Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday- One mans junk, is another woman's treasure

Can't say good morning as it's already almost 2PM here. Hard to believe I have already had a FULL day. Swimming, chasing a flock of birds from the living room, preparing for snow, yep it's gonna snow tonight. I am so not happy about that.

TUESDAY is Try a New Stitch Day

I thought perhaps we would try the infamous "DW" stitch today.
It can be found on Rhonda's website Knitting Knonsense

Here is the pattern sequence:

Multiples of 4

Row 1: k3, *sl 2 wyif, k2; rep from * to last st k1
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: k1, *sl 2 wyif, k2; rep from * to last 3 sts; sl 2 wyif, k1
Row 4: Purl

I have not knitted my swatch yet... if you go to Rhonda's link above you can see several photos of this cool looking cloth.

To get an entry in the contest today just post a comment on what you think about this stitch, if you've tried it before, have been wanting to, etc. Really any old comment will do, I just like to see you were here. {{{smile}}}

Yesterday after my swimming and monster machine workout I came home to my husband ready to bring in some new furniture. I have been sleeping on this ancient hospital bed, that is so very uncomfortable. I mean we are talking spikes poking me while I sleep. So we found some free furniture over the weekend, a new bed for me and a love seat for the living room.

Here are some pictures. It is true one mans junk is another woman's treasure. Thank you Jesus for providing just the right stuff just when I needed it the most.

Sorry this picture looks so dark. The love seat is a dark Forrest green, and like brand new. We threw out Adam's green thinking chair. I wonder what he will say when he get's here Friday.

Ok off to rest before our DR visit tonight. Oh and to knit a DW cloth too. LOL


SimplyMe said...

That looks awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Turtle said...

looks so cozy! love getting a deal and being able to make a change!

teabird said...

I love that stitch and use it all the time!

Here's a link to my latest DW cloths

Katie O said...

YEA! new furniture!!! Gotta love that!!

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

A full day already!! And it's supposed to snow?!? It's very cold here, too, with wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour!! And we get a little snow tonight--just a little though!!

Love your new furniture!! Believe it or not, the only furniture I have that I actually bought myself is my bedroom set, and I bought that in 1974!! Everything else was given to me. And the Lord continues to provide!!


Kenyetta said...

Nice furniture!
I love the DW stitch, my favorite cloths!

Jane said...

That bed looks very comfortable! And I'm sure that Adam will love the new couch - better to cuddle up with grandma on!

Wendy said...

Katie got me started on that cloth, I have only made a couple but really like it....we had snow squall today, left a little dusting on the car and deck, just enought to make it slippery. The kids had to go out and play for awhile and brought me in a little snowball...

Maria said...

Hey Kathy! That is a very cool bed! It's 8:08 here (so it's 11:08 there) It's telling me to go jump into bed!!! Hey don't you have a birthday coming up???? And your surgery as well, right?

Claudia said...

Thanks for the new stitch! I'll be trying it in a day or so! That's very cool indeed.

Love the new furniture! Around here, we belong to Freecycle and we're always trading our old stuff for someone else's. We're picking up a backpack tomorrow for Hubz to use for work and I'm trying to get a new (to me) coffee maker! It's great fun trading stuff with our "neighbors".

*hugs* to you and "Uncle Kathy" :)

smariek said...

The most important thing is that you are comfortable.

magnoliasntea said...

Wow, good looking stuff! The Lord do supply. :)I've knitted many a DW. Loved 'em, then like the fog...silently moved on. ;)
We're not keeping Verizon wireless (just can't swallow the 2 year contract), so I'll be back to dial-up for a while, again, which will not load your page in less than 30 mins. Bah humbug.

hakucho said...

My only comment about the DW cloth is that beware...it's very addictive. I always have trouble just making one...

happy knitting :)

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