Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday- Sock It To Me?

Well here we are in DAY 2 of the contest already. It's so good to see so many familiar friends back and a few new ones too.

Yes the answer to the RIDDLE was GROUP. And yes I belong to both the Survivor and the Amazing Race groups on Ravelry. Thanks to Jane... the enabler.

Onto today's CONTEST Stuff...


I will be showing a picture of something and you will need to guess how many of the something there is or there will be a funny picture or cartoon that you can think up a caption for.

This week we will start off easy with a GUESS picture. Below is the picture. Take a look and see if you can guess how many skeins of SOCK YARN there are?

Post your guess in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest. Your guess doesn't have to be right, you just need to guess.

PS let's all give a shout out to SHELLY for sharing her stash photo for today's contest. If any of you have some fun stash photos you would like to share send them on over.

Tomorrow is yet another day and something different... so make sure to come back again. The more you comment the better your chances of winning.

OH and don't forget to check out the "Other Contests" listed on my side bar... some great prizes to be won out there, it could be you they are going to.

That said I am off to work on some Christmas knitting... photos to follow on the weekend when I catch up on personal stuff.


RoamingKnitter said...

Good afternoon. Can't believe I have the first guess. My guess is there are 30 skeins of yummy sock yarn in the picture.

Have a great rest of the day.

Bubblesknits said...

I think 26. Maaaybe 27. :-)

Kenyetta said...


leah said...


Jane said...

I'll say 35 because I think there are some hiding. I actually have some of Shelly's stash in my stash now :)

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy! Long time, no be here! Sorry about that!

I'm going to guess 40 skiens.

I want to say that I love your link for the Special Olympics. I have my Wed. craft club making scarves for them. I'm not sure how many I have so far. It's a great cause.

I've been busy lately, and my internet has been on and off. It drives me crazy (crazier???). I finally got my Pretty In Pink pattern up on Ravelry and sales are ok. I now have another pair of gloves in testing as you know. I've got two testers finished and sending me their comments. Soon I'll be able to post the pattern. It's very exciting!

Sounds like your busy too! Talk to you soon! Thanks for sharing your stash picture Shelly!!

hakucho said...

I'll say 28, but I'm not a very good guesser ;)

happy knitting :)

Unknown said...

My guess is 30 skeins. I didn't take a good look.

Ok, I have to find a bunch of scarf patterns. A lot of people are wanting scarves, and I like to make them! Have a good evening.

Lil Knitter said...

I'll guess 31. Awesome stash you got there, Shelly.

I just remembered I haven't put your button back up yet...Aggg...gotta go get that done!!

Maria said...

My guess is 36.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that lucky knitter has 25 skeins of awesome sock yarn!

leah said...

I left you some love on my blog!

Wendy said...

I am going to guess 38.........Now it is time to go back on the couch with little man and cuddle the day away (an hopefully the fever)
Have a great day.....

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