby blanket over a year ago, unfortunately the baby came early and did not make it, so I stopped making the blanket. Well there was a small stripe of the blue in the blanket, I ripped it out and it was exactly enough to get the main blanket to the required 28". Then I made the hood with white and did the edging in white to tie it all together and there it is.

I LOVE THIS BLANKET. It was the easiest blanket I have ever made and I don't think it took more then 15 hours to make from start to finish. It's a free Lion Brand pattern, crocheted hooded baby blanket, in case anyone wants to try it.

Since it didn't get to the baby shower, I will just save it and bring it to the hospital when she has the baby. She is due the beginning of December.

I think we might have found a screened cap for the wood stove chimney on EBAY to stop the birds from invading my space. I just have to wait until I have the $50 extra dollars to order it.

I can't believe as of tomorrow I am looking at 10 days to surgery. I have another jam packed week ahead...

Monday- Swimming and Physical therapy on monster machines
Tuesday- Swimming and 6 month check up with Primary DR
Wednesday- Swimming and Monster machines and church
Thursday- Swimming and Pre Admission stuff at the hospital and Support group
Friday- Swimming, and Adam comes
Saturday??? Possibly an early birthday dinner with the family
Sunday- Church and maybe swimming with Adam and my niece

It's a wonder I have any time to knit at all. Plus I expect to have a delivery for those crocheted slippers soon to and I will want to get started on those.

And you wouldn't believe on the amount of TV I have on the DVR that I have not watched yet.

Oh and do you remember the mystery witch I showed on my blog a few days ago? The pattern is now available at least on Ravelry as a download for $3.33. Thanks Shelly for spotting that.

I am feeling a little hungry, it's almost 8PM I guess it is time to get some dinner finally, ya think?

Tomorrow Regis and I will announce the winner of last weeks contest. One more chance after this, so make sure to come back next week to get entered, OK?


magnoliasntea said...

The blanket is just gorgeous! I declare you do crochet fast. I do everything so snail paced.

leah said...

I'm so glad you were able to finish the blanket! It looks awesome. Your week sounds as busy as mine. One day/hour at a time!!!

Claudia said...

God definitely works in mysterious ways. He did help you finish that blanket and it's just lovely! You definitely have a busy week ahead. Are you growing webbed feet yet? YOu can swim with the duckies very soon. :)


SimplyMe said...

I can't wait (big surprise) until she gives you the yarn and the pattern. Explain to me why I'm so excited about this?? Yep, you can't. me neither, but I am.

I'm loving this baby blanket. I might have to make one just cos I love it, and you KNOW I don't DO that!!!!

Here's to a great tomorrow, my swimming fish! HEY, what IS your favorite sea creature? I don't think I've ever heard this one.

Lil Knitter said...

I made it back just in time to see the blankie. It's so pretty. What a great idea to add the hood and white edging.
Only 10 days! How exciting...hope you aren't too nervous. Any kind of procedure always makes me nervous..I'm a wimp.

hakucho said...

The baby blanket is gorgeous! That was really lucky finding the extra yarn to finish :) You certainly are blessed!! Final count down begins...

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